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Where ARE you, Enrique? There's no end to this place.

Escape from the Darklands is the twenty-seventh episode of Trollhunters and the first episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

With Jim still trapped in the Darklands searching for Enrique, his friends rally to bring him back. But the Troll Tribunal has other plans.


A program plays on the television (Sally Go-Back). An alarm wakes up Barbara, who goes to see if Jim is awake yet. A note on his door tells her he's sleeping in after a late night. She goes into his room to find him and he pops up from behind his bed. They have an awkward conversation, then Jim goes downstairs to make Barbara breakfast. He fumbles awkwardly around the kitchen. Barbara tastes the breakfast and lies to Jim that she likes it. She says it must have been some concussion because she doesn't remember them remodeling the house. Jim gets a call and rushes out. He and Claire ride their bikes. In the woods, Jim turns back into Toby, who's having a hard time pretending to be Jim. He wants Claire to do it next time. Claire says they made a deal. He pretends to be Jim in Arcadia and she handles Jim's duties in Trollmarket. Claire says it's only been two weeks and the amulet hasn't called for anyone else, which is a good sign. The know he's okay and he'll be back with Enrique.

In the Darklands, Jim starts a fire. A creatures comes through and Jim hides. Once the creature is gone, Jim collects the eggs left behind to eat for dinner. He goes to leave, but the creature stops him. He runs quickly and is able to escape, tough he loses some eggs on the way.

Jim cooks the egg he managed to keep and then opens it up to eat. It tastes terrible, but he eats it anyway. He looks to where he's drawn his friends on the wall and offers them some. Jim continues his meal, then marks another area on his map with an x. He hasn't found Enrique yet.

Blinky is figuring things out and consults the stone AAARRRGGHH!!! for approval. Blinky realizes the plan won't work. Claire and Toby come in and he tells them he hasn't figured out a plan. Toby keeps looking through the Fetch, but hasn't spotted Jim either. He does keep sending in candy bars to let Jim know they haven't given up. Blinky knows the answer to saving Jim is there somewhere. Claire pores over books while Toby notices that his warhammer has been changed. Blinky says he made it more stable. Toby is pleased with the change. They hear a horn and go to check on it.

The Tribunal has summoned themselves. Word of Jim entering the Darklands has spread. Now they're calling for Killahead Bridge to be destroyed. Claire says if they do that, Jim won't be able to get out. Vendel's trying to prevent that. Blinky goes to join the Tribunal after telling Claire that they must keep searching because Jim's time is running out.

The goblins lead a hooded figure. Jim hides, but the hooded figure knows he's there and tells the goblins to find him.

Jim falls and then hears babies. He's found the nursery. There are a lot of babies there.

Claire and Toby eavesdrop on the Tribunal meeting. Vendel defends Jim while the others want to destroy Killahead Bridge and leave Jim for dead. Vendel reminds them that the amulet hasn't chosen another, which means Jim is still alive. Blinky also stands up for Jim and reminds them of all the other things Jim has done, good things. Blinky doesn't just want them to leave the bridge standing. He demands that they go in after Jim. One of the tribunal members asks how they know Jim isn't a changeling. Claire and Toby reveal themselves and jump to Jim's defense as well. Blinky says they deserve to be heard and says if they get booted, he should as well.

Blinky is angry that all three of them have been cast out.

The hooded figure tells his leader that the Trollhunter is there. He realizes that means the bridge can be opened. He orders the hooded figure to find him. After centuries, they'll be free.

The goblins feed the babies and sing to them. Jim climbs up to a cradle, but it's not Enrique. He jumps to another cradle and sees that it's Eloise Stemhower, born in 1894 and still a baby. He jumps to the next cradle and knocks the bottle out of the baby's mouth, making them cry. It's Waltolomew Strickler. He's surprised the real Strickler is just a baby. The next cradle he goes to is Enrique. Jim picks him up, along with his bottle. He promises the other babies he'll come back for all of them. A goblin goes to Enrique's cradle and sounds an alarm when he finds him not there. Jim then drops Enrique's bottle, which attracts attention to him. He races to get away with Enrique, fighting off goblins. When more goblins appear, Jim races away with Enrique.

The hooded figure sends drones after Jim.

Jim tries to remember the way back with Enrique. He soothes Enrique, trying to get him to stop crying. He stops for a moment and then gets louder. More goblins appear and chase them. Jim draws an arrow on a wall, then follows it. The drones, as he predicted, go the other way, where Eclipse it. But Eclipse then disappears. The creature that chased Jim before eats the drones.

Draal stops Claire and Toby from entering the vault, saying it's off limits until the Tribunal ends. Toby tells him what they have planned and he opens the vault himself, saying they won't get through them.

Vendel tries to stop the trolls from going to the vault. Inside the vault, Toby breaks the controls, sealing the door.

Jim runs away with Enrique.

They break through the door into the vault and Usurna calls for Vendel's removal, though he doesn't care.

Jim continues to run with Enrique.

Claire, Toby, Draal, and Blinky fight off the Kruberas in the vault. Toby notices the amulet and says Jim is coming through. Queen Usurna thinks it's Gunmar and orders it torn down over Toby's objections.

Jim runs toward the entrance as it starts to crumble.

Claire hears Enrique's cries and tells them it's her brother. Draal steps in to stop them.

Claire and Jim see each other at the entrance. Jim is pulled back just as the grasp each other's hands. The Kruberas continue to break the bridge and knock the amulet out.

Jim breaks free and is able to throw Enrique to Claire before the entrance closes. He is upset to be stuck in the Darklands when he was so close. The drones have captured him.

Claire cries and holds Enrique while Toby says the Krubera killed Jim.

Claire, Toby, and Blinky are sullen. Blinky blames himself for not doing more. Toby says there has to be something they can do. As long as the amulet doesn't call someone else, they know he's okay. Just then, the amulet calls Jim's name. It attaches to AAARRRGGHH!!!'s stone body. In Trollish, it's saying, "The troll is the key, the key to the hunter." over and over. Toby realizes the voices in the amulet, the ghost council, are helping them. Blinky realizes AAARRRGGHH!!! is the key. If they save AAARRRGGHH!!!, they save Jim.

The hooded figure faces Jim. He looks like Blinky and Jim realizes he's Blinky's brother, Dictatious Galadrigal. Dictatious then takes a rod and his Jim over the head with it.



  • According to Claire, it's been two weeks since the events of "Something Rotten This Way Comes".
  • It is revealed that Dictatious Maximus Galadrigal is still alive and working for Gunmar within the Darklands, as he was previously mentioned to be deceased by his brother, Blinky, in the episode "Party Monster".
  • Jim manages to bring Enrique back to the surface, but he is captured by the Gumm-Gumms.
  • Goof: At the very end of this episode, we get a shot seen from Jim's perspective in which he is seemingly knocked out by Dictatious before being dragged off to imprisonment. At the very beginning of the next episode, Jim is conscious.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on a Discord, in the beginning of the episode, Barbara was watching a crossover of Gun Robot and Sally-Go-Back.


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