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Golems are magically enchanted creatures made of different elements, such as dirt, glass, and crystal.

Every golem seen are mostly all created by Angor Rot, as he uses Animus Totems to create them and uses them in his usual hunts.


While its unknown if Golems are really civilized in nature as they seem to be merely manmade creatures that are only conjured from Animus Totems.

A couple Golems appeared briefly during the Eternal Night War and were either destroyed in battle or after Angor's final death.

Physical Description[]

Golems appear as large, faceless, mindless brutes that attack anything in their path. They don't speak, but make low growls.

Powers & Abilities[]

All golems are quite strong and depending on whatever element they're made from.


Though Golems are tough to beat, due to their size, they can only move slow and the only way to destroy them is by removing the totem itself from inside and destroying it. Also, all golems created will be killed all at once when their master falls in battle.

Golem Races[]


Appearances in the Trilogy


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