Creepslayerz is the thirty-fifth episode of Trollhunters and the ninth episode of Part Two.

Official Synopsis

In a revealing flashback episode, Otto and Dictatious vie for Gunmar's ear while an increasingly paranoid Steve finds an unlikely ally.


In this lower-deck episode, Steve finds a goblin in his garage and brings it to Eli for some help. When the two believe that Jim is part of an evil supernatural plot, they become "the Creepslayerz", two natural heroes who plot to bring down supernatural evil. At that same time, Gunmar is introduced to the modern world, while planning his invasion and Otto tries to get on his good side. 




  • Team Creepslayerz is formed in this episode.
  • Eli and Steve officially find out Jim’s secret.
  • This is the first episode to focus solely on side characters, and the first one to take place during the events of the previous one ("Just Add Water").
  • At the end of the episode, Eli and Steve perform their "Creepslayerz" theme song over the intro.
    • In another gag, the two can be heard commentating on the closing credits soon after, effectively breaking the fourth wall.
  • It's revealed that Steve's mother and Coach Lawrence are dating.
    • Furthermore, it's implied that Steve’s father was a (verbally) abusive parent, contributing to Steve's narcissistic behavior.
  • Eli shows Steve his paranormal activity board and there are many more pieces of evidence of the supernatural world, foreshadowing 3Below and Wizards.
  • Throughout the course of the episode, Steve and Eli bond and become best friends. This is an interesting point of character development for them, since Steve's been nothing but cruel and abusive towards Eli up until this point. 
  • The name "Creepslayerz" is essentially a second-rate variant of "Trollhunters." 
  • Running Gag: Steve yelling "I don't give a flip!" to Eli.
    • Eli ends up naming their sack of flour "Flip" as a result. 
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: When Eli is worried about damaging his mother's car, Steve tells him to "grow a pair". 


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