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Dwoza was an ancient Trollmarket which existed before the Battle of Killahead Bridge, also presumed to be the predecessor of Heartstone Trollmarket under Arcadia Oaks.

It was located in the Wild Wood.



Dwoza's date of creation is unknown, but it was presumably created hundreds of years before Camelot.


Jim and Callista were taken into Dwoza by Blinky and Dictatious, who found them lying unconscious and wounded in the Wild Wood. They stayed there until the Battle of Killahead Bridge. Before the battle, King Arthur and his men came to Dwoza to seek an alliance with the good trolls.


Dwoza was a much smaller version of the modern Heartstone Trollmarket. It was dimly lit and had many shops and houses. The gates of Dwoza opened directly into a spot in the Wild Wood. Dwoza also had cells to house rogue trolls and creatures whom the Dwoza trolls found threatening or untrustworthy.

Points of Interest[]

Known Locations

The Galadrigals' Cave[]

The Galadrigal's Cave was the home and study of Blinkous and Dictatious Galadrigal. Jim and Callista were first taken here by the brothers to help them recover. It was a well-lit cave with several bookshelves and two large tables in the center.

Gates Of Dwoza[]

The Gates of Dwoza were the entrance to Dwoza. They opened directly into a spot in the Wild Wood, and were manned by two guard trolls.


The Quadrangle was a large open space in the middle of Dwoza where the residents gathered for community meetings and trials.


The Dwoza stronghold also doubled up as their jail, where they kept rogue trolls. AAARRRGGHH!!! was incarcerated here when he attempted to break into Dwoza. It was dark and quiet and had cells on each side.

Vendel's Workshop[]

Vendel's Workshop was the study and office of Vendel. Here, he conducted his magical experiments and managed Dwoza, and it was also where he attempted to operate on Jim to remove the onyx shard from his chest. It was very similar to the Galadrigal's Cave, but much bigger.

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