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Creepslayerz is the thirty-fifth episode of Trollhunters and the ninth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis[]

In a revealing flashback episode, Otto and Dictatious vie for Gunmar's ear while an increasingly paranoid Steve finds an unlikely ally.


Steve's mother tells him to take out the trash. He does so reluctantly. Coach Lawrence follows him outside, telling him his mother doesn't deserve that kind of attitude. Lawrence tells Steve that just because his father isn't in the house anymore doesn't mean his hostility needs to. Lawrence says things will be different. He's there if Steve wants to hug it out. Steve isn't interested. Lawrence goes back inside and Steve hears a creature in his garage. He investigates and finds a goblin. When he sees it, he screams and tries to escape. Finally, he's able to trap it in a laundry basket. "What... are you?" he wonders.

Steve runs through school, ignoring his friends. He bursts into the health class from the previous episode, where Darci is telling Toby how much she needs to pass the class. Steve slip into his seat and gets paired with Eli for the project.

After class, Steve goes to Eli and asks him about having seen monsters. Lawrence finds them and tells Steve he can't waltz into class late like he did just because they share a roof. He then embarrasses Steve by asking if Steve wants him to pick up more of his extra-strength pimple pads. He does. Steve threatens Eli to keep quiet about the coach and his mother. He says he's coming to Eli's house.

Dictatious is walking along when Otto trips him. They are fighting for the role of Gunmar's council. Each of them thinks they'll win. Dictatious starts to give a speech before realizing Otto has left.

Eli talks to the flour baby. His mother calls him and says his friend is there. Steve comes in a moment later. puts down his backpack and the zipper starts to open. When it stops, Steve opens it the rest of the way and asks Eli what the goblin is. The goblin runs around the room, but stops when a toy distracts him. Eli says that it's a creeper, things that creep in the dark. Eli starts telling the story of how he learned that monsters are real, when he saw Blinky, Jim, Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! run past his window at night. He shows Steve a cork board where he has pictures and theories. Now Steve has evidence. Eli still has lots of questions. He wonders who is behind it. The goblin uses the toy to spell out JIM. They say there could be other Jims, so the goblin pushes L, so the toy says that L is for Lake. Eli says that doesn't make sense, but Steve says it makes perfect sense.

Steve and Eli are driving with the goblin. Eli's nervous about stealing his mother's car, but Steve says they're just borrowing it for an emergency. Steve wants to eliminate Jim, believing him to be a dangerous shape-shifting maniac leading a creeper army, but Eli's not sure. He doesn't think the goblin likes it either. Steve explains that they're taking the goblin, "Mustache", to the police. They look back and realize the goblin is out of the cage. The goblin attacks Steve while he's driving, causing him to swerve. They almost run over Claire, Jim, and Toby. The goblin sprays them with pepper spray and then jumps out the window. They swerve and run into a pole. Without the goblin, they only have Jim. They run off to find him.

Dictatious tries to talk to one of the changelings, but learns they aren't allowed to speak to him. Dictatious overhears Otto talking to other changelings. They haven't heard anything from the Pale Lady since Gunmar's return. Otto says she'll find a way to speak to them again.

Dictatious tells Gunmar that She has blessed him with Sight following the loss of his eyes.

Eli doesn't want Steve to kidnap Jim, but Steve is determined. He goes around the back of Jim's house. They hear the trolls playing their game in the basement. Steve's scared to see that the creepers get so big. When a car comes, they run and hide in bushes. They overheard talk of killing, so Eli is now convinced that Jim is a bad guy. They creep back to the window to listen more and hear about the rock show at the museum.

Steve and Eli get ready to go into battle. They don black bike helmets withs Zs on the side, and black warpaint. Eli has throwing starts and wheely sneakers called "zip slippers". Eli also puts together a deadly cocktail he calls "The Last Resort." It has every monster deterrent he could find - garlic powder, silver, holy water and human germs, curtesy of Steve's spit. They have to bring everything. Eli tucks the baby into bed as they get ready to go. Eli initially dubs themselves the "Midnight Boys", before they settle together on The Creepslayerz.

Steve and Eli watch the museum from outside. Steve tells Eli to get the normal people out and leave Jim to him. Eli tries to get people to leave, but no one will believe him. Steve sees Jim walking and throws the mixture on him. He's shocked when it doesn't work and runs away. Eli goes up to another person and tells them the museum is closed. But it's the gruesome, which scares him. He radios to Steve and then throws things at it, including the radio, which gets stuck in his eye. Steve comes along and also screams when he sees the gruesome. It runs away and they realize they're underprepared. Eli sends Steve to the bathroom to clean himself up while he makes a new plan.

Steve's in the bathroom when Jim comes in looking for the gruesome. He watches Jim activate his amulet and realizes Jim's a good guy. The gruesome appears up the toilet in the stall that Steve's in and Steve screams and flushes it back down the toilet.

Desperate, Eli pulls the fire alarm. He grabs a medieval mace from a knight's armor.

Jim and Claire leave the bathroom with the plan to get Toby's bag of flour. Steve follows and realizes he needs to stop Eli.

Steve grabs Eli right as he's about to attack Jim. Steve tells Eli that Jim's a good guy. They come across the gruesome, which starts eating the troll arm. They know they need flour and Steve pulls out their flour baby from his backpack. As Toby and Darci's flour baby lands near them, they throw theirs at the gruesome. It explodes on impact and the gruesome is killed. They do a victory dance.

Steve takes Eli home. They agree to keep each other's secrets. The adventure is over for tonight. They still need to help Jim. They're secret superheroes. Steve tells Eli to stay safe, but that he'll keep their cover at school and keep being mean. Eli arrives at home and his mother asks about her car.



  • Team Creepslayerz is formed in this episode.
  • Eli and Steve officially find out Jim’s secret.
  • This is the first episode to focus solely on side characters, and the first one to take place during the events of the previous one ("Just Add Water").
  • At the end of the episode, Eli and Steve perform their "Creepslayerz" theme song over the intro.
    • In another gag, the two can be heard commentating on the closing credits soon after, effectively breaking the fourth wall.
  • It's revealed that Steve's mother and Coach Lawrence are dating.
    • Furthermore, it's implied that Steve’s father was a (verbally) abusive parent, contributing to Steve's narcissistic behavior.
  • Eli shows Steve his paranormal activity board and there are many more pieces of evidence of the supernatural world, foreshadowing 3Below and Wizards.
  • Throughout the course of the episode, Steve and Eli bond and become best friends. This is an interesting point of character development for them, since Steve's been nothing but cruel and abusive towards Eli up until this point. 
  • The name "Creepslayerz" is essentially a second-rate variant of "Trollhunters." 
  • Running Gag: Steve yelling "I don't give a flip!" to Eli.
    • Eli ends up naming their sack of flour "Flip" as a result. 
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: When Eli is worried about damaging his mother's car, Steve tells him to "grow a pair". 


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