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Arcadia Oaks-pedia


"Hey, hey, hey Mr. Underpaid Bureaucrat. Nice to meet you."


"Parelez-vous François, fella"

"Easy, fella. What are you trying to do, break my hand?"

"That is one heck of a grip. Strong & manly. I like it."

"hey there, buddy boy.. ."

"No hanky panky down lovers lane do you hear me"

"If you're checking in to see how I am doing, I am satisfactory & I'm studying the three rules to becoming A-plus human (In Aja's voice)"

"OK, mug. We're only gonna do this once. Are you ready to talk"

"Quit your jitterbugging you gashouse palooka"

"We can either do this the hard way--"

"The thing about pancakes is that they sometimes fall flat."

"Later, we'll toss around the old pigskin."