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Creeper's Sun is a very rare and deadly poison created by the Janus Order.



In its purest form, it seems to be a green neon diamond that disappears and becomes the glowing trim of a weapon it has been imbued into.


It is capable of turning any living organism that it touches to stone almost instantly. It can be imbued into weapons to dramatically increase its lethality.

Its spreading rate is determined by the size of the infection. A deep stab from a dagger or even a single prick from a needle can petrify the host in seconds if not instantly. However, a nick no longer than an inch will overtake the host in a matter of weeks (months with treatment).

The only way to reverse the effect is through an antidote, to which the recipe is only known by the Janus Order. The known ingredients of the antidote are: Twig of Worm's Root, ounce of silver, sour milk, a live mouse, pepper, gnome skeleton, tears of those who have not received their first kiss of love and a fragment of Heartstone. The ingredients should be boiled in oil for a few seconds.


  • Creeper's Sun is really no different from necrotizing fasciitis: A very rare and potentially deadly flesh-devouring bacterial infection that literally makes a person's body rot.
  • Before discovering a permanent cure, the only viable cure is to amputate the infected zone to prevent any further spreading.
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