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Gogun the Gentle was a Trollhunter.


Unlike other Trollhunters, Gogun was very gentle and did not want to hurt anyone. He would one day meet a time displaced Jim Lake Jr. and Claire Nuñez. They needed his help in defeating Tellad-Urr the Terrible because history told them that he was the one who will defeat him and become the next Trollhunter. Gogun didn't think he was the one they were looking, reasoning that Gogun is a common River Troll name. He agreed to help them and was taught by Jim how to fight. During training he adopted some kittens and named one of them Shmorkfang.

After Glastonbury Tor was freed, Gogun and the others are caught in the middle of a battle between Orlgak and his loyalists against Gunmar and his rebels. In the fight Gogun and Jim are attacked by Tellad-Urr, thanks to Jim revealing to Tellad-Urr that helping Gunmar wouldn't bring him the freedom he wanted, so he ceased attacking them, but was quickly killed by Bular. Jim gave Gogun the past Amulet of Daylight to use, but Gogun didn't want it and it wasn't responding to him. Jim's amulet absorbed energy from it's past counterpart and Jim told Gogun to run when Bular was getting near them. Gogun had already began to run and said good-bye. Sometime during the battle the past, the Amulet of Daylight would choose Gogun as the new Trollhunter and he accepted it. He returned to the battle just in time to save Jim from Orlgak by giving the Gumm-Gumm warlord a punch to the face that broke his jaw forcing him to retreat.

Once the time displaced heroes are given a Kairosect they use it with the Shadow Staff to return home and Gogun bids them farewell. After a period of time Gogun passed away in his sleep due to his advanced age, thus becoming the only known Trollhunter to die from old age. When he entered the Void Between Worlds he befriended Tellad-Urr because of their past history with Jim.

In the present, they looked back on the day Gunmar killed Orlagk and gained the hate of Skarlagk and looked at current events with Jim learning from Strickler and Nomura on how to fight Gunmar. Though Tellad-Urr voiced his concerns about Jim being taught by the Changelings remembering his own temptations with dark forces Gogun countered by saying that he knows that Jim will make the right choice.

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Gogun liked to dance in his free time

Gogun was Trollhunter when Draal was just born, the exact time he was fighting off gumm gumms from invading Glastonbury Tor Trollmarket.