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You humans cut stones to unlock their beauty... but trolls cut stones to unlock their POWER.
Vendel to Jim[src]

Gemstones are precious (or semiprecious) stones that are cut and polished materials.

While humans cut stones to find beauty within them, trolls cut them to unlock special powers. As such, Trollhunters often use these gemstones to acquire upgrades for their armor and claim new weapons.


Gemstones have been in existence ever since the formation of the Earth.

Trolls discovered gemstones much before humans did, and used them to grant themselves great powers. Later, humans discovered these stones, but instead of using them for their power, they used them for their aesthetic appeal.


Gemstones come in various shapes, sizes and colors. They have mystical properties which can only be unlocked by correct cleaving. They can also be cut to further enhance their natural beauty. They have varying degrees of rarity and the rarest ones are often very valuable.

List of Stones/Gemstones[]

  • Heartstones: These enormous stones are the very life-force of trollkind and the means that keeps them from perishing.
  • Triumbric Stones: These three ancient stones are tied to Gunmar's lifeblood as they each correspond to a specific action he has committed. When all three are brought together and cleaved, they unlock the Eclipse Blade, the only weapon capable of wounding or killing Gunmar.
  • Eye of Angor Rot: It is discovered that Angor Rot's own eyeball contains a gemstone within, which (if cut properly) can be used to counteract his magicks, including his cursed mark.
  • Eyestone: This stone is the final piece of the Killahead Bridge, which is able to partially open the portal to the Darklands, but not completely without the Amulet of Daylight and its master.
  • Aspectus Stone: This stone is, at first, believed to be used to summon the strength of a thousand. However, it is later discovered that the legend is actually literal; it is used to summon one thousand clones of the user to create a self-made army.
  • Anamnesis Stone: This stone is used to record a specific moment.
  • Omniscienstone: This highly rare gemstone is able to allow the user to glimpse the future and predict countless realities based on one's choices.
  • Cradlestones: These stones are able to transport hundreds of babies from one location to another.
  • Dwärkstones: These stones are rocks that explode when shaken firmly, like a common hand grenade.
  • Lodestones: These are two small gemstones which (if brought together) have the property of instantly attracting whatever metal objects may be in their vicinity.
  • Unnamed wall walking gemstone: A stone that grants the user the ability to stick to walls and other obstacles.
  • Unnamed mind reading gemstone: A mentioned stone used to glimpse into the enemy's mind.
  • Unnamed sunlight resistance gemstone: A mentioned gemstone which can protect trolls from sunlight.
  • Stasis Trap
  • Time Stone
  • Merlin Stone: Staff of Avalon
  • Grit-Shakas: Grit-Shakas are magic totems used by the Gumm-Gumms. Grit-Shakas banish all cowardice and fear from their wielder, making them fierce and ready for battle.
  • Antramonstrums: Lying dormant in a cluster of purple crystals until disturbed, it viciously attacks intruders and apparently leaves no trace of any being unfortunate enough to be enveloped in its foggy form.
  • Flare Crystal: These magical tool used to permanently flash-blind a foe's eyes.
  • Horngazels: These magical keys that are used to open the entrance to Heartstone Trollmarket and its hidden chambers.