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Goblins are a mischievous and vengeful group of creatures led by a mustache-donning "Fragwa." While there are many types of goblins, the common green ones reside in Arcadia, aiding Bular, Strickler, and other villains in their missions. When not carrying out the grunt work, the Goblins are often found seeking their revenge for their fallen comrades. If you hear their cry, "Waka Chaka!" coming from down the street, it's sure to be followed by a horde of green.
The Art of Trollhunters

Goblins are small, ruthless, gremlin-like creatures that act as tricksters and street vandals, leaving a wake of destruction wherever they go.

The goblins usually prefer work on their own terms, but they occasionally like follow the orders of the Gumm-Gumms and/or other evil creatures, like the Changelings, while they helped them rebuild the Killahead Bridge and carried out assignments for them. Some even work for the mysterious Arcane Order


Goblins move in large groups and if one of them is killed, the others will not rest until they take revenge for the murderer and destroy whoever gets in their way. Unfortunately, they have no concept of logical cause-and-effect, at least concerning the circumstances of their brethren's demise, and will swear vengeance against the most apparent culprit of it.  

For instance, one such goblin was killed by being run over by a delivery truck; rather than take their vengeance out on the driver of the truck, the goblins attacked and destroyed the truck itself. This can lead to total innocents being targeted of such a vendetta, such as when NotEnrique killed a goblin in Enrique's room. Other goblins discovered the killed goblin's remains and found a picture of Claire Nuñez in the mess. Despite there being no evidence that Claire had anything to do with the incident, the Goblin immediately targetted her for deadly vengeance (shown in "Claire and Present Danger"). 

Being ruthless vandals, they usually work for the Gumm-Gumms and/or operate by themselves. Goblins often steal human babies and replace them with Changelings. Despite their aggressive nature, they are quite nurturing and gentle while caring for the Changeling Familiars in the Darklands. 

The Blood Goblin species are much more ferocious, voracious, and bloodthirsty than the other Goblins, chasing any scent of former inhabitants of the Darklands (like Jim, Nomura, and Gnome Chompsky) until they find it. 

Physical Description[]

When the designs first landed on our writers' room table, we were immediately inspired to make the Goblins as fun and whacky as they looked. We kept coming back to them throughout our 52 episodes because they were so much fun to write and it became the running gag that most of our characters' introduction to the secret world of trolls (from Claire to Barbara) was through the Goblins.
―Lila Scott, Staff Writer[src]

Goblins usually have long arms and legs, feline-like ears, yellow and red eyes, large fangs, and sideburns, with the majority of the goblins being or green.

However, Blood Goblins (which inhabit the Darklands) are white, despite their name. Blinky once lampshaded to Toby when they were first introduced in "Escape from the Darklands" where they tracked Jim's scent. However, red ones have been seen in Wizards, as well as blue ones, which could be another breed of Blood Goblins.

Powers & Abilities[]

Goblins are able to crawl up walls, trees, etc. and a flock of them can eat through an entire truck in a matter of seconds. They are also particularly attracted to and crave terror pheromone, which they can trace if a being is scared.


Goblins are nowhere near as durable as Trolls, as a lot of them get smashed into green goo.

Additionally, Goblins still aren't intelligent enough to link cause and effect. For example, if one of them is killed by a truck, they take their vengeance out on the truck instead of the driver himself (even if it's purely by accident). Both Jim and AAARRRGGHH!!! exploit the creatures' misplacing to their advantage to gain an upper hand (most notably, Nomura falls victim to their vengeance indirectly).

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