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Craggen was a Mountain Troll encountered by Kanjigar the Courageous and his entourage during their search for the new Heartstone.


Craggen lived in a snowy mountain in an unspecified location along with his brothers Icebeard, Boulderjaw and Slopebrow. They were collectively known as 'Craggen and his Brothers Three'. 

He first met Kanjigar and his friends when they attempted to cross his territory in order to get to the new world. He detained them and told them that for daring to cross them, they would have to serve him and his brothers for the rest of their lives.

Vendel tried to diplomatize, but he was rebuffed and his grandfather, Kilfred, insulted. 

The trolls were then commanded to start work at daybreak. They retired, feeling helpless, until Kanjigar decided to take on Craggen. Draal and AAARRRGGHH!!! stood beside him, and all went to fight with Craggen, giving the other trolls a chance to escape.

They then went and faced Craggen, and Kanjigar attacked him with his sword. Meanwhile, the other trolls were hiding and then Blinky decided that he would stand by Kanjigar's side. In the meantime, Kanjigar, Draal and AAARRRGGHH! were locked in fierce battle with Craggen and his brothers.

Blinky came and joined the fight, and together he and AAARRRGGHH! killed Slopebrow. The other trolls volunteered too, and a bloody fight started. In time, this would be known as the Great Rocky Mountain Troll War.

After a long and fierce battle, his three brothers were finally killed, with Craggen being forced to yield to Kanjigar, who began to be considered a legend.

Physical Description[]

Craggen was a large Mountain Troll with an enormous rocky body and glowing red eyes. He was also covered in snow.


Craggen was a domineering troll who tended to disrespect and mock other trolls. He and his brothers enslaved other trolls and forced them to work for them. He disliked Merlin and his supporters, in contrast to his brothers, who hated them.

Powers & Abilities[]