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Nimue, grant me a blessing to strike down this tyrant.
King Arthur, during his fight with Gunmar[src]

Excalibur is an ancient, legendary sword created by the goddess, Nimue, but was imbued with Merlin's magic.

It was once wielded by King Arthur, until his fatally wounded sister, Morgana, uses the last of her magic to strip him of his right to wield it, due to his fall into darkness.

Later on, Jim Lake Jr. claimed the sword as his own and connected it with the rebuilt Amulet of Daylight by putting one of its gems into it.


Excalibur was created by the Lady of the Lake, Nimue, who foretold that only those who are worthy may wield the sword and even pull it from stone if it is ever striped of its fallen master.

Nimue granted King Arthur the sword to help him unite the kingdoms. After which, Arthur's guardian and advisor, Merlin, locked Nimue in her own cave to ensure she'd never escape.

After Arthur's resurrection, the sword turned to a bewitched weapon capable of dark magic, even able to corrupt a strong soul like Jim. After realizing how much of a monster Arthur's become, Morgana uses the last of her magic to break Arthur's right to wield the sword as his worth to wield it was long gone, just before she squashes him with a large piece of Camelot, ultimately saving Jim from his corruption.

After Arthur's demise, Excalibur has been sheathed in a stone, now awaiting its new master. Toby tries to pull it out, but to no avail. Jim then gives it a try after the insistence of his friends, but then stops mid-pull, wondering if he's still the Trollhunter without the Amulet of Daylight. Douxie assures Jim that having no amulet does not mean he lost his mantle entirely; his strength never really came from the amulet, but from the love and devotion of his friends and family.


Excalibur is a large European sword with a golden hilt with two large red gems on each of the sides, as well as a curled spiked cross-guard. When charged with light magic, the blade glows golden and produces yellow sparks when in clash with another weapon.

After the sword was destroyed and later reforged, the gems become green and the blade now has two visible scars/cracks.

In its bewitched form, Excalibur was a black obsidian staff/sword with a green tip groove.

In "Rise of the Titans", Jim takes out one of the gems out of the hilt in order to give his upgraded amulet power again, as the gem was forged by Merlin's magic.


Excalibur possesses enchanting magical abilities, making it one of the most powerful swords in ancient history.

As shown in "Witch Hunt", when Excalibur is pointed towards the sky, it releases a golden beacon-like beam that shoots to the sky and back into the sword, charging it with strong light magic. When it is then thrusted into the ground, it unleashes a large wave capable of wiping active spells away. The sword is also capable of warding off magic attacks, like when Jim was able to block Bellroc's fire magic.

After Arthur's resurrection, Excalibur was turned into a bewitched weapon powerful enough to counteract Merlin and Morgana's magics (especially killing them) and even corrupt Jim (a considerably strong-willed individual) into a trollish beast with Onyx Shards.

Even before Arthur's corruption, Merlin mentions to have protected a few spellcasters (Douxie included) as he could from the blade, heavily implying that – unlike Daylight, which was made only to kill Trolls and other magical creatures – Excalibur is capable of slaying wizards, including the strongest of them, such as Merlin himself, and gravely injure Morgana. It's also capable of slaying demigods, like the Arcane Order, as Jim was able to fatally stab Bellroc.

Much like the Sword of Daylight, Excalibur can be summoned back into its master's possession if separated, as revealed in "Dragon's Den" when the sword disappeared from a tree trunk and instantaneously reappeared back in Arthur's hand. When Jim removes Excalibur's hilt stone and inserts it into his upgraded amulet, he is able to summon the weapon into his hands at will.


As proclaimed by Nimue herself, only those who are deemed worthy can command Excalibur and make its enchanting powers their own.

Therefore, the wielder who is most vulnerable to darkness shall bewitch it into an instrument of corruption and death, which is exactly what happened with King Arthur when he was reborn as the ruthless Green Knight, using it for his own genocidal agendas to end the world (until Morgana managed to strip him of his right to wield it before killing him).



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  • Excalibur is based on the mythical sword of the same name from Arthurian folklore.
    • In Welsh, the name "excalibur" usually means "hard breach".
    • According to a few legends, it is said that whoever possesses Excalibur shall become nearly invincible (as long as the weapon remains in its master's hands). This reference of Excalibur's legends was most notably shown in "Killahead, Part Two", when King Arthur drops the sword in an effort to show his revived sister, Morgana, that he's truly seeking to find redemption (which ultimately lead to his unfortunate demise at the hands of Bellroc). Later on, as the Green Knight, he was just as invincible (even more so), until Morgana strips him of his right to wield it, leaving him vulnerable to be squashed by Camelot's debris.
  • Jim Lake becomes Excalibur's new wielder in Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans.
    • This was likely foreshadowed at the end of "Becoming: Part 1" when Jim pulled the Sword of Daylight out of stone the first time he summoned his Trollhunter Armor, just like in the Sword in the Stone legends.
    • Likely because Claire would become the next Morgana and Douxie would become the next Merlin, it was presumed that Jim would become the next King Arthur.
  • Excalibur and its purpose is similar to Mjölnir from the Marvel Comics.