The sword is meant for those worthy.

Excalibur is an ancient, legendary sword created by Nimue. It was once wielded by King Arthur, until Morgana uses the last of her magic to strip him of his right to wield it, due to his fall into darkness.

The enchanted sword is currently sheathed within a stone in Arcadia Oaks, awaiting its next wielder...


Excalibur was created by the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, who foretold that only those who are worthy may wield the sword and even pull it from stone if it is ever striped of its fallen master.

Nimue granted King Arthur the sword. After which, Arthur's guardian, Merlin, locked Nimue in her own lake to ensure she'd never escape.

After Arthur's resurrection, the sword turned to a corrupted staff capable of magic, even able to corrupt a strong soul like Jim. After realizing how much of a monster Arthur's become, Morgana uses the last of her magic to break Arthur's right to wield the sword before squashing him with a piece of Camelot, saving Jim from his corruption.

After Arthur's demise, Excalibur has been placed in a stone, now awaiting its next master. Toby tries to pull it out, but to no avail. Jim then gives it a try after the insistence of his friends, but he also fails. Soon after Douxie leaves Arcadia with Archie and Nari, Jim is seen glancing at Excalibur thoughtfully...


Excalibur is a large European sword with a golden hilt as well as a curled spiked cross-guard. Originally, the sword's hilt had a large red ruby.

After the sword was destroy by Arthur and later reforged by Nimue, the ruby becomes a green emerald and the blade now has two visible cracks.

In its bewitched form, Excalibur was a black obsidian staff/sword with a green tip.


Excalibur possesses great magical properties, making it one of the most powerful swords in ancient history.

As shown in "Witch Hunt", when Excalibur is pointed towards the sky, it releases a golden beacon-like beam that shoots to the sky and back into the sword, charging it with magic. When it is then thrusted into the ground, it unleashes a large wave capable of wiping foes away (and leaving allies unharmed).

After Arthur's resurrection, Excalibur was turned into a bewitched weapon powerful enough to counteract Merlin and Morgana's majicks (especially killing them) and even corrupt Jim (a considerably strong-willed individual) into a trollish beast.

Much like the Sword of Daylight, Excalibur can be summoned back into its master if separated, as shown in "Dragon's Den" when the sword reappeared in Arthur's hand.


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