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Douxie's Staff is a magical weapon wielded by Douxie Casperan.


The staff was created by Merlin, using the blue stone, (from the Round Table) to power the Daylight Stone for the Amulet of Daylight. After which, Merlin presented the staff to his apprentice as a reward and a sign of his level of mastery.

Douxie then used the staff to subdue Morgana and battle against the wizards of the Arcane Order and the Green Knight (to no avail for the latter).


Douxie's staff appears to be a black metal staff with a large electric blue gemstone embedded at the top. It has a rather angular and futuristic design and has a large handle-like protrusion, used for holding it.

It can also transform into a red electric guitar with a sky blue aura covering it.


The staff can cast powerful spells (both offensive and defensive) and can also create barriers. It even has the ability to shapeshift into different magic-imbued objects at Douxie's command. In guitar form, it can emit pulses of magic when a chord is played. These pulses can also be used as restraining ropes.


Appearances in the Trilogy


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  • The staff's blue gemstone looks similar to the Daylight Stone that was in the Amulet of Daylight.