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The Fake Amulet was a decoy used by Stricklander to switch the real amulet from Jim Lake Jr. in order to open Killahead Bridge and free Gunmar.


The Fake Amulet is perfectly identical to the original Amulet of Daylight, identical enough that it fools Team Trollhunters and the Trollhunter himself. However, the intricate metal parts inside the external framework do not spin like they do for the original Amulet. The amulet itself also does not glow because it is not magical.


The Fake Amulet was likely created by Stricklander in order to take the real Amulet of Daylight from the Trollhunter, Jim Lake Jr., to free Gunmar from his prison. The plans to these were first discovered by Toby, AAARRRGGHH!!!, Blinky and NotEnrique in "Recipe for Disaster", with Blinky commenting about why Stricklander would need the plans. It was then used by Stricklander in the same episode, where he used it to switch the real Amulet and give it to Jim.

Jim held it in the following episode, where he attempted to summon the Daylight Armor in front of Claire, but got frustrated when it did not work. He later attempted to summon the Armor again to save Claire and himself from the goblins, only to realize it was a fake, discarding it.

It was mentioned for the last time in The Battle of Two Bridges, where Stricklander asked Fragwa to check if Jim brought the real Amulet or not.


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