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A list of Colonel Kubritz's relationships with certain characters throughout the franchise.


Sergeant Costas (formerly)[]

At first, Kubritz and Costas seemed to have a professional relationship.

However, after making her alliance with Morando, Costas felt like she's making a dealing with the devil, yet she continuously reassures him that Morando will keep his word, despite him clearly being the real villain. Kubritz was even willing to remove him from his position as sergeant if he continued talking bad about Morando. When he finally sees her true nature, Costas sees the error of his ways and sides with the Tarrons to warn them about his former superior's fall into insanity.

General Morando (formerly)[]

After Morando and Kubritz met, she forms an alliance with the evil tyrant in exchange for helping her rid Earth of its extraterrestrial inhabitants. Kubritz has strong beliefs that Morando is the only good alien to arrive on Earth, since he's given her so much, and completely ignores the Tarrons' and her own sergeant's warnings that he was merely using her as a pawn.

However, after she witnesses him destroying Arcadia with his new god-like form, she sees the error of her ways and tries to fight him, only to be ultimately killed by him after she weakens him.


Aja Tarron (formerly)[]

You'll make a perfect lab rat!
―Kubritz to Aja[src]

Aja was clearly distasteful of Kubritz and her antics of dissecting the supernatural, especially since she was starving Buster. Aja was also distraught about the commanding officer regarding every life form as invaders, even though some have no intentions of harming Earth. After Kubritz puts Krel in harms way, a provoked Aja attacks her. After she escapes with the others, Kubritz vows to find them, knowing that their ship is grounded.

When she learns that Kubritz has allied herself with Tronos and eventually Morando, Aja angrily calls her out on her hypocrisy, which she waves aside every time and focuses on Aja being the "real" evil alien.

When Kubritz begins attacking Arcadia to kill Aja, Krel, and Varvatos, Aja tries to warn Kubritz that Morando only saw her as a pawn to get what he wants, but Kubritz dismisses them as lies. When she finally learns that Aja was telling the truth, Kubritz tells Aja to stop Morando after she weakened him, before being killed by Morando.

Krel Tarron[]

Like Aja, Kubritz sees Krel as an alien invader who should be eliminated and/ore imprisoned for "invading" Earth.

Varvatos Vex[]

Like with Aja and Krel, Kubritz saw Varvatos as an evil alien and intended on destroying him, along with the children.


Welcome back, Stuart of Durio. I should've smelled you coming. Oh, but don't worry, your cage is still waiting for you...and it has plenty of rooms for ALL YOUR NEW FRIENDS!
―Kubritz to Stuart just before Buster intervenes[src]

Kubritz merely sees Stuart as an alien invader who crash landed on her planet with no invitation. She captured Stuart and took him back to her base so she could research and use him as a lab rat. Luckily, Stuart managed to escape her custody and disguised himself as a human for thirty years. When he returns to Area 49-B to retrieve a part from his ship, Kubritz surrounds him and his friends and retains her intention to recapture him.