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You weren't perfect, old man... but at least you tried. Goodbye, Master. I'll find a way to protect this world... my way.
Douxie, finding the Genesis Seals and accepting Merlin's passing

Dragon's Den is the ninth episode of Wizards.

Official Synopsis[]

The race is on to find the Genesis Seals as Douxie and Archie look for clues in a notorious dragon's lair. Claire searches the shadows for Jim's soul.


Past Douxie is operating an old-fashioned shell game con. Galahad decides to play the game, but loses. He finds out Douxie is using magic to trick people. He flees, but ends up held at knife-point by Galahad and other knights. Galahad tells him magic has been outlawed under penalty of death. Suddenly, they all freeze and their swords drop. Douxie is surprised to see Merlin approaching and thanks him for saving his life. Merlin agrees to take him on as an apprentice.

Douxie and the others mourn Merlin and Camelot. It's all gone. Douxie says Merlin didn't tell him anything and left him a book he can't even read. Archie says it looks like Ancient Draconic, as in dragons. They need to see Charlemagne. Douxie sends Claire back to Hex Tech so research dark magic that might help them save Jim from Arthur's control. She takes Steve with her while Douxie leaves with Archie to see Charlemagne.

The Arcane Order searches for the Seals. Morgana appeals to Arthur. She believes he brought her back to free him from the Arcane Order. Morgana leaves to search the Shadows.

Nari says she felt Merlin's death as she feels all souls. Claire asks about Jim's soul. She says she'll try. She says she can't find Jim's soul, but Claire won't accept that. She's going to the Shadow Realm in search of Jim's soul.

Douxie arrives and comes face to face with Charlemagne. He founds out that Charlemagne is Archie's father. They go inside to talk. Charlemagne is sad to learn that Merlin is dead. He knows Douxie is after the Seals. He shows Charlemagne the book and Charlemagne gets his glasses so he can read it.

Claire searches the Shadow Realm for Jim. She's confronted by Morgana. Morgana conjures a knive, threatening her. Morgana says she's there to save her brother. She wants to know if her Arthur still exists. They make a truce until after they find Jim and Arthur's souls.

Charlemagne has found his glasses and begins to read it to Douxie. He learns that the Genesis Seals can be reached by destroying his staff. Douxie isn't happy to hear that.

Claire feels Jim in the Shadow Realm. He's walking across the Killahead Bridge. She goes to Jim, but he walks through her, unable to see her and trapped in his inner torment. Claire makes an emotional plea and kisses him. Jim finally sees her and is delighted that she found him, but then his corrupted troll side takes over and he begs Claire to help him. Claire tells him not to give up, but she now knows that Jim is still in there, fighting Arthur's control. Claire gets knocked off the Bridge, but Morgana catches her and they watch Jim float away. Claire says Jim was in there, which means she can still save him, which gives Morgana hope for her brother (and herself).

Archie mediates between Douxie and Charlemagne. Charlemagne talks about himself accepting Archie's path to becoming a familiar and having to let him go. In order for Douxie to save the world, he has to let Merlin go and accept the family he still has: the Guardians of Arcadia. Douxie holds up the staff and allows Charlemagne to destroy it. Douxie is transported to a room, Merlin's studies. He's overwhelmed by memories of Merlin. He promises to find a way to protect the world his own way. He comes back out of the room with a container that holds the Genesis Seals.

Morgana finds her brother's soul, still trying to save Guinevere in the Wild Wood. She tries to tell him to be at peace with his loss, but he says the Arthur she knew committed too many sins. The only path to redemption is to follow the Arcane Order's plan, starting fresh by destroying the world. Morgana questions why he resurrected her, because she fought for magic's freedom, not destruction. He says he did it to destroy Merlin and have her stand by his side and watch as the Order ushers in a new dawn. Morgana is devastated that her fallen brother is too far gone to reform. Arthur materializes and tries to kill his sister, but Claire swoops in and saves her.

The others nervously await Claire's return. They're shocked to see Morgana return with her, but Claire tells them that she's not their enemy anymore. When Morgana says they followed her, they race to the front window of the store, where they see the Arcane Order's fortress approaching.



  • It is revealed that Charlemagne is, in reality, Archie's dad.
  • It is also revealed that, like Merlin, Morgana also knows about what happened to her old self during the time travel by Douxie, Claire, Jim and Steve, since she used the word "handmaiden" when she met Claire in the Shadow Realm. It is also possible that Claire's bond with the past Morgana played a part in persuading Morgana to side with Claire in this episode.
  • By the end of this episode, Arthur finds out about Morgana's betrayal and reformation.
  • Continuity: While trying to wake up Jim's human soul, she reminds him of their first date and first dance together in "A Night to Remember".
  • This is the only episode in the entire trilogy to feature all three of Jim's forms at once: his human form (which is shown in the Shadow Realm), his half-troll form (produced by Charlemagne's smoke projection), and his beast troll form (shown physically and in the Shadow Realm).
  • When Steve misheard the word "Draconic" as "Dracula", this is clearly a reference to Count Dracula in the horror TV series Dracula, which stems from the original 1897 Gothic horror novel of the same name by Bram Stoker.
  • In the flashback at the start of the episode, you actually see Merlin, with his staff, in the foreground walking pass the crowd of people gathered around Douxie as he tried to hustle them with his 'Find the Ball' trick.


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