Nari: They search for the Genesis Seals.
Claire: What are "the Seals"?
Douxie: It's the oldest tale in the wizards books; primal seals that contain the
very essence of magic.
Merlin: If the Seals are broken... then raw, uncontrolled magic shall rise upon the world, wiping it like a flood.
All of the Arcane Order must be present to open the Seals... that is why I fled.
Merlin: I've hidden the Seals away, but we must keep Bellroc and Skrael away from them
and Nari, or it is the end of all things.
Nari, Douxie, and Merlin about the apocalyptic dangers of the Seals[src]

The Genesis Seals are ancient magical artifacts that contain the very essence of magic. If the Seals are ever broken, they'll unleash raw magic upon the world, ending all life in an arcane apocalypse.

The Seals are currently in possession of the Arcane Order, but without their defected member, Nari, Bellroc and Skrael cannot break them.


The Arcane Order, after losing their faith in humanity, decided to search for the Genesis Seals to unleash a magical apocalypse that would destroy the entire world, magical and mortal alike. Because of this, Merlin hid the Seals away and Nari abandoned them so that they could never carry out their plans.

Before dying, Merlin left Douxie and his friends a grimoire with a message in Ancient Draconic, revealing that to find the Seals they must destroy the Staff of Avalon. After Charlemagne convinces him to do so, Douxie finds the Seals at Merlin's hideout. However, when Nari and everyone else (minus Krel) are captured by the Arcane Order, Douxie decides to use the Seals to trick the Order and trap them in a time loop long enough to rescue them all.

The Genesis Seals are currently in the Arcane Order's possession, but without Nari, they cannot be used to lay waste to the planet.


If the Genesis Seals are broken, then raw, uncontrolled magic will be unleashed upon the world, wiping it like a flood and destroying everything in its wake.

However, all three members of the Arcane Order must be reunited to break each of the three Seals, otherwise the "summoning" will be ineffective. Without Nari, Bellroc and Skrael cannot accomplish their goal.

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  • The word "genesis" means "origin" and/or "source" as the Genesis Seals are the very source of magic itself.
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