A draft of Elix-Lore allows thee to comsume knowledge at a voracious pace.
―Elix-Lore passage in a book[src]

Elix-Lore is a magical concoction which allows its consumer to absorb knowledge instantaneously from any book or source of information. 



In "Party Monster", a human Blinky takes Jim and Toby to his library to find a way to remove the Inferna Copula from Strickler. However, after many exhausting hours, Blinky falls asleep, leaving Jim and Toby alone. However, they suddenly stumble upon a page about "Elix-Lore", which allows the drinker to literally consume knowledge. They decide to use it to speed things up.

After Jim buys a jug from Rot and Gut, he gives it to Toby, who impulsively drinks the entire bottle instead of a drop like the instructions said. As a result, he continuously craves more knowledge to the point where he couldn't control himself, but was able to find a way to get the ring off Strickler: by returning to Gatto's Keep and retrieving the Kairosect.

In the end, the potion's effects on Toby finally wear off when he vomits all of the knowledge he consumed, though he leaves Blinky's library a total mess.


Elix-Lore is often bottled within a purple-pink-blue jug sealed with a cork.

It's unknown what color the liquid is, but based on the picture in the book passage, it's most likely magenta-based.


A drop of the Elix-Lore is enough for it to take effect. The user "devours" the documentation, making the characters float to his/her mouth, acquiring all the knowledge that is found within the documentation. 


Drinking too much of the Elix-Lore can result in the user becoming so knowledgeable that they can no longer control themselves. The effects also wear off in a short amount of time and the drinker loses every ounce of knowledge he/she consumed before. 


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One

Part three


  • According to Toby, Elix-Lore has a minty flavor with notes of mold.
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