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The size of an average dinner plate, the Fetch is actually a portal between the human world and the Darklands, enabling the Changelings and Goblins to cross over at will.
The Art of Trollhunters

Fetches are artifacts that act as little portals to the Darklands. Unlike a real portal, the Fetches are too small to allow beings to pass through them but are large enough to allow small things like stones, goblins, gnomes, and babies to pass through.

The Gumm-Gumms use them to send Changelings to supplant human babies so that they can spy on the human realm.


After getting himself trapped within the Darklands, Dictatious Galadrigal bargained for his life by pledging his allegiance to Gunmar and his forces. Dictatious then mentioned the existence of Fetch portals, suggesting that they could create them using the materials found within the Darklands and from there communicate with Gunmar's son, Bular, as well as provide a means of supply for their forces.

Nomura managed to acquire a Fetch and received it at the museum. Later, she used it as leverage to get Bular to spare her after letting Jim and Toby see Killahead Bridge, promising new Changelings to bolster his father's army. The Fetch later deposited a message from the Darklands, informing Stricklander and Bular that Enrique has been chosen as Changeling's Familiar. Thus, a goblin abducted the infant from his home and swapped him through the Fetch with his Changeling doppelgänger, nicknamed NotEnrique.

The Fetch was later moved to Stricklander's hidden vault in his office at Arcadia Oaks High. This eventually fell into the hands of the Trollhunters when Toby, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! raided his office. At NotEnrique's suggestion, Toby poked his head through the Fetch in the hopes of seeing Enrique, only to attract the attention of a glowing ball of fire that advanced on Toby. The Fetch portal began to move as back in Arcadia, the trolls had to carry Toby as they fled an Antramonstrum, managing to take it off his head and out of the Darklands before he hit a rock. They eventually use the Fetch to banish the Antamonstrum to the Darklands.

The Trollhunters relocate the Fetch to Toby's house, where Jim bemoaned his inability to use the Fetch to rescue Enrique. He first suggested using the Furgolator to shrink himself to a manageable size to enter the Fetch, but Toby reminds that the shrinking effect is temporary and Blinky adds that the Darklands are a black labyrinth that would make finding Enrique impossible before his time is up. Ultimately, Gnome Chompsky was sent through the Fetch, but the team immediately lose him as his lifeline was torn.

Following Jim's victory over Bular, the Fetch was moved to the vault in Heartstone Trollmarket. Eventually, Chompsky emerges from it with a message from Gunmar.

Toby later uses the Fetch to find Jim in the Darklands and send him Nougat Nummies as a rescue message.

Prior to the final battle against Gunmar and Morgana, NotEnrique and Chompsky use the Fetch to enter the Darklands to rescue the Changeling Familiars using a Cradlestone provided by Merlin and managed to return to Arcadia before the Darklands collapsed.


In its deactivated form, it is a circular object made of twisted metal, having spiky poison green crystals on it.

In its activated form, a poison green portal is formed inside it. It is quite small, able to accommodate only a human head and small beings, like tiny changelings, gnomes, goblins, and human babies.


Like (or relatively unlike) the Killahead Bridge, Fetches are small portals between the surface world and the Darklands. However, they are so small that only small creatures, like human babies, goblins, and gnomes, can enter these miniature portals with ease.


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