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General Val Morando is the main antagonist of 3 Below.



Not much is known about Morando's past, only that he has been exiled from Akiridion-5 for unknown tyrannical reasons, most likely because he tried to gain position as king by force.

Part One (3 Below)

Overthrowing House Tarron

When he plotted to destroy House Tarron, he went to their most trusted ward, Varvatos Vex and tricked him into betraying the royal family by reminding him of his relatives being killed in a bombing, resulting in Vex's betrayal.

The Omen Project

Eliminating the Heirs

Physical Appearance

Morando is dark blue, quite buff, wears armor made of steal in a similar design as the rest of the Akiridions, and he also wears a transparent cape. He has four eyes, three fingers on each hand, and appears to have large horns on his head. 


Morando is a power-hungry dictator who wants nothing more than to destroy and dominate everything and everyone in his path, especially the Akiridion royal family. He also shows no care for the Akiridion-5 residents and ignores their protests, even eliminating any innocent Akiridion who pray for House Tarron's safety. 

He doesn't really seem to care much about his henchmen, as he didn't even seem to be concerned that the bounty hunters he sent perished and decided to go after the Tarron's himself. He also crushed one of his own soldier's life cores out of mere disappointment. 

Morando is also very manipulative and persuasive, using his knowledge of Vex to coerce him into helping to lower the planetary shield, allowing Morando to infiltrate the coronation and usurp the throne.

Powers & Abilities

Akiridion Physiology

As an Akiridion, he is shown stronger than a normal human, being able to degenerate one of his solders with nothing but his tightening grip, and even crush the soldier's life core with his bare hand. His fighting style is currently unknown.


Morando was able to use Vex's bitterness about his family tragedy to persuade him into lowering the shields so his forces will overthrow House Tarron and take over Akiridion-5.



King Fialkov & Queen Coranda

Morando usurped the throne of Akiridion-5 from Fialkov and Coranda. He had no qualms on killing them, threatening their children, and stealing their life cores while they were in stasis.

Prince Krel & Princess Aja

As the exiled heirs to the throne, they pose a threat to the legitimacy of Morando's rule. Morando most likely sees Aja as more of a threat than Krel since her bounty is higher than his, possibly because she's training to be a warrior princess.

After the royal children sends Akiridion-5 a planet-wide video feed to give the citizens hope of never surrendering to Morando, his hatred and hunger to rid the heirs of House Tarron grows even more, even after they destroyed Omen. Morando later decides to launch a full-scale invasion on Earth to rid the House Tarron line himself.

Varvatos Vex

Knowing his wishes to avenge his deceased family, Morando and Vex had a brief alliance while Morando orders Vex to lower the shields and promises that he will not harm anyone. However, after Morando betrayed his promise when the Queen and King got hurt, Varvatos immediately saw the error of his ways and quickly got the young princelings to safety.

Vex is later overcome by grief and regret, calling himself a fool for even trusting Morando's words in the first place.


Omen was a blank that he programmed to stop the resistance, but then he sent Omen to Earth to stall Aja and Krel as he went to steal the Queen and King's cores. Omen was later destroyed by Aja and Krel.

Episode Appearances

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  • Morando not only has a similar appearance to Gunmar, but in personality and an ultimate goal heavily involving tyranny as well.


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