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Elixirs are magical potions created by Wizards and often Trolls.


In "Party Monster", while searching for a way to take the Inferna Copula from Stricklander, Jim and Toby stumble upon a page about a knowledge-increasing potion called "Elix-Lore", which could help them speed things up. After Jim buys a jug from RotGut's, he gives it to Toby, who impulsively drinks the entire bottle instead of a drop like the instructions said. As a result, he continuously craves more knowledge to the point where he couldn't control himself, but was able to find a way to get the ring off Strickler: by returning to Gatto's Keep and retrieve the Kairosect.

In the end, the potion's effects on Toby finally wear off when he vomits all of the knowledge he consumed.

In "KanjigAAARRRGGHH!!!", Claire, Blinky, and Toby trade Otto Scaarbach Vendel's Heartstone Staff for the Creeper's Sun antidote to revive their friend, AAARRRGGHH!!!, and save Jim from the Darklands. After acquiring the ingredients for the elixir, they manage to bring their friend back to life.

During the episode "In Good Hands", Merlin tasks Jim and his friends to acquire a few items for a potion that'll be essential to stopping Gunmar and the inevitable Eternal Night War.

Later in "A House Divided", once Jim and his friends acquired the ingredients, Merlin explains to Jim that the ingredients are for a Half-Troll Elixir, which will transform Jim into a half-troll. However, he warns that there is no way to reverse the transformation. A reluctant but determined Jim chooses to use the potion and transform himself into a half-troll to save Arcadia and defeat Gunmar once and for all.


Elixirs are potions which may possess different colors.

Half-Troll elixirs start off electric green, but darken into black at the time of usage.

List of Elixirs[]

  • Elix-Lore: This potion allows the user to consume knowledge at a voracious pace. The drinker must use a drop of it because if he/she drinks too much, it can result in the user becoming so knowledgeable that they can no longer control themselves, but the effects will wear off in a short amount of time.
  • Antidote for Creeper's Sun: This potion is able to reverse the effects of Creeper's Sun poison and restore the petrified victim back to life (as long as their stone bodies remain in tacked). The ingredients for this elixir must be boiled in oil and once it is complete, it will release an enormous blue fog that will envelop the victim's body and, after a few minutes, resurrect/cure the infected. Known Ingredients:
    • Twig of Worm's Root
    • Ounce of silver
    • Carton of sour milk
    • Living mouse
    • Unknown green and brown concoctions
    • Pepper
    • Gnome skeleton
    • Tears of those not touched by love's first kiss
    • Fragment of Heartstone
  • Half-Troll Elixir: This potion allows the human to transform him/herself into a hybrid of human and troll, increasing their physical abilities. After the potion is brewed, the user will then pour the substance into water before they fully submerge themselves inside, and allow their transformation to begin. As stated by Merlin, there is no potential way to reverse the effects (or, at least, an easy way). Known Ingredients: