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Gunmar's sword had gone through several designs, as we tried to crack the shape. I started a design from scratch and decided to incorporate elements of crystal and stone in to his sword. Let's just say you would not want to get hit by it!
―Yingjue Linda Chen, Texture Artist[src]

The Decimaar Blade was a bewitched sword wielded by Gunmar in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.


The Decimaar Blade was formerly used by Orlagk the Oppressor, the former warlord of the Gumm-Gumms. However, he was killed by his general Gunmar and the Decimaar Blade then passed into his possession.

After forming an alliance with Gunmar, Morgana enchanted the Decimaar Blade to allow Gunmar to create his army.

After Gunmar was killed by Jim, the blade was destroyed and turned to stone, along with its wielder.


The Decimaar Blade is a large sword made out of blue-grey metal and black crystals.

The blade itself is cracked and damaged and is covered in an electric blue sheen. The edge has a long hook-like protrusion emerging from it. The hilt and guard are made up of several black crystals set against an electric-blue background. The hilt is slightly curved and thin in proportion to the whole blade. There are also several protruding crystals on the top of the guard and half the opposite edge is covered with the same black crystals.


  • Summoning: The blade can be invoked in the hands of Gunmar, in a similar way as the Sword of Daylight.
  • Mind Control: The Decimaar Blade is a large sword imbued with dark magic. It gives the user the ability to control the minds of everyone who is touched by the blade of the sword, turning them into puppets that follow the orders of Gunmar or, if he so chooses, can transform them into a Gumm-Gumm.


If one was to possess the Eye of Gunmar, it produces a helmet that protects the user from the effects of the Decimaar Blade.

The blade's effects are also worthless to those who possess a strong sense of will, Jim being the prime example.


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