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Elix-Lore is a magical concoction that allows its consumer to instantaneously absorb knowledge from any book or source of information. 


In "Party Monsters", a human Blinky takes Jim and Toby to his library to find a way to remove the Inferna Copula from Strickler. However, after many exhausting hours, Blinky falls asleep, leaving Jim and Toby alone to read books. However, they suddenly stubble upon a page about "Elix-Lore", which allows the drinker to consume knowledge. They decide to use it to speed things up.

After Jim buys a jug from Rot and Gut, he gives it to Toby, who drinks the entire bottle instead of a drop like the instructions said. As a result, he continuously craves more knowledge to the point where he can't control himself, but was able to tell Jim a way to get the ring off Strickler: by returning to Gatto's Keep and retrieve the Kairosect.

In the end, the potion's effects on Toby wear off as he hurls all of the knowledge he comsumed.


A drink or a drop of the Elix-Lore is enough for it to take effect, the user "devours" the documentation, making the characters float to his/her mouth, acquiring all the knowledge that is found within the documentation. 


Drinking too much of the Elix-Lore can result in the user becoming so knowledgeable that they can no longer control themselves. The effects also wear off in a short amount of time and the drinker loses every ounce of knowledge he/she consumed before. 


  • According to Toby, Elix-Lore has a mint flavor with notes of mold.
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