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Glamour Masks are enchanted masks that allow wearers to assume the appearance and voice of any other individual, troll or human.


After Jim's departure to the Darklands, Toby used a Glamour Mask to look like him and hide his disappearance from his mother, Barbara. He also uses it to disguise as Vendel so he can steal his Heartstone staff to trade it for an antidote for AAARRRGGHH!!!.

Stricklander also seemed to have a few in his old office, but it's unknown if he ever used them.

In Part Three, Queen Usurna uses one to disguise herself as Barbara Lake to manipulate Stricklander into freeing Morgana. However, Stricklander sees through her ruse when she calls him "Strickler" as Barbara always called him Walt, and takes it off of her.


Glamour Masks allow its users to assume the physical appearance of another, even their voices.


Despite their believable appearances, it doesn't affect the user's limitations. Like when Toby tries to fight Steve while pretending to be Jim, it doesn't hide his heavy weight nor his limited combat abilities compared to the real Jim's.


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