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Dwärkstones are rare rocks found underground which are capable of exploding when shaken and are Blinky's primary choice of weapons.


Dwärkstones were either discovered or created a long time back in the history of trollkind. It is said that they are hard to find and are rare rocks found underground, but several stones have been shown throughout the series. Even Blinky uses these as his choice of weapons.


When inactive, Dwärkstones look like harmless grey rocks. However, when shaken, they begin to glow green, which shows that they're about to explode.


It's one of the three ways to kill a Gruesome with the other two being flour and salt. It is activated when you shake it, and if it starts glowing that means its active. After a few seconds, it will explode like a bomb.


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  • Running Gag: Jim, Toby, and Claire constantly misname/mispronounce the Dwärkstone as "Dork-stone".
  • Dwärkstones are similar in concept and nature to a hand grenade.