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What are you?!
―Jim, witnessing the manifestation of his deepest fear[src]

"Evil Jim" was a brief antagonist of Trollhunters, featured in the Part Two episode "Mistrial and Error".

He was an illusion of Jim Lake Jr. that he faced within the Deep. He is likely a manifestation of Jim's deepest fear: losing his humanity and human life altogether.


When Jim is banished into The Deep, he faces a monstrous version of himself. As the two fought, "Evil Jim" at times out maneuvered his counterpart, but the two were evenly matched in combat skills.

Eventually, Jim managed to defeat his dark counterpart, though It is never seen how Jim escaped from his evil self. When Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!!!, Claire, and Toby reunite with Jim within the Heartstone and ask how he survived in The Deep, where no troll has ever come back, Jim remarks that he's "not a troll."

It is presumed that "Evil Jim" was killed by the human Trollhunter.


  • "Evil Jim" is seen wearing the Eclipse Armor and, in certain frames, bears fangs and looks somewhat troll-like. This is likely a foreshadowing of Jim's ultimate fate near the end of Part Three.
  • Aaron Waltke eventually confirmed on Twitter that "Evil Jim" is, in fact, a manifestation of his deepest fear: losing his human life.


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