Flying the Coop is the seventh episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis

Aja and Krel are summoned by the school board to produce proper identification. Zadra discovers the identity of the traitor who aided the coup.





  • Running Gag: Almost every time the word "birdie" is mentioned, a red-tailed hawk screech can be heard in the background.
  • Stuart mentions that he worked with the Mexican government.
  • Halcon could not see the glass windows, much like real birds.
  • It is revealed at the end of this episode that Varvatos Vex was the traitor who helped Morando overthrow House Tarron.
    • This was most likely foreshadowed in "Terra Incognita Part One" when he begged Morando to stop attacking the king and queen and when Morando kept demanding Vex to stop protecting the royal children. Also, Vex scowls at the king's projection in "Collision Course" while he bitterly explains how they fortified Akiridion-5's planetary defenses instead of pursuing the Zeron Brotherhood after the tragic bombing on Satellite 9.


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