Collision Course is the fifth episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis

The royals take a driver's ed course, hoping to find parts for their ship. Instead, they're lead on a high-speed chase with the Zeron Brotherhood!


The Zerons examining the Skelteg that found and captured to trace the location of where the House Tarron children are.




  • Running Gag: Eli wanting to "Tokyo Drift". 
  • Error: Zeron Beta takes off his mask during battle and while surrounding the royals; Aja and Krel along with Varvatos, he had it was back on but seconds later, Beta isn't wearing his mask again. 
  • It is revealed in this episode that Coach Lawrence takes Pilates. 
  • Princess Aja's bounty is higher than her brother's, likely due to her being the eldest of the two siblings, and being more of a threat due to her fighting prowess. 
  • Aja's nightmare of facing off Morando in the beginning of this episode is somewhat similar to Jim's nightmare of facing off Gunmar, as shown in the beginning of the Trollhunters episode, "Mudslinging". 
  • While in the car with Eli, Shannon admits that she's never been kissed. 
  • When consoling Aja at the beginning of the episode, Mother plays Clair de Lune from one of the most famous piano suites, the Suite bergamasque, by French composer Claude Debussy.  
  • The fight sequence during the last third of the episode features the second time a billboard is used as a backdrop for a portion of the fight, the first being between Gunmar (possessing Draal's body) and Jim in "Night Patroll".  


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