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The Charm Bracelet is a mystical tool wielded by Douxie, used for casting magical spells.



The Charm Bracelet was created some time before Douxie became Merlin's apprentice. Spells he learnt were 'stored' in the gauntlet, to be used as and when needed. The bracelet grew larger as the years passed by, signifying Douxie's growing mastery over magic.


Douxie used the bracelet to create a magical prison to imprison a Shadow Mephit. Later, during the Arcane Order's invasion, Douxie used the gauntlet to cast defensive spells. He used it extensively in Camelot, until he got his own staff. He then stored the staff inside the bracelet, but doesn't use the gauntlet as much as before.


It is a large glowing blue bracelet covering most of the forearm. It is embedded with several engravings. When performing spells, the relevant engraving comes into prominence and the spell is performed. The size also seems to change through the years, growing larger as Douxie learns more spells.


The bracelet serves as a container for Douxie's magic and performs spells when activated. It can create an infinite hallway, a floating prison and blasts powerful enough to shatter walls.

Douxie is also able to store his staff within the gauntlet, implying that it has storage properties also.


It takes Douxie some time to find the correct spell. In combat this slows him down and he is left potentially vulnerable during the time it takes for him to find the spell.


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  • According to the official production art from the series, Douxie's gauntlet is referred to as a literal "charm bracelet."