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Flying the Coop is the seventh episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

Aja and Krel are summoned by the school board to produce proper identification. Zadra discovers the identity of the traitor who aided the coup.


The Zerons talk to Halcon, who agrees that the royals don't stand a chance for long.

Aja continues her training. Varvatos tells Aja that being afraid of getting hurt will get her killed. She tries to get a jump on him, but fails.

Krel is working with Stuart on the Array. An attacker focuses in on him from above, but the briefcase Dadblank is holding deflects the shot and gives them time to hide. Dadblank peeks out and gets shot. Their attack then leaves after nearly getting hit by a truck.

Krel tries to repair Dadblank, but says it'll take time. Varvatos orders both of them to stay inside the house for now, but Aja reminds him that the fear of getting hurt will get them killed.

Aja says they just have to keep a low profile and they'll be safe. Just then, they get called to the principal's office. In the office, they learn that there's a woman there who wants to see them. She introduces herself as Bertha Flanagan, Special Advisor for the Arcadia Oaks High School Board. She's only called in for special cases. Krel has scored 100% on ever math test he's taken, unusual for his kind. Uhl steps in to defend them and orders her to leave. She also found out they're attending without being officially registered. She gives them the registration forms and tells them all the documents she'll need. Uhl says that goes beyond their usual requirements. Bertha says they're cracking down on what they believe might be "illegal aliens" in their school. Uhl objects to that, but she reminds him that he's only the interim and can be replaced. Aja assures her they can get the documents. They're told they have until the end of the day.

Varvatos is angry to lose at chess. Then he spots Nana and is enchanted by her. he has a fantasy of them. Nana sits down to play a game with him. She quickly defeats him right as the kids come to get his help.

Aja and Krel show him the paperwork they have to have filled out. Stuart offers to forge the paperwork for them. He used to work with the Mexican government. Varvatos doesn't like the plan. Stuart takes a picture of Aja before she rushes out in anger. Stuart then takes a picture of Krel for his ID. Varvatos sends Krel to watch Aja while he takes care of Birdie.

The Dadblank is asking existential questions. Nearby, Aja is training with the Momblank. Aja goes to help Krel fix the Dadblank. Dadblank takes on the name Ricky while Momblank takes on the name Lucy.

Varvatos goes to confront Birdie. He explains to her who he is and hands over their paperwork. She thanks him for his cooperation and says he can go. She has what she needs. As he leaves, she squawks and her true form starts to show through.

Krel has finished fixing Ricky. He plays back a memory of the attack and Krel notices that it wasn't the Zerons attacking them, but something else. Varvatos arrives home and they share this information with him, but then Birdie arrives. She says she's there to welcome them, but Aja wonders if she's the attacker. Varvatos invites her in. She's brought cookies and Varvatos gives each of them one. Krel sees the pin on Birdie's jacket and tries to warn Varvatos, but he's already taken a bite. He passes out, confirming Krel's suspicions. Birdie shows her true form. She says she'll make their deaths swift if they bring her their parents' life cores. Aja refuses and they start fighting while Krel tries to wake Varvatos. Dadblank comes through the portal and Birdie goes back through it. Aja and Krel follow, but she attacks them. Dadblank come back through the portal and attacks Birdie by throwing things at her. Birdie slams him into the wall. Birdie spots the life cores, but Aja stops her from taking them. Luug continues to try to wake Varvatos while Aja fights with Birdie. Varvatos wakes just in time to see Birdie trying to flee. She runs into glass a few times before going out a door. Luug latches onto her. Varvatos then shoots at her, neutralizing her. Varvatos tells Aja he's proud of her for not letting fear hold her back.

Uhl gives Aja and Krel their student ID badges and says no one can question if they belong anymore. Uhl says he hasn't heard from Birdie at all.

Izita has retrieved the memories from the blank. She says the ocular memory reveals who betrayed the royals. It's from the day before the attack. Zadra is shocked to see that Varvatos is the traitor.



  • Running Gag: Almost every time the word "birdie" is mentioned, a red-tailed hawk screech can be heard in the background.
    • This is a possible homage to the comedy movie Young Frankenstein (1974) where horses whinny every time the name Frau Blucher is said.
  • Stuart mentions that he worked with the Mexican government (supposedly).
  • Halcon could not see the glass windows, much like real birds.
  • It is revealed at the end of this episode that Varvatos Vex was the traitor who helped Morando overthrow House Tarron.
    • This was most likely foreshadowed in "Terra Incognita Part One" when he begged Morando to stop attacking the king and queen and when Morando kept demanding Vex to stop protecting the royal children. Also, Vex scowls at the king's projection in "Collision Course" while he bitterly explains how they fortified Akiridion-5's planetary defenses instead of pursuing the Zeron Brotherhood after the tragic bombing on Satellite 9.


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