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Great Gronka Morka! Tobias! I believe your headgear is picking up the secret transmissions of the Janus Order!
―Blinky to Toby

Grand Theft Otto is the twenty-ninth episode of Trollhunters and the third episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

A familiar foe comes to Jim's aid in the Darklands. Back in Arcadia, Toby's distracting new headgear picks up an important clue.


Jim is still trying to escape. He hears a woman in another cell cry out. After the guards are gone, he reaches out to talk to her. He realizes it's Nomura. She's being punished for Bular's death. She tells him there's no escape. He says his friends will help and he will get out, but she says he won't.

Blinky, NotEnrique, Toby, and Claire on a stakeout. They're looking for Otto. Blinky says he pretended to be Strickler and set up a meeting. Then he'll be stood up and lead them back to the Janus Order. Toby is excited about all the snacks he can eat now because he got his braces off. They spot Otto. Toby trips getting out of the car and Otto runs off. Blinky drives after him, while Toby and Claire chase him on foot. They lose him for a minute, then spot him again. Claire changes the plan to capturing him. Toby uses his warhammer to chase Otto, but gets hurt. Claire continues the chase. They think they have him trapped, but he has escaped. They fear they've lost their chance.

The dentist is working on Toby's mouth. He says Toby needs headgear now. Toby goes to school and the other children comment on how ugly it is.

In math class, Toby discovers that he can hear a radio station. He finds the noise distracting. Miss Janeth sends him to the principal's office when he sings along. on his way, he's stopped by Steve, but he can't hear what Steve is saying because of the noise.

Toby has Claire check out his situation. Darci spots them and thinks something's going on between Toby and Claire. She runs off, upset. Toby tries to go after her, but runs into a locker door. After he does, he hears someone talking about the Janus Initiative.

Claire and Blinky try to get to where they can hear it. Blinky says he's picking up their secret transmissions. Blinky and Claire debate about what the numbers they hear might be, until Toby says they're coordinates that lead to somewhere in Arcadia.

They arrive at Omni Beach, the location of the coordinates. It's a travel agency. It's locked, but NotEnrique gets them in with a brick through the window. They start to search the room. Toby tries to stick his head through the Fetch again, but can't because of his headgear. He asks Claire to do it instead.

Nomura gives Jim something she says will save his life. The guards come and take Jim away again. Just as they drag him away, Claire's head pokes through the ground and she sees the cages. Toby throws in his last candy bar.

A phone rings and Blinky picks it up. A phone asks him where they'd liked to go. Claire says where two faces meet and the line goes dead. The ground shakes and the room starts to sink into the ground. They reach their destination and the voice welcomes them to the Janus Order. They start walking down a hallway. Blinky says to find the antidote and try not to get killed.

They hide as they move through the base of operations. Toby accidentally knocks down a curtain, revealing a room with multiple people in it. One notices Toby and takes off her mask. Before she can say anything, Claire comes and covers for Toby. The woman asks them what command post they're from. Claire says Tapachula, Mexico, and the woman thinks Claire is the new transfer, Esmerelda. She offers to take her to her orientation.

Gunmar talks to his guards, saying their time is coming to be free. His son was going to free him, but someone took his son from him. Jim will take his place. He summons the Nyarlagroth to see if his shell will shatter. Jim prepares for a fight.

Claire and Toby sit in a room where they watch a video of Strickler, explaining what their goal is. Toby hears over his headgear that there's an alert about intruders. He tells Claire they need to go as the others start to glare at them. Claire opens a portal and they fall through. They run to find Blinky and NotEnrique. Some guards corner them and Toby and Claire use gumballs and a portal to get rid of them. They find NotEnrique and follow him into a room, where they learn it was actually Otto in disguise and Blinky and NotEnrique are tied up. Otto knocks them both out and orders them tied up.

The Nyarlagroth attacks Jim. He realizes he's weak when he can't draw Eclipse to him.

Otto brings in a phonograph. NotEnrique tries to convince Otto to let him go, but Otto doesn't fall for it. Otto reveals that he's a changeling polymorph. He can take the form of anyone, a perk of being the Grand Commandant. Claire says no matter how he tortures them, they're not talking, but Toby says he'll talk. Otto starts music on the phonograph. Then he says the Janus Order would like to offer them a trade. He offers them an antidote for Creeper's Sun. In exchange, they want Vendel's walking staff. Blinky says it's sacred. Otto goes over to Toby and uses a tool on him. Toby doesn't want to be tortured, but Otto says it's just to take his headgear off, so he can't listen to their secrets anymore. Toby's glad to be rid of the headgear.

Jim continues to run away from the Nyarlagroth until he remembers the fruit Nomura gave him. He breaks it open. Gunmar and Dictatious realize Nomura helped him. The Nyarlagroth licks Jim's cheek, then cries out. Jim climbs up on top and stabs it with Eclipse. Then he tells Jim he can't break him. He says Gunmar is only making him stronger. Gunmar orders him taken away and the guards take him back to his cell. Nomura congratulates him. He says he owes her one for the fruit. Then he sees a candy bar in his cell. He sees that it says KIC: Keep It Crispy. He knows it means his friends are coming. He starts eating the candy car. Nomura tells him hope is good, even in the Darklands.

Gunmar says the next time Jim is in the arena, it will be the last time.



  • It is revealed that Strickler was part of a group of Changelings called "The Janus Order", which worships Gunmar and they were the ones who created the poison that cursed AAARRRGGHH!!!
  • When Claire and Toby are being chased by members of the Janus Order, Jacques Offenbach's famed Galop Infernal from his operetta Orphée aux Enfers (Orpheus in the Underworld) is playing in the background.
  • Title: The episode name is from the game called Grand Theft Auto.


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