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Blinky: Gnomes are vermin. Pickpockets, scum of the earth! We only tolerate them for their grooming services.
Jim: Grooming?
Blinky: They eat the parasites on the larger trolls.
Blinky and Jim[src]

Gnomes are mischievous creatures that inhabit Trollmarket.

Physical Description

Gnome are typically seen as tiny creatures with white hair and beards, razor-sharp teeth, large noses, and black eyes. They wear pointy hats over their heads to hide their horns, gray shirts with buckles, fingerless gloves, and brown boots.


Gnomes are annoying thieves seen as a plague that are always causing problems. They emigrated next to the Trolls during the creation of Trollmarket and they are allowed to live next to them because they eat the parasites on the trolls.

Powers & Abilities

Gnomes are smaller, agile, and more faster than trolls, and also possess a level of durability. Their level of speed makes them almost impossible to catch, sometimes appearing like a brief flash. The horns on their heads are strong enough to pierce through solid rock. They can also bite at great speed, like a drill (and a pencil sharpener).


Nothing enrages a gnome more than someone touching their hats, because they have spikes on their heads under their hats.

Known Gnomes


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