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The history of Douxie Casperan, the main protagonist of Wizards.


Hisirdoux has existed since the 12th century, during the Age of Magic, but much about his past is unknown nor how he possesses a magical heritage. Orphaned with no one but his loyal shapeshifting dragon familiar, Archie, to accompany him, Douxie lived in Camelot during his teen years while magic was outlawed in the kingdom, courtesy of King Arthur. However, Douxie used magic on his traveling games to earn easy change.

One day, he is outed as a spell caster when a knight named Galahad discovers that the ball was actually a familiar. Douxie tries to escape, but is caught red handed and sentenced to immediate execution for possessing magic. Luckily, a court wizard named Merlin finds the boy and made him his new apprentice after realizing his potential of performing magic by seeing him use a spell during one of his traveling shows. Douxie since then has made it his goal to become a master wizard and prove to his master that he can be worthy to wield his own staff and possess mastery over magic.

At one point, Douxie helped Merlin craft the Amulet of Daylight and begin a long line of Trollhunters.

Not much is known about Douxie as he lived through the modern years, only that he's mentioned to be attending Arcadia Oaks Academy, the rival school of Arcadia Oaks High. It's assumed that after he traveled to the past, he left some tasks to his past self, most likely it was Douxie who built Merlin's tomb. He has a job as a part-time waiter in Benoit's French Bistro and works as at GDT Arcane Books. He's also a member of a band known as the Ash Dispersal Pattern, who had previously covered for Papa Skull.

Trollhunters (Part Three)[]

Charming Claire[]

Douxie arrives at Arcadia Oaks High as a student to tell people of the upcoming Battle of the Bands contest. When Claire accidentally drops her books, he picks them up and starts flirting with her, Mary, and Darci (much to Jim's jealousy) and advises them to enter the contest (even though he says that his band, Ash Dispersal Pattern, will win anyway).

Sometime later, when Jim, Claire, Toby, and Darci go to the Benoit's French Bistro for a double date, Douxie waits on their table and they order steaks (while he does some more charming with the girls, making Jim and Toby more jealous in the process).

He is also rather confused when Claire asks for a steak raw, dripping with blood (albeit she is being controlled by Morgana). When he returns with their orders, he tries to express his desire to hear Claire's band, but Morgana forces him to leave them be. He looked briefly confused, but then apologizes and leaves (which pleases Jim).

Battle of the Bands[]

Before the Eternal Night War begins, Douxie is seen practicing on his guitar while Aja helps Krel set up his DJ stand. When Claire walks on stage with her armor to warn Arcadia that a war was coming, Douxie whistles to Claire and gives her a thumbs up.

When the war begins, a Gumm-Gumm soldier was about to attack Mary and Darci, until Douxie saves them by attacking it with his guitar while saying, "I always hated those twits." He then asks the awestruck girls if they're okay.

3Below (Part One)[]

Douxie makes a brief cameo appearance during "Lightning in a Bottle". He was seen walking past Seamus and his disappointed, racist father as they walk into their car, but he just shrugs them off and walks away.

3Below (Part Two)[]

Post-Eternal Night[]

Two weeks following the Eternal Night War, Douxie is seen serving food for Barbara, Strickler, and AAARRRGGHH!!! at the bistro.

Later on in "There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)", he serves Aja and Steve a Sweetheart Milkshake with two straws.

Meeting Aja[]

In "Luug's Day Out", while Douxie was watering his book shop's plants outside, he suddenly finds Aja running around his area, calling out for her missing dog. He wishes he could help her look, but he is unable to leave the shop he was currently working in. When Aja wonders why he has so many jobs, he says that it's because the residents in Arcadia barely pay a tip, so he has to work in more than one job in order to make his ends meet.

He then offers to see Aja's future by reading her palm and notices that she has a large travel line, and he wonders if she's taken any "big trips" lately. When she suddenly rushes off after hearing her dog barking nearby, Douxie remarked to himself that he should've seen that coming before he reenters the shop.


Nine Centuries Later...[]

In the twelfth century, Hisirdoux is seen sweeping up Merlin's office. He is overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning he has to do, and enchants his broom to sweep for him as he strums his lute. Merlin reprimands him as magic isn't an excuse for hard work, discouraging Douxie as he expresses that he wants a staff. Merlin reassures Douxie that once he has mastery over life, he will be capable of mastery over magic, and that his days of sweeping will be over.

Flash forward nine centuries, Douxie is cleaning up at Mr. Benoit's French Bistro. He considers using magic, but stops himself, quoting Merlin. He locks up for the night and follow Archie down an alleyway, excited for "the real work." He captures a Shadow Mephit in a bubble, exclaiming that it was his cleanest capture yet. He figures that an umber imp was the culprit, but Archie corrects him. Douxie congratulates himself and Archie, as the mephit worms its way out of the bubble. Archie and Douxie chase after the mephit through Arcadia, eventually catching it after some kerfuffle. Douxie sends the mephit into limbo, and gets a message from Merlin. Douxie Was interrupting Merlin’s conversation because a lot of catching up. Merlin needs gets the Guardians of Arcadia. He sends Archie to confront Toby, Steve, and AAARRRGGHH!!! while he supposedly searches for the changelings and aliens. Archie, Toby, Steve, and AAARRRGGHH!!! meet him at GDT Arcane Books. Steve inquires about him working at the cafe or being a model or something, to which Douxie responds, "There's a lot about me, you don't know", and casts an spell on the door of the bookstore, claiming all the answers lie within.

Inside, objects are flying around, which impresses Toby. They hear Merlin’s voice. Merlin had hoped for more help, but Douxie says he couldn’t find the changelings or the aliens. Most of them left the planet.

Douxie doesn’t think Toby and Steve are ready. Douxie insists that he is ready. Merlin orders silence when he hears a rumbling. Something wicked is coming. A group of Shadow Mephits appear. Douxie first denies and then admits to leading them there.

Merlin sends his things out with Toby and sends the rest of them to safety. Douxie refuses to leave and fights off the Mephits with Merlin. He makes an error and Merlin corrects him. Douxie starts a fire. Merlin’s not happy about it. Merlin conjured a large ship and they all climb aboard and escape. Down on the ground, Douxie sees an armored figure and all the mephits jump into it. He disappears as the ship flies away.

Toby and Steve are delighted to be flying. They spot a castle up ahead which Merlin identifies as Camelot. It’s floating to the Heart of Avalon.They enter the castle and step out of the ship. Douxie hasn’t been there in 900 years and says it hasn’t changed a bit. Steve thinks he’s joking. Douxie spot arrival of Claire and Blinky.

Lost in Time[]

Fixing excalibur[]

The Battle of Killahead[]

Returning to the Present[]

Merlin's Demise[]

Battling the Arcane Order[]

Leaving Arcadia[]

Rise of the Titans[]

After the events of Wizards.


New Timeline[]

After Jim using the Time Stone from Krohnisfere. To reset the time, so time can "Unfold Differently"!

Douxie is sweeping the floor worked at inside Mr. Benoit. He stroke his friend Archie.