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The Glaives are two magnetic, boomerang-like knives that Jim Lake Jr. unlocks after his Amulet is upgraded with the Birthstone, which is tied to Gunmar’s life blood (his birth). They have most likely never been used by a Trollhunter before, as the stone was found in Gatto's Keep.


The glaives look like two small daggers found in his outer thigh area. Like his armor, they share the distinct blue and silver color pattern, with a short curved blade. The glaives turn red when Jim unlocks his Eclipse Armor.


They are joinable to form a small double-sythe-like weapon. Like boomerangs, these daggers will return to the Trollhunter after he throws it.

While fighting Angor Rot in "Where Is My Mind?", Jim also realizes that Angor is unable to use the glaives like when he pinches his sword from him, and that he can pull the dislodged glaives in the wall back to him. He also learns that he can connect the glaives in mid-air.

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