Colonel Kubritz's Battle Suit was designed by General Morando and worn by Colonel Kubritz.


Kubritz's battle suit is similar to that of an Omen Blank, only green.


  • Enhanced Strength: Her suit provides her with super-human strength to where she can left up heavy vehicles with some strain. The legs allow her to leap farther into the air than a normal human.
  • Enhanced Durability: Her suit provides her with enhanced durability to where she can take a direct hit from Aja's most powerful attack from her upgraded serrator.
  • Enhanced Vision: Her suit provides her an advance heads-up display for her to track down her targets.
  • Energy Blaster Gauntlets: Her suit is able to shoot projectiles at an enemy from a pair of energy blaster gauntlets located near her lower arm wrist area.



Appearances in the Trilogy


Part Two



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