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My whole life, people, Arthur, Merlin, you, have been saying that; and I believed it, so I never tried, but my friends helped me realize I am strong enough! I am Hisirdoux Casperan, successor to Merlin and protector of this realm!
―Douxie to Skrael and Bellroc while using his guitar to trap them[src]

Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the main protagonist of Wizards, a minor character in Part Three of Trollhunters (major in Rise of the Titans), and a minor character in Part Two of 3Below.

He was a wizard-in-training (now master) who worked under the apprenticeship of Merlin (until the latter's death at the hands of King Arthur), co-leader of the Guardians of Arcadia (alongside Jim), a cover student of Arcadia Oaks Academy, a former employee of GDT Arcane Books and Mr. Benoit's French Bistro, and best friends with Claire Nuñez, Steve Palchuk, and Jim Lake Jr.


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Physical Description[]

Douxie is tall, and has sleek, straight black hair with indigo streaks (which, in the past, he wore in a top knot bun, and he regretted it immensely in the future, as revealed in History in the Making). If looked closely, he has a small scar on his left hand, over his thumb area. [2]He wears an enchanted bracelet on his left wrist which he uses to cast his spells (in the past, his bracelet was short, but over the 900 years since, it takes up the majority of his forearm). When angered or provoked, his eyes glow bright blue.

In his present attire, he wears a black sweatshirt, gray jeans, and black high-tops. He also wears a skull-shaped necklace around his neck and wristbands (two on his right side and a watchband, disguising his charm bracelet, on his left).

In his medieval Camelot attire, Douxie wears a long-sleeved blue tunic rolled up to the elbows with a hooded dark brown leather vest over it. He wears two belts over his vest and brown pants with knee high boots, and wears two bracelets on his right wrist.

The color of Douxie's magic is sky blue.


Hailing from Arcadia High School's rival, Douxie mysteriously appears on the scene to promote a "Battle of the Bands" contest, but soon becomes a jealous thorn in Jim's side. But as things progress, all is not as it appears when Douxie lets on that he has previously encountered the evil Nyarlagroth.
The Art of Trollhunters

In the past, Douxie was a clumsy, impatient, and reckless teen who wanted to become a competent wizard and cease pushing brooms around. He was usually quick to jump at every opportunity to find more adventure to make his mark and make himself grow to master his wizardry abilities.

Nine centuries later, Douxie has become a charming, honorable, well-meaning, and hard-working apprentice who still wishes to prove himself worthy enough of becoming a master wizard, dreaming of one day wielding his own staff to protect the good of the universe. Although, he still retains his reckless behavior whenever he's in the face of danger. He enjoys practicing his powers and using them to protect the world from evil creatures, even if he has to do it in shadows alone. Despite his power, Douxie takes Merlin's lesson to heart that magic "is not a permissible shortcut to hard-work", so he tries not to let his power go into his head and genuinely works, only using his magic if needed.

Despite his overdetermination, he genuinely wants to set things right and help his friends out of trouble, because (according to Merlin) he believes that all life is precious to the world, including those closest to him, like Claire, Steve, and Jim. As such, despite not knowing a way to cure Jim, he was still determined to find the solution to save his friend. Much like the other Guardians of Arcadia, Douxie is more than willing to do anything in his power to protect his friends when history is at risk of being interfered and meddled.

When Merlin was killed by Arthur (now the Green Knight), it hit Douxie really hard, yet made him motivated enough to find another way to fix things himself. He wanted to keep Merlin's staff as a keepsake, yet in order to save his new family (his friends and fellow Guardians), he must learn to let his master go and save everyone on his own terms, so he finally accepts his loss.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Magically Enhanced Physiology: As a wizard, Douxie's magic increases his strength and agility, more so than an average teenager his age physically.
    • Enhanced Strength: He is shown to be strong enough to knock down a Gumm-Gumm troll with an air kick, as well as knocking it unconscious with a good whack on the head with his guitar. He was even strong enough to send Morgana flying several feet away and knock Beast Jim out cold with just one hit of his staff/guitar.
    • Enhanced Durability: Douxie is clearly more durable than a normal teenager. However, he briefly died when he took a long fall from the Arcane Order's Fortress, yet brought himself back to life soon after.
    • Agility: He is able to leap high enough into the air to air-kick a Gumm-Gumm.
  • Magic: Douxie is a skilled practitioner in the ancient art of magic, after spending almost a millennium studying it. His exact strength, knowledge, and extent of his magic is clearly less than that of Merlin and Morgana, but strong enough to be considered competent and experienced enough. When angered and/or provoked, like when King Arthur throws Merlin to his death, he was able to unlock his magic state.
    • Spell Casting: As a wizard, Douxie is more than capable of casting spells.
    • Magical Energy Manipulation: As a highly experienced wizard, Douxie able to project, shape, and manipulate magical energy to use magic for a variety of effects and purposes.
      • Magic Attacks: Douxie is able to use his magic for offensive attacks.
        • Magic Blasts: Douxie can fire powerful beams of blue magic. At his most powerful, he was able to overcome both Skrael and Bellroc, yet it took a lot of strength to do so.
          • Incantation: Tenebris exilium
        • Magic Bursts: Like Morgana, Douxie is able to create a massive burst of magic, capable of knocking surrounding enemies away from him, as shown in "Wizard Underground" when Arthur impales Merlin and throws him to his death.
          • Incantation: Elemen-zath
      • Magic Aura: In "Wizard Underground", Douxie was able to make his eyes and body glow blue after becoming enraged that Arthur killed his master in cold blood.
      • Magic Shielding: Douxie can create blue shields to protect himself, but he clearly shows fatigue whenever his strength is overcome by a powerful force, like Morgana and the Arcane Order.
      • Magic Detection: In "Killahead, Part Two", Douxie was able to sense Morgana's dark magic, noting that she was close by.
    • Infinite Hallways: Douxie can cast infinite hallway portals that can trap his foes in a certain area with no way out. He once used this to purposely keep King Arthur and his knights from ambushing Jim and Claire, and later to keep the Arcane Order from escaping their own fortress.
    • Conjuration: Douxie is able to summon objects out of thin air. In Rise of the Titans, he conjured a large railroad track to help slow down the speeding subway train.
    • Smoke Generation: As shown in the past, Douxie can create a mist of blue fog to hide his escape attempts (though more often than not, it doesn't work out).
      • Incantation: Gassus flotulus
    • Sleep Inducement: Douxie is able to put others into an instant deep sleep, as he did a couple of times with his past self in "History in the Making" and "Witch Hunt". However, overuse of this spell could cause permanent memory loss as Archie points out.
      • Incantation: Interminus nocti sluumberso
    • Banishing: Douxie is able to banish and imprison his foes. He once uses this on a Shadow Mephit to send it into Limbo. Later, when Merlin grows too weak to imprison the vengeful Morgana, Douxie uses this spell to imprison her himself and save history.
      • Incantation: Sigilia infractum causera
    • Surface Adhesion: Douxie can enchant himself and others to scale vertical surfaces without any assists. He uses this to help his friends climb the Titans.
      • Incantation: Lignum Aeternum
    • Telekinesis: Douxie is able to move things with his thoughts as he was seen stuffing his past self into a wardrobe and other objects by just waving his hands.
      • Incantation: Magna torna truess
    • Binding: Like Morgana, Douxie can summon blue ropes that can bind his enemies, but they're not nearly as strong as hers.
    • Pyrokinesis: As shown in "Spellbound", Douxie can manipulate and control fire. Later, in "Killahead, Part Two", he was able to combine his magic with Archie's dragon fire to trap Morgana in a blazing wall of blue fire.
      • Fire Blast: Douxie is able to conjure fire blast capable of great damage. He once used this spell on the Green Knight, but was unsuccessful, due to the latter's immunity to magic.
    • Memory Projection: In "Witch Hunt", Douxie was able to use his magic on the tree name carvings of Arthur, Gwen, and Morgana to bring their childhood memories to life.
    • Glamour: Douxie can actually disguise his charm bracelet into a watch with an illusion by simply waving his hand.
    • Astral Projection: Like Merlin and Morgana, Douxie is able to project himself into another location, as shown in "Our Final Act" when he shows the Arcane Order the Genesis Seals.
    • Flight: Douxie is able to levitate himself and fly at great speeds. While doing so, he leaves behind a trail of blue light.
    • Semi-Immortality: As he existed since the Age of Camelot, Douxie has lived for nine hundred years without aging a day. However, he is still just as vulnerable to death as other humans.


  • Indomitable Will: Like Jim, Douxie is determined to save his friends and the world no matter the cost.
  • Staffsmanship: Douxie can wield a staff proficiently, as he's always dreamed of one day wielding a staff of his own. However, as noted by Morgana, his skills do not match with hers since he just earned one. Although, when its shifted into a guitar, he can apparently wield it to almost match Morgana's skills. However, he was no match against the Green Knight. After about a year of practice, Douxie is able to wield his staff properly.
  • Martial Artist: After nine hundred years of experience, Douxie is a fairly trained warrior and knowledgeable in single combat, much like Jim and Aja. He was able to hold himself off against Morgana, but is clearly not as fast as her, and fight back against Bellroc and Skrael. However, he was completely outmatched by King Arthur (who was resurrected as a being of anti-magic).
  • Multilingual: After spending 900 years studying, Douxie is apparently capable of speaking the tongues of most magical creatures, such as Latin, Trollish, Orcish, and even Elvish. However, he cannot read Ancient Draconic.
  • Monsterology: Although implied to be rusty, Douxie is knowledgeable enough to understand monsters and magical creatures, yet mistaken a Shadow Mephit for another creature.
  • Charm: Since he lived in the medieval times, Douxie is able to pick up girls with his continuous flirting, especially Claire who already has boyfriend (Jim) and even Toby was scared of losing his own girlfriend, Darci.
  • Guitarist: Douxie is skilled with a lute and a guitar, as his own band won the Battle of the Bands many times in the past.
  • Moonlighter: It should be mentioned that Douxie is able to work in more than one job so he could make his ends meet. He works in a book store as an employee during the day and at a restaurant as a waiter in the evening.
  • Competent Tutor: Despite not being much of a good student, Douxie is capable of showing the basics of magics to Claire, even teaching her more about shadow magic (something he has no capability of performing).
  • Palmist: As revealed in 3Below, Douxie has some knowledge of palmistry as he can predict someone's future by reading their palms. He could tell that Aja has had "many travels" in the past and somewhat predicted that she would be taking "big trips".


  • Magic Depletion: Like Merlin and Morgana, Douxie could deplete his magic if he uses it too much at once.
  • Lack of Shadow Magic: Due to Merlin's distaste for the dark arts, Douxie is not able to perform any form of shadow magic as he was always taught by his master that it would only lead him to pain. He even admits in "Lady of the Lake" that he doesn't even have the capability of possessing shadowmancy, but is able to recognize Claire's natural talent for it and teach her the basics.
  • Trifurcate Radiation: When blasted by Krel's trifurcate blaster, Douxie's magic is rendered completely nullified, leaving him powerless.
  • Recklessness: According to Merlin, Douxie tends to be quite reckless whenever he tries to prove himself worthy, and he barely listens to very specific rules and is usually quick to involve himself in a situation when it means to protect his friends. His recklessness very nearly ruins history when he gets trapped in time, and him rushing in to save Jim cost Merlin his own life. However, Douxie admits in the afterlife that he's proud of making up his own plans his own way, just as long as he thinks them through.


  • Charm Bracelet: Douxie wears a sort of bracelet on his left wrist which he uses to presumably channel his magic potential. Apparently, he cannot perform his spells without it, but it's unknown if this is true, or if he needs it to hone his magic. As confirmed by Aaron Waltke on a reply, he can actually disguise his charm bracelet into a watch (as seen in his minor appearances in Part Three of Trollhunters and Part Two of 3Below) with an illusion by simply waving his hand (although he does this off-screen, due to screen timing).
  • Staff: In "Killahead, Part One", Merlin creates Douxie a staff of his own, a symbol of his promotion into a master wizard he always dreamed of earning. Ever since, he uses his new staff for both combat and as a cohort for his magic.
    • Spell Caster Guitar: Douxie's staff is sometimes morphed into an electric guitar, which can create a shield, fire a beam of magic with a strum, and throw it like a boomerang.
  • Time Map: After he, Claire, Steve, and Jim get lost in the past, Douxie acquires a time map to make sure the timeline remains constant to protect the timeline from their meddling.
  • Eternal Time Trap: In order to distract Bellroc and Skrael so he can infiltrate their fortress and save their friends, Krel combines his Akiridion tech with Douxie's piece of the Heart to create a temporal trap. Douxie uses the Genesis Seals as bait to lure the Arcane Order and trap them in a time loop. Bellroc and Skrael manages to free themselves and return to the present with the Seals, only to realize that the boy was after Nari.
  • Knife: Douxie carries a small knife, which he can imbue his magic with so that it can slice/burn through steel and metal.
  • Guitar: Douxie has his own guitar. He once used it as a weapon to knock out a Gumm-Gumm when it attacks Mary and Darci.


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Episode Appearances[]


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"Night Patroll"
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"The Fall of House Tarron"
"The Big Sleep"
"Race to Trollmarket"
"A Glorious End, Part One"
"A Glorious End, Part Two"


"History in the Making"
"Witch Hunt"
"Lady of the Lake"
"Battle Royale"
"Killahead, Part One"
"Killahead, Part Two"
"Wizard Underground"
"Dragon's Den"
"Our Final Act"


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  • Douxie's statement about the Gumm-Gumms in "The Eternal Knight: Part 1" foreshadows that he is a wizard and Merlin's apprentice. Aaron Waltke on Twitter explained that he didn't participate in battling Gunmar nor Morgana with Jim and the others is because Merlin instructed him to lay low until his master called upon him, which doesn't happen until "Spellbound".
    • According to The Art of Trollhunters, Douxie has also (apparently) encountered a Nyarlagroth.
    • In the episode "The Oath", an unseen person is seen assisting Merlin in build the Amulet of Daylight and is wearing the same two bracelets as Douxie.
    • Also, according to Aaron Waltke on Twitter, Douxie doesn't actually attend Arcadia Oaks Academy as he merely used it as a cover to hide his true wizard nature (though he probably did attend a few classes here and there to act as a normal teen).
  • The shop Douxie works at part time, GDT Arcane Books, are the initials of the franchise's creator, Guillermo Del Toro (GDT).
  • It is unknown who Douxie's birth family was before Merlin took him in. He implies in "Witch Hunt" that the only real family he ever had before meeting Merlin was the company of his familiar, Archie.
    • It's also unknown if Douxie's powers were inherited and his magical heritage manifested at a certain age (like Morgana) or if he just acquired them through studying the art before he has taken in by Merlin.
  • Douxie is one of the only main heroes of the franchise who currently doesn't have a love interest, the others being Eli and Krel.
    • However, Aaron Waltke once implied that Zoe is Douxie's love interest and their relationship would've come into light if Wizards had twenty episodes instead of ten.
    • It's presumed that their relationship will be explored in Rise of the Titans.
      • Ultimately, due to screen time, their relationship was not explored
  • As shown in "Battle Royale", Douxie is fond of pies from the medieval times.
  • Douxie's full name, Hisirdoux, appears to be a play on the French word "hasardeux", which means "risky or hazardous" (which fits Douxie's reckless tendencies).
  • Douxie is left handed.[3][4]
  • Douxie seems to suffer from permanent memory loss from repeated use of sleep spells on the past version himself.
    • This would be one of the possibilities as to why Douxie barely remembers the Battle of Killahead Bridge itself since he technically doesn't participated in it until 900 years later when he travels back in time to that exact moment in history. He ran into his own future self before, but presumably due to being placed under countless sleeping spells, the memory loss came to effect eventually after Camelot disappears into the sky.
  • If Douxie's physically 19 yet claims to have lived for nine hundred years total, then the year of his birth would approximately be in the summer of 1098 AD.
    • Also, this would mean that the year the Battle of Killahead Bridge took place is 1117 AD, which would be when Douxie was 19 and acquired immortality.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on Discord, Douxie tried to rent himself a studio, but realized how expensive that would be, so he just decided to set up a cot in an unused room of the GDT Arcane Bookstore.
  • According to Aaron Waltke on Discord, Douxie learned how drive a car once. It was back in 1907, so he's used to puttering along cobblestone streets in open air, refilling the radiator with water every ten feet, and using loud bulbous car horns.
  • According to Aaron Waltke, Douxie was Albert Einstein; he used an old Glamour Mask and accidentally did some magic in front of a few physicists, so he had to make up a bunch of numbers and dense equations to explain it.[5]
  • The cloak pin on Douxie's camelot outfit is a typical traditional ornament from Viking/Medieval/Celtic cultures, also known as 'Penannular Brooch'.
  • Teny Issakhanian, a storyboard artist from Wizards, once implied that Douxie was at least part Romani.


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