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Three will rise, three will form. Unite and be one, the worlds are reborn.
―Incantation to breaking the seals and unleashing the Titans[src]

The Genesis Seals are ancient primal seals that contain the very essence of magic itself. If the Seals are ever broken, they'll unleash raw magic upon the world and awaken the dormant Titans to unite with the last primordial Heartstone housed underneath Arcadia Oaks, ending all life in an arcane apocalypse.

All three primordial wizards of the Arcane Order must be present for the ritual to be complete.


The Genesis Seals are said to be the oldest tales of the wizards' world; three primal seals which contain raw, chaotic magic within. If the Seals are even broken, then the raw magicks while be unleashed onto the world, wiping every living thing away like a flood.

The Arcane Order, after losing their faith in the balance, decided to search for the Genesis Seals and use their primordial power to unleash an apocalypse that would destroy all of humanity, along with the magical. Because of this, Merlin hid the Seals away and Nari abandoned the Order so that her twisted siblings, Bellroc and Skrael, could never carry out their evil plans.

Before dying, Merlin left Douxie and his friends a grimoire with a message in Ancient Draconic, revealing that to find the Seals, he must destroy the Staff of Avalon. After Charlemagne convinces him to do so, Douxie finds the Seals at Merlin's hideout. However, when Nari and everyone else (minus Krel) are captured by the Arcane Order, Douxie decides to use the Seals to trick the Order and trap them in a time loop long enough to rescue them all.

Even with the Genesis Seals currently in the Arcane Order's possession, they cannot break them without Nari's presence.

A year later, Bellroc and Skrael manage to capture Nari in Metro City and taken her to an abandoned roundhouse to perform the seal-breaking ritual. Unknowingly to them, Douxie had used a transmogrification spell to switch bodies with Nari, and upon discovering this, Bellroc and Skrael immediately break the spell and restore Nari and Douxie to their original bodies. Afterwards, Bellroc conceals the three of them in an illusion sigil, places Nari under her control, and proceed to break the Seals. Even when the Guardians of Arcadia discover their whereabouts, the heroes were unable to interfere with the ritual and the Seals were broken, enabling the Arcane Order to strengthen their magics to near-omniscient and awaken their Titans.


If the Genesis Seals are broken, then raw, uncontrolled magic will be unleashed upon the world, wiping it like a flood and destroying everything in its wake.

However, all three members of the Arcane Order must be united to break each of the the Seals, otherwise the "summoning" will be ineffective. Without Nari, Bellroc and Skrael cannot complete the ritual.

While undergoing the ritual, the Seals were able to protect the primordial demigods and itself from interference with an impenetrable shield, as no magic, serrators, nor magical weapons (like the Warhammer) could penetrate.

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  • "Genesis" means "origin" and/or "source", as the Genesis Seals are implied to be the very source of magic itself.
  • It is currently unknown what connection the Seals have to the Arcane Order, why all three are needed to break them, nor how they were created in the first place.
    • In mythology, Titans were the primary deities of their time, until the Gods (more beautiful and powerful beings) came into existence, overthrowing the Titans and resulting in many of them being locked away in prisons. The members of the Arcane Order are described as demigods, either meaning they are lesser gods or children of the gods. If the seals are indeed used to keep the Titans asleep, this could partly explain the connection between the Arcane Order and the Seals.


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