I am a wizard associate, thank you very much.

Familiars are anthropomorphic animals or creature associated with wizards who help them with the art of magic.

The only familiar to appear in the franchise is Archie, whose wizard master is Douxie.

Physical Description

Familiars can be any type of common animal or magical creature.

Powers & Abilities

Familiars are anthropomorphic, therefore they can talk and occasionally walk on two legs like regular humans.

They are also proficient with magic and possess a special ability. They are erudite and learned, and can come up with strategies befitting the situation.

Known Familiars


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part Two



  • When AAARRRGGHH!!! recognized Archie as a familiar, Steve briefly mistook the species's name as if "[He'd] remember if he saw a cat". AAARRRGGHH!!! corrected him that he actually meant "wizard's assistant".
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