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Collision Course is the fifth episode of 3Below.

Official Synopsis[]

The royals take a driver's ed course, hoping to find parts for their ship. Instead, they're lead on a high-speed chase with the Zeron Brotherhood!


Aja is attacked by General Morando, who fires a weapon at her while her parents watch.

Aja wakes from her dream with a start. She talks to Mother about her nightmare. Mother suggests a lullaby to soothe her. Aja settles in and relaxes back to sleep.

In Granada Drive - In, They study the Skelteg and determine that Aja and Krel must be close. Zeron Alpha kills the Skelteg and sees the half-eaten calculator inside. He reads the name and order them to set a course to Arcadia Oaks High School.

Aja is training with Momblank. Krel says she should focus on helping him fix the daxial array instead. She asks what he needs to make one. Aja thinks maybe they can use a car to get the parts they need. Mother tells them it takes a license to drive and they have to go to driver's education first.

General Morando is impatient that it's taking time to alter the programs of the blanks to attack life forms instead of serving them. Hidden away, Zadra is working with Izita when one of the Blanks spots her and tries to help her. She can't get it to quiet down, so she has to extract its memory bank. As she does so, Morando notices in the background. She takes off its whole head to extract the memory bank. Morando appears, taking notice of the panicked, headless Blank. He tells his worker that his timeline has been accelerated, and orders the delivery of the Omen. Zadra manages to get away unseen with the Blank's head, and hopes the intel is worth the risk.

The Zeron ship lands outside the high school, invisible.

Lawrence prepares for his day and then welcomes the kids Shannon, Eli, Aja and Krel to driver's ed. Eli is suspicious of Aja and Krel, and dons his Creepslayersz helmet. Krel goes over to try to look under the hood of the car, but Lawrence stops him. He introduces them to "the only piece of equipment you'll need to concern yourself with", a seatbelt.

Omega has identified Aja and Krel in the group.

Aja gets to drive first. The Shannon, Lawrence and Krel buckle in.

Omega sets up a retrieval ray and runs it over the car. Krel notices what's happening and realizes they need to leave. Aja starts to drive as the car is lifted off the ground.

In a different car, Eli struggles to parallel park.

Aja drives out of the retrieval ray's path, then pushes Lawrence and Shannon out of the car. The two notice the ray and panic. Shannon gets in the car with Eli and locks Lawrence out. Lawrence takes off after Aja and Krel on foot.

Aja and Krel are fleeing from the ship, which loses it invisibility. Krel Identifies it a a Class A Dreadnought from Sector-7, probably a bounty ship. As Aja wonders if it could be Stuart, it begins to fire at them.

Back in Eli's car, he's still attempting to parallel park as Shannon starts to feel sick. He decides to try to Tokyo drift.

Krel has Aja stop so he can upgrade the car with an optimizer for the fuel capacity. Once that's done, she starts driving again, much faster than before. They end up flying the car over Lawrence's head and past Eli and Shannon. The car starts to get sucked in. Aja uses her serrator to fire at their stabilizer to stop them from sucking the car in. The car falls back to the ground. As Lawrence goes to check on them, Eli drifts in his car and parallel parks impeccably that way.

Mother tells them the ship was the Tiberian Dreadnought. The lifeforms they encountered are the Zeron Brotherhood. Varvatos says they're instruments of death. They bring dread. They have no respect for rules or civilians. He has Mother show them the aftermath of the Commerce Guild Bombing. The Zerons orchestrated the entire attack to apprehend one bounty. They killed hundreds in the process. Varvatos' family was among them. His family remains unavenged because their parents would not authorize them to pursue the Zerons across the galaxy. They fortified defenses instead. Varvatos says they need to find the Zerons before the Zerons find them. They realize Luug has picked up the scent and follow. Varvatos says he's going to go alone, but Aja and Krel quickly state that they're going to follow.

Varvatos finds Zeron Alpha. They start to fight as Aja and Krel watch from the bushes. The other Zerons join the fight. Krel think they may have what they need on their ship. Krel goes to get it, leaving Aja to help Varvatos. The fight continues.

Krel enters the ship.

Varvatos gets cornered, but continues to fight. Just then, Aja comes in to help him fight the Zerons. Luug also helps. Aja frees Varvatos from his handcuffs. They prepare to face off again, but then Krel comes with a truck and drives them away.

The Zerons take off with difficulty.

Krel says he took their navigational subspace manifold.

The Zerons' ship spins around in space.

They know they're still marked for death, but Aja is ready to start training with Varvatos. Varvatos agrees to train her.



  • Running Gag: Eli wanting to "Tokyo Drift". 
  • Error: Zeron Beta takes off his mask during battle and while surrounding the royals; Aja and Krel along with Varvatos, he had it was back on but seconds later, Beta isn't wearing his mask again. 
  • It is revealed in this episode that Coach Lawrence takes Pilates. 
  • Princess Aja's bounty is higher than her brother's, likely due to her being the eldest of the two siblings, and being more of a threat due to her fighting prowess. 
  • Aja's nightmare of facing off Morando in the beginning of this episode is somewhat similar to Jim's nightmare of facing off Gunmar, as shown in the beginning of the Trollhunters episode, "Mudslinging". 
  • While in the car with Eli, Shannon admits that she's never been kissed. 
  • When consoling Aja at the beginning of the episode, Mother plays Clair de Lune from one of the most famous piano suites, the Suite bergamasque, by French composer Claude Debussy.  
  • The fight sequence during the last third of the episode features the second time a billboard is used as a backdrop for a portion of the fight, the first being between Gunmar (possessing Draal's body) and Jim in "Night Patroll".  


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