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According to your description, the Troll appears to be carrying a Dekyon Charger: it's a device that recycles energy, but not time.
Krel Tarron[src]

A Dekyon Charger was an item prominently featured in the 3Below episode, "D'aja Vu," in which the episode revolved around.


Its creator's identity is unknown, but it was presumably created by Morando as he was the one who built the Mothership.

Physical Description[]

The Dekyon Charger is a long cylindrical device with blue glowing features. It resembles a cigar.


The Dekyon Charger is a device used to recycle energy, but not time.

When it was in the hands of a trickster Troll named Porgon, he was able to combine his Troll magic with the Akiridion tech to create a disturbance in the time-space continuum, allowing him to reset time.


Appearances in the Trilogy


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