I don't give a flip!
―Steve to Eli in Creepslayerz

Flip was a bag of flour assigned to Eli Pepperjack and Steve Palchuk in their heath class about parenting.

Physical Appearance

Flip was a brown bag of flour wear a diper. He had drawn on blond hair that resembles Steve's hair. Black drawn on eyes and glasses, along with a binkie.


During health class, Steve arrived late and got paired up with Eli as flour parents. Steve unintentionally named him but Eli did most of the parenting which lead to Flip being destroyed to kill the gruesome at the museum.


  • Eli named him Flip because Steve said "I don't give a flip!"
  • This episode made fans like Steve and Eli as a gay couple.
    • But because of Steve's involvement with Aja, Steve and Eli are unlikely to become a couple.
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