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This article contains canon information corresponding to the Tales of Arcadia franchise. That means all information in this article is true and has appeared/been validated officialy on-screen.

Enrique Nuñez is Claire Nuñez's baby brother who was swapped for a Changeling named NotEnrique.

Official Biography

"Enrique is Claire's little brother. Swapped with a Changeling by goblins working for Gunmar, he is currently being held in the Darklands, whilst the Changeling, NotEnrique, takes his place in Arcadia. His parents are unaware of the swap and Claire is the only family member who knows the truth."


After Jim destroyed the previous Changeling, Enrique was kidnapped by the Goblins of Gunmar and replaced by the Changeling, NotEnrique. Enrique was taken to the Darklands where he spent the night in the Nursery under the care of the Blood Goblins along with the other Changelings' Familiars. During most of the Season One, Jim, Claire and Toby look for a way to enter the Darklands to rescue him, but at the risk of releasing Gunmar, they first decide to gather the Triumbric Stones in order to destroy it.

NotEnrique takes his place in the Nuñez family and offers to show Claire that the real Enrique is safe with his ability to project his image through his saliva.

Eventually, Jim was able to bring him back at the last minute, but after the Troll Tribunal destroyed Killahead Bridge thinking Gunmar was escaping, Jim got captured by his army. 

Physical Appearance

Enrique is a small baby with freckles, brown eyes, and, blond hair.


  • Enrique was created specifically for the show since Claire didn't have a brother in the books. 
  • Enrique is not a brunette like his other family members, implying he may be adopted or one of the family members is not a natural brunette.