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Glug is a Quagawump Troll and a minor character of Trollhunters.



Trollhunters (Part One)

Trollhunters (Part Three)

Following the fall of Trollmarket, all the free trolls hid at a warehouse in Arcadia. When their hiding place was compromised, the trolls were forced to decentralize throughout the town in any hiding place they could find. One night, Glug was left unaccounted for during the Trollhunters' headcount. According to Rot and Gut, Glug used to be a party animal and since being exiled from Trollmarket, she's become determined to get the party going again. Furthermore, with her tub empty, the Trollhunters assume Glug to be responsible for the rash of burglaries and missing cats plaguing the town. Glug later finds NotEnrique in her tub and clarifies that she was only collecting ingredients for more glug; the real crimes were committed by a trio of human thieves, though Toby deduced that Glug was actually responsible for the missing cats.

During the Eternal Night War, Glug rode her tub into battle against the Gumm-Gumm Army while being pushed by Bagdwella.

Physical Appearance

Glug has the exact same appearance as her Quagawump tribe.


Powers & Abilities

Quagawump Troll Physiology




Glug usually lives in a bathtub where she creates her own batches of glug and bath in it.


Like other Quagawumps, Glug carries her own spear for combat



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Episode Appearances

Trollhunters Part 1
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