An ancient and complicated troll machine, its effects on humans are unknown; however, Blinky uses the Furgolator to shrink Jim down to the size of a gnome for his first trollhunting mission. Sizing down was exactly what Jim needed to conquer his foe and even pass his Spanish presentation!
The Art of Trollhunters

Furgolators are dispositive machinery which are capable of shrinking/compressing the size of anything that is put inside. 


After a Gnome took the Amulet of Daylight from Jim into his cleavage, Blinky suggests that Jim should use a Furgolator to shrink himself down and recover it.

Although it worked, the effects lasted longer than they expected, forcing Jim and Toby to put together a digital pantomime so that the former could present his Spanish presentation.

While Jim searches a way to use the Fetch to rescue Enrique from the Darklands, he suggested using the Furgolator to shrink himself to a manageable size to enter the Fetch with no problem, but Toby reminds that the shrinking effect is still temporary, and would leave him trapped the Darklands once the effect expired.


A Furgolator is a large, gold-plated machine with yellow trimmings.

It has two openings which a troll places an anthracite (the power source for the machine).


Trolls often use Furgolators to compress minerals, though it also works on living beings as well. The effects usually wears off in almost twenty-four hours, but the time limit can vary for humans and trolls.


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One


  • According to one of the show's producers, Aaron Waltke, an original concept was that Claire was supposed to go into the Darklands and rescue Jim by using the Furgolator to shrink herself to miniature size and ride NotEnrique through the dark realm and pick the lock to Jim's jail cell. However, this idea was scrapped due to budget constraints.
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