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The fates of Earth and Akiridion-5 both come down to this. The Eli Pepperjack, you're our only hope.
―Aja to Eli

Dogfight Days of Summer is the sixteenth episode of 3Below and the third episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

With General Morando's invasion of Earth imminent, Krel tries to stop the fleet's advance with unwitting help from the kids of Arcadia.


Mary, Darci, Toby, and Steve sit by the pool in the sun. They're all bored and actually miss school. Steve throws Mary into the pool.

The royals watch as the fleet is prepared to invade Earth. Izita gets a message from Loth Saborian saying they're out of time. Morando comes up to him and tells him to initiate the launch sequence. The Resistance prepares to try to stop him by destroying his ship. Morando orders them to fire on the ships, destroying them all except one. The final ship evades fire and aims for the ship, but gets destroyed. There's nothing else to be done by the Resistance. They're under attack. The transmission ends. Varvatos wants to contact the human authorities. Zadra agrees, but Krel and Aja disagree. Varvatos says they need an army and the humans are all they have.

Eli and Toby play a video game. Aja and Krel come in and explain to them what's about to happen. They must start training. They're excited to get started.

Varvatos tries to convince Detective Scott of the danger, but Scott thinks he's just got another theory like everyone else in town.

Aja tries to train Toby and Eli.

Scott is called away for a shopping cart theft and leaves Varvatos.

Krel is hacking into Eli and Toby's video game. He finishes and the contacts Izita for her help accessing the drones they need. They can use the game to pilot the drones remotely from Earth. They need more people to play the game. They need it to go viral.

Aja and Krel tell Mary the game is a cure for summer boredom and encourage her to make it go viral. She agrees to help and tells her follows to download the game.

Varvatos goes to his human friends and tries to get them involved. Nancy gets invited to play the game. The other two do as well. Everyone in town starts playing the game.

With everyone playing, the drones start flying and attacking Morando's ship. Morando orders them attacked. Several drones get destroyed. Around town, things improve as people learn the game and play better.

Varvatos tries to take the taco truck, but reverts to his form and a tire pops.

Morando is annoyed that they're being attacked by parking robots and orders them destroyed.

The drones suddenly power down when Go-Go Sushi 2 drops and people start playing that instead. There are only two drones left intact. Then one. Eli has the last drone. He's their only hope. He starts to play the game and attacks them.

Varvatos sneaks through the yard behind Mary and Darci, who are distracted by the game. Once inside, he demands to know what's happening. Eli can't find a way in. Krel tells him to head for the navigation wing. It'll take a lot of precision, but it's their last shot. Krel gives Eli directions. Finally, Eli's drone is destroyed. They think they lost, but Izika tells him he caused critical damage that will force them to retreat before he was destroyed.

Morando is angry to be defeated by parking drones. He orders them to retreat and start repairs immediately. He wants the bounty tripled as well.

Varvatos apologizes for failing them. He realizes they and the humans protected Earth today, not him. Izita and the Resistance talk to Aja and Krel and thank them and Eli.

The teens are back to thinking the summer is boring. Aja likes having a boring summer. Suddenly, it starts storming, forcing them inside. Another bounty hunter has arrived on Earth.



  • Morando is temporarily grounded on Akiridion-5 by Eli Pepperjack.
  • Eli gains respect from the Resistance.
  • It is revealed that Eli is allergic to avocados.
  • It is revealed that after Krel's repairs to Mother in "Moving Day", she developed an attitude of roasting people, like she did to Aja when she lost the second-to-last drone, and then later to Morando when his ship is destroyed, and eventually to Krel in "There's Something About Gwen (of Gorbon)".
  • Krel invents new and improved serrators which contains portable transduction, allowing him, Aja, and Varvatos to change between their human and Akiridion forms at will.
  • Detective Scott unintentionally foreshadows Wizards when explaining to Varvatos that "... ever since trolls literally surfaced in this town, everyone's got a theory on what's next. Vampires, wizards. My own daughter thinks the Billycraggle is real."
  • Once again, the character Gladysgro, a Changeling spy in Trollhunters, is seen as a customer at a restaurant playing Krel's dogfight game, presumably at the same restaurant as she appeared in "Truth Be Told" as the waitress for Aja and Steve's date.
  • A blue Vespa 300 GTS Super can be seen in the magazine Detective Scott is reading while talking to Varvatos.
  • The featured quote includes a likely allusion to the famed line "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
    • This is lampshaded by Eli himself when he responds "I know I'm the last hope. I've seen the movies, okay?"


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