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This is the transcript for the episode, Dragon's Den.

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Flashback to 12th Century Camelot...
Douxie: Now then, now then! Gather around, milords and ladies! Test your luck with the Lad O' Fortune! Now remember, keep your eye on the prize! Find the ball to win it all! Find the ball and win it--.
Galahad: Hey!
Douxie: Oh, hello.
Galahad: I will give it a go!
Douxie: Keep your eye on the cup.
Galahad: Easy pickin's, eh? Ha! Eh?
Douxie: Nah-ah-ah-ah. Please, your knightliness. Only one pick per play.
Galahad: (gasps) What? Eh! Hmm...!
Archie: Oh, no!
Galahad: Magic!
Douxie: Gassus flotulous!
Galahad: Argh! Get him!
Galahad: You may not know, but by order of the king, use of magic has been outlawed-- under penalty of instant death.
Douxie: (moans) Oh... fuzzbuckets. Oh!
Archie: Douxie! What did you do?
Douxie: That wasn't me! Eh...? Merlin Ambrosius! Thank you! I owe you my life!
Merlin: And what sort of life would that be? Have you ever asked yourself that? Your ruse with the smoke spell was rather clever.
Douxie: Really?
Merlin: No. But it was real magic. Come. You could use a hot meal, and I could use a new apprentice.
Douxie: What? Me?
Galahad: What happened?
Douxie: Look at us, Arch, teaming up with the magnanimous Merlin! I knew this plan wasn't a mistake.
Merlin: A wizard does not make mistakes, he makes unexpected possibilities.
In the present...
Douxie: It's all gone. Everything. The Heart of Avalon, Camelot... Merlin.
Claire: Maybe we should say a few words...?
Steve: Yeah, okay. Ahem. Battleship. November. Fruit punch. (sobs) Purple--!
Douxie: Oh, what can I say about Merlin? He was... he was, uh... He was everything. He was all that we had.
Claire: We'll get through this, together. We need you, Doux, now more than ever. The world, our friends are in danger.
Archie: And the Order's about to kick off an arcane apocalypse.
Douxie: Merlin didn't tell me anything. And of course, he gave us a book that I can't even read. I mean, what is that supposed to be? Orcish? Elvish? Naga snake tribe?
Archie: (gasps) It looks like... Ancient Draconic.
Steve: Draconic? (gasps) Dracula! Oh, no, Dracula!
Claire: No... as in dragons.
Douxie: As in...
Archie: Charlemagne, the Devourer.
Douxie: Charlemagne, the Devourer. Keeper of the most sacred stones and treasures. A vicious dragon.
Archie: Which is why we shouldn't trouble him. Maybe someone else can translate.
Douxie: Come on, Arch! This is clearly about the Genesis Seals. And if the Order finds them first--.
Archie: Yes, yes, yes, we're all doomed. I suppose we'll have to pay Charlemagne a visit.
Claire: What about Jim? I need to find him.
Douxie: Go back to Hex Tech. Research any dark magic that can help him.
Claire: Okay. Let's go, Steve.
Steve: Aw--! But the dragon quest!
Claire: What're you going to do, get eaten again?
Douxie: Well, let's hope we get some answers... before the Order does.
At the bookstore...
Skrael: This reliquary reeks of Merlin.
Bellroc: Nari, show yourself!
Arthur: Hmm...
Skrael: I thought you set this place ablaze.
Morgana: Merlin's magic is powerful. Was...
Bellroc: Raze the foundations! Find the Seals! Leave his allies no place to hide!
Morgana: (sighs) Simpler times.
Skrael: You were naive.
Morgana: Yes. Yes. Thank you for that insight. Arthur... you spent your life fighting magic, but now you serve demigods who seek to destroy everything. You killed Merlin with no remorse. Where is my Arthur?
Arthur: He stands here-- reborn.
Morgana: Your mind is taken... like the Trollhunter's. You brought me back to free you of your chains.
Arthur: Watch your words, sister.
Beast Jim: What are you planning, witch?
Morgana: Nothing. Not anymore.
Skrael: This was the last of Merlin's places of power. Unless you know of any others, Morgana?
Morgana: No. He wisely hid much from me. Perhaps I'll search the shadows for them.
Skrael: You realize that's pointless.
Bellroc: Fire is calming, Skrael. It helps me think.
At Hex Tech...
Toby: I can't believe Merlin's gone.
Blinky: And Master Jim-- trapped in the body of a loathsome beast by Arthur's corruption.
Nari: I sense all living souls, small and great. And I felt Merlin's leave this plane.
Claire: Nari, if you can feel all souls, what about Jim's?
Nari: (gasps) I will try. My roots extend across the Earth. But I cannot find the soul of your friend.
Toby: So, all that's left of Jimbo is that beast?
Claire: I won't accept that. If we can't find his soul in this world, I'll find it in another. I'm going into the Shadow Realm.
Blinky: Claire, you mustn't! With Morgana back, that dimension is no longer safe.
Claire: I can't abandon him. Jim was turned by dark magic. So, I'll save him with my own.
Steve: Good luck!
Toby: Bring Jimbo back.
Blinky: Please... fair Claire.
With Douxie...
Douxie: You've told me tales of Charlemagne, the Devourer, for centuries.
Archie: The truth may be stranger than fiction.
Douxie: Oh... I've heard terrible tales-- whoever stole his treasure got baked alive into a blood pie.
Archie: And burned, and singed. Oh, here we are.
Douxie: I really don't want to be a blood pie. How do we get ther--.
Archie: Oh, no!
Douxie: Ugh! All this... ugh-- for a book.
Douxie: (upon seeing a skull) Agh! Oh, fuzz buckets. I do not want to be baked into a blood pie!
Douxie: (whines) Oh... fuzz buckets.
Charlemagne: Look what the cat dragged in. Get it? 'Cat drag-in'! It's a play on words! (laughs) I slay myself! Archie? My cuddly little shapeshifter. Come here.
Archie: Oh, Father!
Charlemagne: When did you get so big?
Archie: Very funny, yes. You don't see me talking about all those grey scales, do you?
Douxie: What? Charlemagne, the Devourer, is your father?!
Archie: Dad, this is my dear friend, Douxie.
Charlemagne: So, I finally get to meet your wizard familiar. Mm!
Douxie: Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Charlemagne, the Devourer.
Charlemagne: Please. My friends call me 'Charlie'. Let's retire to my dragon's den.
In the den...
Charlemagne: I'm sure Archibald told you all about my famous blood-berry pies.
Douxie: 'Blood-berry'? There's no time for tea! The Arcane Order is back. They-- (sighs).
Archie: Killed Merlin.
Charlemagne: Merlin's... dead? So, you're after the Seals, hmm?
Douxie: And we think this will tell us how to find them.
Charlemagne: Hmm. Of course. He never wrote anything in large print. Mm. Ancient Draconic. (murmurs, gasps) The first letter is an 'H'.
Douxie: Aw, come on! We don't have forever! The world's at stake here!
Charlemagne: I'll need my reading glasses. Be back in two shakes of a wyvern's tail. Where did I put those things?
Douxie: Oh, a 'real monster', eh?
Archie: You think you're the only one with father issues, hmm?
In the Shadow Realm...
Claire: Jim, where are you? Uh--!
Morgana: Handmaiden!
Claire: You here for a fight? Whatever the Order's planning, I won't let you win!
Morgana: I'm not here for the Order!
Claire: I don't believe it! You're always up to something.
Morgana: I don't have time to quarrel with you, child! I'm here to save my brother. I must know if my Arthur still exists.
Claire: You want to save your brother. I want to save Jim. Truce? We'll hold off killing each other until after we find Jim and Arthur's souls.
Morgana: Wise. I always said we're more alike than you know.
Claire: Perhaps.
In the dragon's den...
Charlemagne: Oh, where are the...?
Douxie: Archie, why did you make your dad sound like a terrifying beast?
Charlemagne: They're here somewhere!
Archie: Truthfully, I was embarrassed. Dad's a walking pun factory. The legends seemed better than the truth. Then again, compared to Merlin, who was...
Douxie: Not the type to make tea and biscuits.
Archie: Yes. And now that he's, well, gone, I'm more worried about you. You know you can talk to me, right?
Douxie: I can't help but think... what if Merlin was more like Charlie? If he hadn't saved me in that alley, (sighs) would I be a completely different wizard?
Archie: We don't get to choose everyone that comes into our lives.
Douxie: Or when they leave.
Charlemagne: Ta-da! Would you believe they were on my head the whole time?
Douxie: Please. Just tell me what it says.
Charlemagne: Mm. 'Hisirdoux, if anyone could figure this out, it'd be you...'
Merlin's Voice: Since you're reading this, clearly, I'm dead. I kept many secrets close at hand, but now I entrust you with this, my final one. The Genesis Seals can be reached...
Charlemagne: ' destroying my staff.'
Douxie: What? Wait, destroy his staff?
Charlemagne: There's no time to waste, my boy. You've got a world to save!
Douxie: A wizard's staff is everything to them. Look, are you sure that you translated it correctly? Uh!
Archie: Dad!
Douxie: Wait! Don't rush me!
Archie: Douxie, Dad, play nice!
Charlemagne: Careful, boy. You're playing with fire.
In the Shadow Realm...
Claire: Wait. I can feel him. There!
Morgana: The Bridge. It binds his human soul, his inner torment manifested from the physical realm--.
Claire: I know. You did this to me once.
Morgana: Ah, yes. We had fun.
Claire: Jim?
Jim: A Trollhunter answers every call...
Claire: Jim, I know there's still a piece of you in there.
Jim: I must protect my friends... from Bular, Gunmar, the Green Knight.
Claire: Jim, please.
Morgana: He's too far gone.
Claire: Remember our first date? Or that night after the dance? We've been through so much together. I am so sorry. For so long I felt guilty that I wasn't strong enough to save you in the woods. But I've fought across time and space to bring you back. It can't all have been for nothing. I'll always love you.
Jim: Claire? You found me. Agh!
Claire: Jim! Fight it, Jim!
Jim: Claire? Help me!
Claire: Don't give up! We're going to make it through this, together!
Jim: Agh!
Morgana: We cannot stay here.
Claire: Jim was in there. Which means I can save him!
Morgana: If there's hope for him, there's hope for my brother. And myself.
In the dragon's den...
Archie: Oh, dear.
Charlemagne: Never challenge a dragon.
Archie: Father, Hisirdoux, I miss him, too. But you know, Merlin's not the only family you had.
Charlemagne: He's right. Family isn't only who you have. It's also who you're with. Did you know, Archibald used to be the cutest little dragon you've ever seen?
Archie: (gasps) Father, please! Burn that!
Charlemagne: Archie always wanted to explore the world, even before he took his first form. And when he chose a cat, that broke my dragon heart. He became a familiar-- a lower profession. But if a cat is what he wants, a cat is fine with me. I realized I had to let him go, so he could spread his wings and soar. And accepting that set me free. And r-r-r-right now, your people look to you-- to stand up, to lead. I know you're still grieving. I know this is too much. But in order to save your family -- to save the world -- you must let him go.
Douxie: Do it. Destroy it.
Archie: Douxie!
With Douxie...
Merlin's Voice: It was real magic. And I could use a new apprentice. Carry on, and don't...
Douxie: But, Master--.
Merlin's Voice: ...'Bust, Master' me. Hisirdoux, change... Magic is master... Hisirdoux... (voices overlap) Hisirdoux, what have you done? A wizard does not make mistakes. He makes unexpected possibilities.
Douxie: You weren't perfect, old man... but at least you tried.
Merlin's Voice: The greatest thing I have ever accomplished was saving you.
Douxie: Goodbye, Master. Huh...?
Douxie: I'll find a way to protect this world, Master. My way.
In the dragon's den...
Archie: Mordrax's miracles, you found them!
Charlemagne: Well done! I knew you'd do it, little buddy!
Douxie: The Genesis Seals!
In the Shadow Realm...
Arthur: Guinevere!
Arthur: Guinevere!
Morgana: Brother--! You're trapped in your loss. Your Guinevere is gone!
Arthur: Guinevere!
Morgana: Please! Rest. Be at peace.
Arthur: Sister, how can I be at peace when the world is still broken?
Morgana: You hear me? Your mind is clear!
Arthur: Yes. Clearer than ever.
Morgana: Then I can free you. We can escape.
Arthur: No. The Arthur you knew committed too many sins to count. He awoke to a legacy of a violent, awful world. I see now the only path to redemption is the Order's-- to wipe the world clean and begin again.
Morgana: No, no. I fought for magic's freedom, not destruction. Why did you resurrect me?
Arthur: To destroy Merlin. To stand by my side and watch as the Order ushers in a new dawn.
Morgana: No! No!
Morgana: Brother, what has become of us?
Arthur: Hmm...
Claire: Morgana! Come on! We have to get outta here!
At Hex Tech...
Toby: Come on, Claire. Come on... (gasps) Claire! (screams) Evil lady!
Krel: Great Gaylen!
Blinky: Queen of darkness! Compatriots, to arms!
Claire: Stop! You've got it wrong! She's not the enemy!
Morgana: They followed me.
Steve: (screams)
Credits roll.