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Gaylen is a posthumous antagonist of 3Below.

He was an ancient Akiridion who created Akiridion-5 before his power consumed him and turned him evil.


Gaylen was a legendary Akiridion who was said to have god-like powers within his life core. With the strength of his core, Gaylen crushed the stars and used its own dust to create Akiridion-5.

However, he became greedy and fearsome with his own power and almost destroyed the planet. Luckily, an ancient royal Akiridion, Seklos, built a cannon and, using all of her life force, defeated Gaylen and hid his core, for it was far too powerful for anyone to have.

In the present day, Akiridions hold Gaylen to a godly status, often exclaiming "What in Gaylen's core?!", "Great Gaylen's core!", or "Seklos and Gaylen!"