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A Daxial Array is a piece of technology that Akiridions use in their spaceships to generate power for the spaceship. It consists of three main components; a Plutonium Fuel Cell, an Osmic Circuit, and a Subspace Manifold.



The inventor of the Daxial Array is unknown and it was presumably created several thousand Earth years ago.

The Daxial Array of the Mothership was presumably created by General Morando, as he was the one who created the Mothership.

3Below (Part One)[]

After landing on Earth, Aja and Krel were informed by the Mothership that she was running out of power. Krel then came to the concluded that they must have lost the Daxial Array during their escape. The three then adopt human forms, courtesy of the Mothership, and start to search for a Daxial Array in Arcadia. However, many people misunderstand them and think that it is some kind of band, which leads to Krel getting frustrated. They were later able to get one from Stuart 's old ship located in Area 49-B.




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