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The mere reason we locked Gunmar in Killahead was that he was trying to bring... the Eternal Night: the time where trolls would reclaim the surface from mankind.
Blinky to Jim about the Eternal Night[src]

The Eternal Night (also known as the Night Eternal) is an evil ritual that creates a dark haze which enshrouds the world and forever blocks out the sun. It was created so that trolls would never have to worry about being turned to stone in the daylight and freely roam the surface.

The ritual requires the dust of slain trolls, the Staff of Avalon, and the power of a Heartstone.

It was one of the primary goals of the evil sorceress Morgana to enact in her bid to conquer the world.


Gunmar was promised by Morgana that he would usher in the Eternal Night. He used those very words to rally sympathetic trolls and fellow Gumm-Gumms into his army, proclaiming that the Eternal Night would see trollkind reclaim the surface from humans.

However, the rest of trollkind opposed his plan and Gunmar was imprisoned in the Darklands at the Battle of Killahead Bridge. At the same time, Merlin fought Morgana to stop her bringing about the Eternal Night and sacrificed most of his magic to imprison her in a secret chamber in the Heartstone underneath Arcadia Oaks, where no one knew she was. Merlin then went to sleep in his tomb, ready for the day they needed him again.

Hundreds of years later, when Morgana was freed with the Staff of Avalon, she used the Staff of Avalon and the ashes of several Gumm-Gumms to bring about the Eternal Night, enabling the Gumm-Gumms to invade Arcadia.

While the Trollhunters deal with Morgana and try and put a stop to the Eternal Night, the Akiridions, Aja, Krel, Varvatos, and Zadra, confront Zeron Alpha and an Omen Blank sent by General Morando (which has taken control of the Mothership).

Eventually, just as Morgana's spell was about to reach full strength and cover the Earth in eternal darkness, the Trollhunters managed to banish her to the Shadow Realm, enabling Merlin to regain his magic and put an end to the Eternal Night. Meanwhile, the Akiridions manage to destroy the Omen and restore their Mothership, although she is damaged beyond Krel's ability, and Varvatos was taken hostage by Alpha and sent to the Moon.


The Eternal Night starts off as a funnel of dust and flames. When fully unleashed, it shoots up to the sky as a large twister and creates a dark, stormy-like haze that envelops the entire sky. The blue sky turns into an apocalyptic red, the sun is blocked by a magic-made moon, and a thin fog billows on the ground.


The Eternal Night creates a global haze and eclipse that are able to completely block out sunlight, allowing trolls to walk freely in the day time without fear of turning to stone.


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  • In the 3Below Part One finale "Bad Omen", Krel refers to the Eternal Night as a "lunar anomaly".
  • The concept of The Eternal Night is likely inspired from The Strain series of novels and its TV adaptation, both co-created by Trollhunters creator Guillermo Del Toro, which also sees the villains of that series creating an Eternal Night that will also block the sun from the Earth's surface. The last book of the prose series is in fact entitled Night Eternal, focusing on the aftermath of the event.