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When the kids arrive back in the detention room, Uhl notices the damage done by the fight Jim had with the possessed Draal. Uhl questions Eli on what could have possibly happened, to which the boy covers up by claiming it was the school rivals who caused the damage, to which Uhl easily buys.
When the kids arrive back in the detention room, Uhl notices the damage done by the fight Jim had with the possessed Draal. Uhl questions Eli on what could have possibly happened, to which the boy covers up by claiming it was the school rivals who caused the damage, to which Uhl easily buys.
==== Jim on Trial and Evacuating Trollmarket ====
==== Gunmar's Takeover ====
When the Trollhunters arrive at Trollmarket, they find the Troll Tribunal putting Jim on trial for his actions. When they find out that Jim is actually being prosecuted for allegedly releasing Gunmar, Claire and Blinky decide to find out who could be truly responsible for Gunmar's release. While Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! stall for time, Claire and Blinky decide to use the time to look over Trollmarket to find out who the true mastermind could be. Blinky and Claire go to RotGut's shop to interrogate them. While Claire's "bad cop" performance flops, Blinky does a more convincing job. They claim that a guy named "[[Krax]]" has been buying out their entire stock of Gaggletacks. Blinky and Claire realize that this person might be the mole who is helping the Changelings. They go to Krax's place and find the supply of Gaggletacks. When Krax arrives, Blinky tries to interrogate him, but he accidentally blows him up. They get back to the trial, but Ursuna (who has killed Vendel) instantly finds Jim guilty and sentences him to exile in the abyss. The gang chases after Jim, and he is thrown into the abyss, where he becomes face-to-face with some sort of person who looks like himself. Jim luckily survives and manages to escape, due to his human status. The Trollhunters then find out that Ursuna is actually behind all of this and had actually killed Vendel.
When the Trollhunters arrive at Trollmarket, they find the Troll Tribunal putting Jim on trial for his actions. When they find out that Jim is actually being prosecuted for allegedly releasing Gunmar, Claire and Blinky decide to find out who could be truly responsible for Gunmar's release. While Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! stall for time, Claire and Blinky decide to use the time to look over Trollmarket to find out who the true mastermind could be. Blinky and Claire go to RotGut's shop to interrogate them. While Claire's "bad cop" performance flops, Blinky does a more convincing job. They claim that a guy named "[[Krax]]" has been buying out their entire stock of Gaggletacks. Blinky and Claire realize that this person might be the mole who is helping the Changelings. They go to Krax's place and find the supply of Gaggletacks. When Krax arrives, Blinky tries to interrogate him, but he accidentally blows him up. They get back to the trial, but Ursuna (who has killed Vendel) instantly finds Jim guilty and sentences him to exile in the abyss. The gang chases after Jim, and he is thrown into the abyss, where he becomes face-to-face with some sort of person who looks like himself. Jim luckily survives and manages to escape, due to his human status. The Trollhunters then find out that Ursuna is actually behind all of this and had actually killed Vendel.
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The gang decides to put magic stones on the students' volcanoes to distract Porgon while stealing the charger. When they cause the volcanoes to spew out real lava, they manage to defeat Porgon and retrieve the charger. Unfortunately, that also means that they have been exposed to the public. Krel decides to destroy the charger, but that also means the events and their memories will be erased. After some reluctance, Krel destroys the charger and everything is reversed.
The gang decides to put magic stones on the students' volcanoes to distract Porgon while stealing the charger. When they cause the volcanoes to spew out real lava, they manage to defeat Porgon and retrieve the charger. Unfortunately, that also means that they have been exposed to the public. Krel decides to destroy the charger, but that also means the events and their memories will be erased. After some reluctance, Krel destroys the charger and everything is reversed.
==== Whereabouts During the Bonfire Party ====
==== "Uncle Marlin" ====
Darci mentions that Claire went with Jim and Toby to visit Toby's "Uncle Marlin". She is briefly seen in Merlin's Tomb when Jim uses his sword to redirect the rushing water.
Darci mentions that Claire went with Jim and Toby to visit Toby's "Uncle Marlin". She is briefly seen in Merlin's Tomb when Jim uses his sword to redirect the rushing water.

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I am not a man!
―Claire to Angor Rot[src]

Claire Nuñez is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the tritagonist of Trollhunters, a minor character in Part One of 3Below, and an upcoming character of Wizards.

She is a former honors student of Arcadia Oaks High, briefly the host of the evil Morgana, best friends with Mary Wang and Darci Scott, the daughter of Javier and Ophelia Nuñez, the elder sister of Enrique Nuñez, the foster sister of NotEnrique, and the current girlfriend of Jim Lake Jr.

Official Description

"Wise beyond her years and suspicious of Jim's strange behavior, Claire finally gets her answers when she discovers her baby brother was swapped for a Changeling Troll! She is then introduced to a wondrous world full of Trolls and magic. However, this doesn't distract her from her quest to save her brother no matter the odds or obstacles, though it helps that Jim is willing to do almost anything for her. She becomes an integral part of the Trollhunting team with her sharp wit and strong loyalty to friends and family."



When she was younger, Claire slept with a stuffed bunny named "Suzie Snooze" and at one point, met Mary Wang and Darci Scott, her two best friends.

Claire took Honors Algebra during her freshman year of high school.[2]

Trollhunters (Part One)

Getting to Know Jim

One day in gym class, Claire is talking to Darci when Jim approaches her and tries to flirt with her by speaking Spanish. Claire suggests to Jim that he should try out for the school play, which she is also trying out for.

On the day of the auditions, while trying out to hide his new Trollhunter Armor and duties, Jim sees Claire reciting one of the Romeo and Juliet lines brilliantly, before blowing her and the crowd away with lines he picked up from Blinky, which wins him the role of Romeo, opposite Claire, who is playing Juliet.

On the night that Jim is being chased by Bular, Claire sits by her porch waiting for Jim. Growing impatient, she decides to sneak into the backyard. There, she suddenly finds clean sword holes in the boulders, which made her a little suspicious if the sword he used during his rehearsal was actually a fake. But before she can do anything, Barbara (Jim’s mom) arrives and instantly recognizes Claire as the councilwoman's daughter. Claire tells Barbara about the auctions and Jim's amazing acting skills, much to Barbara's shock. Claire and Barbara think Jim was trying to surprise her, so they decide to keep it a secret. 

Unfortunately, Jim's Trollhunting duties cause him to miss his practice sessions with Claire, and she starts to become a bit hostile towards Jim.

When Jim's ready to fight Draal, Jim leaves a note in Claire's backpack claiming that he has to "fight some monsters", which Claire believes is a metaphor for what could be psychological problems. Thinking this is the reason why he's been missing their practice sessions, Claire decides to invite Jim over to her house to discuss this issue. When Jim suddenly has to leave for another mission, Claire begins to get suspicious of him.

Becoming Suspicious

When Claire gets tickets to a concert, she decides to ask Mary to babysit her little brother, Enrique, to which Mary agrees. The next day, Claire finds her missing stuffed bunny with Jim and Toby (which they found from a goblin who was leaving with a baby). Just then, Mary cancels her job at the last minute, and Claire decides to have Jim babysit Enrique.

Claire comes back later only to find the house is a total wreck thanks to Jim, Toby, and unbeknownst to her, NotEnrique. Not to mention, her folks have also come back early. The Nuñez family get angry at Jim and blame him for everything, believing him to have used their absence to throw a wild party. Claire refuses to speak to Jim anymore, or forgive him for what he did. Though she starts talking to him again when she learns that there was no party and instead starts to become even more suspicious of him.

Soon enough, Claire begins to realize that maybe "monsters" wasn't a metaphor for his psychological problems.

One night, Claire decides to investigate what is going on with Jim. She sneaks into his basement at the same time that Mr. Strickler is having dinner with Jim and Barbara. She overhears Jim and Stricklander's conversation and decides to see what is happening. Just then, she turns around, sees Draal, and faints after getting hit in the head with a pipe.

Jim's Secret

When Jim finds out that the goblins are going after Claire, he decides to find a way to protect her. That night, Jim sneaks into Claire's room to tell her the truth, but still, Claire is a nuisance with Jim due to the fact that it never told him the truth before and does not want to listen to it.

Just then, the goblins appear and Jim takes Claire out of the house and into the woods for safety. Despite this, Claire still doesn’t believe Jim’s claims. When Jim transforms into his armor and Nomura appears, Claire not only is shocked, and realizes that Jim was telling the truth after all, she is repented for not only having not believed in him before but also being unfairly angry with him over his recent behavior and blunders (particularly for not making time for the play) when he was only busy trying to balance his normal teenage school life with saving both worlds.

When Jim ordered her to flee from Nomura, she goes back to her house and warns her parents of the danger Jim was in

Then Claire and her father go to help Jim, despite the latter's distrust of Jim. But it was too late, Nomura was about to take an injured Jim. But from the other side, Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! are running to help Jim. Nomura left Jim and ran away from all of them before any of them get there. Later, Claire and Toby take Jim to the hospital and they accompany him there as well. Barbara comments that Claire chose to stay and watch over him for the rest of the night.

While Jim and the other Trollhunters go to stop Bular from fixing the Killahead Bridge, Claire waits and covers for him at the school play. After the Trollhunters succeed in destroying Bular, Jim makes it back to the play just in time. During the celebration, Jim promises Claire to locate Enrique, no matter what it takes, which immensely helped in mending and strengthen their growing relationship.

First Visit to Trollmarket

Claire becomes overly excited to finally visit Trollmarket for the first time. Fortunately, when Jim tries to show her the basics, she easily adjusts and is shown to know various things about the trolls such as how to get into the magical plaza and even becomes fluent in the Troll language, all of which easily impresses Blinky, AAARRRGGHH!!!, and most of all, Vendel.

They enter Blinky's library to find a possible way to get into the Darklands and learn from Blinky that there are three Triumbric Stones that can help them defeat Gunmar, the King of Gum-Gums and rescue Enrique, which means it's time for another adventure.

Claire soon realizes that since she now is part of Jim's secret double life, she will have to cover for him to prevent the troll's world from getting exposed.

First, when Jim is nominated for prom king, Claire and Toby decide to cover for him while he's fighting a golem, claiming that he's "thinking of a theme." Luckily, Jim arrives just in time and wins the theme event with the theme "Mole"(Just covered in dirt from the Golem fight), which happens to be the school mascot.

Second, when it's time for them to go find Gunmar's birthstone, the Trollhunters tell their folks that they're going camping, much to Barbara's dismay, since she's still angry at Jim for putting himself in danger and not explaining. 

Quest to Gatto's Keep

The gang arrives in Trollmarket to start the mission. Blinky takes them to a magical gyre that trolls use to get around the world in record time. Blinky takes the gang inside the gyre and takes them to Argentina, where the first stone is located. They arrive there and end up at a place called, "Ojos del Salado", a village underneath a volcano, which is also the home of Gatto, the keeper of the stone. He also happens to be a living volcano that takes delight in eating other trolls that seek his treasure. When they locate Gatto, Jim tries to explain what is going on, but Gatto will not give them the Birthstone unless they answer his riddle, "Which begins and has no end, and ends all that which begins?" The Trollhunters try to think of an answer but are too confused to find a logical solution. At the last second though, Claire finds the answer, which is "death", since it ends people's lives and nothing comes after it happens. Unfortunately, Gatto does not take it so well and swallows both Blinky and Toby.

While Blinky and Toby find the Birthstone and try to find a way to get out of the stomach, the others battle Gatto's minions. With the help of Toby's tacos, Toby and Blinky manage to escape the stomach with the Birthstone. However, Blinky also seems to have had a little encounter with one of the spells in the stomach...

A Whole New Blinky

The next day, the gang arrives in Trollmarket only to discover that Blinky has transformed into a human being as a result of the chemicals in Gatto's stomach. The kids then take him to Earth in broad daylight for the very first time and show him the wonders and disadvantages of being human.

As the kids take Blinky to look at the sunset, Angor Rot creates glass golems from the dumpsters to attack them. While the gang fights the monsters, Jim sees Angor Rot behind a tree and goes to investigate what is going on. He encounters Angor, who traps him in a magic ward. Angor decides to spare Jim's life because he apparently has a worse fate than death in mind for the hunter. He then uses his staff to drain some of Jim's powers and use them against him in their next battle.

New Weapon

Jim and Claire are still having some trouble asking each other out to the dance, so Claire turns to Mary and Darci for some advice, while Jim turns to Toby for advice.

The Trollhunters go to the gyre to make their way to the Quagawumps in the swampy lands of Florida. However, since the inhabitants are hostile towards outsiders, they will need a mole to assist them. Since Toby looks like their late king, he will pretend to be the reincarnation of him, which will gain the trust of the trolls.

They arrive at the swamp, where the Quagawumps are easily fooled into thinking that Toby is their king. The trolls start worshiping him and throw a party in his honor. When Jim reveals that he doesn't know to dance to Claire, she decides to help him move his feet to the music and it helps him enjoy himself.

Just when Jim and Claire are about to kiss, Blungo, the Wumpa's pretend king arrives and shows the other Wumpas that Toby is not the Shattered King. Before Blungo can attack Toby, Angor Rot arrives and turns Blungo to stone, causing an epic battle. During the battle, Claire falls into a portal with Angor and manages to obtain his Shadow Staff, which creates portals, but unfortunately loses the Killstone as well. Claire decides to keep the staff, and the Trollhunters bid a heartfelt goodbye to their friends.

Claire vs. Toby

Claire begins to start training on how to use the Shadow Staff and instantly starts becoming an expert. Toby becomes jealous, so he gets a weapon for himself as well, the Warhammer. Unfortunately, he doesn't quite catch on as fast as Claire did. Bagdwella then arrives with a package for the Trollhunters to mail to her sister in Utah, and they agree.

Since Jim is participating in another competition after lunch, he sends Toby and Claire to mail the package for him. Unfortunately, Toby seems to be particularly hostile to Claire. As soon as Jim leaves, Toby and Claire are ready to go deliver the package, but Toby has lost the address and starts panicking while looking for it, which makes Claire frustrated. In a panicked state, Toby accidentally opens the package, unleashing the spell contained inside.

In math class, Toby starts levitating, which causes a disturbance among his students and the teacher. Claire and Toby get themselves excused and decide to go to Blinky to help them figure out exactly how to undo the spell. On their way, they catch the attention to a police officer, who begins questioning them. As soon as the cop's back is turned, Toby starts floating again and Claire uses a kite to help keep him from floating away. As Claire pulls Toby down, Toby admits that he felt as if Claire was trying to take his place as Jim's sidekick, but Claire assures him otherwise.

They arrive at Jim's house, where the curse gets passed on and Blinky explains that only Vendel can help them undo the curse. Claire decides to use the Shadow Staff to get them to Trollmarket but is having some trouble doing so. Luckily, Toby, Blinky, and Draal manage to anger Claire enough to have her conjure up a big enough portal to get to Vendel and convert the curse to toby's Warhammer, which gave it the ability to alter gravity. After that, Claire and Toby start getting along better.

Pixie Infestation

Claire runs into Mary and Darci about asking Jim to the dance, which Mary starts going crazy over since apparently, it's the tradition for "a guy to ask a girl."

Later in class, a pixie enters Claire's ear and creates a hallucination of her worst nightmare: Senor Uhl is yelling at her and blaming her for Enrique's kidnapping, which causes Claire to run off crying and throws herself into a locker. Toby frees her from the locker and tries in vain to get her to wake up (since Claire literally sees Toby as Enrique). Toby manages to get the pixie out of her ear when he slaps her, who then, in turn, slaps him back, and they run to the gym to help Jim stop Angor Rot, but get locked.

When Jim and Angor's battle ends and all of the pixies are returned to their container, Toby and Claire rush to comfort Jim and make sure he is okay. Jim informs them that Angor Rot will destroy his mother if he doesn't take Strickler's ring from him. 

Party Monsters

One night, Jim, Toby, and Claire try to think. Since they can't think of a plan to steal the Inferna Copula (a ring used to control Angor Rot) without Strickler knowing or Jim having to attack him (since it means that Barbara will be hurt as well), so they decide to go to Blinky's library to find a way. While Toby and Jim go to Trollmarket, Claire decides to stay at home so she can hang out with Mary and Darci.

When Claire gets inside, she gets into an argument with NotEnrique, which ends with him being sent back upstairs to his room/crib for talking back to her. To seemingly get back at Claire for touching his scruff, NotEnrique calls his trollish friends (including AAARRRGGHH!!!) to come over to the house for a wild party. The trolls arrive at the house and start having the time of their lives.

Claire finds out what is happening and, in vain, tries to stop it, but without prevail.

Before Claire can do anything about the party, Mary and Darci arrive and want to come in, but Claire tries to keep them out to prevent them from seeing the trolls. Unfortunately, it makes Mary and Darci think that Claire is throwing a wild party with college guys, and they decide to go check it out. Claire goes after them and brings them into her bedroom to convince them to leave.

Mary and Darci become fed up and demand to know what is going on, and why Claire isn't hanging out with them anymore. Before Claire can explain, Mary and Darci quickly assume that Claire is dating a college guy, and is trying to keep it from Jim to spare his feelings, which Claire decides to go along with.

Before Mary and Darci can get back to the party, the police arrive to confront the owners about the party, causing the trolls to sneak out of the house, safe and sound. As soon as the house is empty, Claire finds out that it was really NotEnrique the whole time, who apologizes for his behavior and the two grow to truly accept each other as siblings.

Defeating Angor Rot

Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! take Claire and Toby to the remains of the bridge to research the last Triumbric Stone, since it may be inscribed there. Blinky explains that Gunmar's eye is the last stone. As Blinky explains, Chomsky comes out of the portal to the Darklands with a disturbing message from Gunmar.

Just then, Jim arrives at Trollmarket with his mother, who has been knocked out by Angor. Vendel informs the Trollhunters that Barbara cannot be cured of the curse unless they find the proper incantation, which is hidden in Strickler's office at school. While Jim stays behind to console his mother, Toby and Claire go to retrieve the book.

They arrive in Stickler's office, not knowing that Angor has secretly followed them. When they find the book, Coach Lawrence arrives and takes them back to the dance. To stall, Toby fakes going into anamorphic shock, Lawrence doesn't buy it, but the drama/math teacher does and performs CPR on Toby (much to his discomfort). Claire takes Toby to the roof so no one will see them, but Angor arrives to attack them.

Claire manages to send the Shadow Staff and the spell to Jim, but Angor has them dangling from the school banner. Rather than do away with them, he steals Claire's purse and escapes, much to Claire's confusion.

The two go into the dance and receive a message from Jim about Barbara. Toby says that "Dr. Lake is gonna be a-okay!" Toby offers Claire to dance with him since she is disappointed that Jim couldn't come to the dance. Claire gets up and accepts, but before they start to dance, they both see the Mole Mascot, and Claire then encourages Toby to go and dance with the Mole Mascot, who then turns out to be none other than Darci, who then has a brief conversation with Toby about being herself, and even calling Toby "cute".

Jim arrives and finds Claire sitting all by herself, so he takes her to the hill and they have a little dance of their own in the sunset. They then begin to lean in to kiss each other, but before their lips meet, Claire jumps back, claiming she now realizes why Angor took the purse because it had her horngazel, her key to Trollmarket, in it.

After Angor turns to stone during the fight with Jim, Toby's rage about how Angor Rot cut AAARRRGGHH!!! with Creeper's Sun fuels him to shatter Angor Rot's rock body. After his defeat, the other mourn by AAARRRGGHH!!!'s stone body at the loss of their close friend. Claire comforts a distraught Toby and tells him to save his anger for the Darklands. However, Jim (feeling guilty) decides to keep his promise to Claire and travels into the Darklands by himself to save her baby brother, Enrique, leaving his friends behind so they wouldn't get hurt like AAARRRGGHH!!!.

Trollhunters (Part Two)

Covering for Jim 

After Jim goes into the Darklands to save Enrique, the other Trollhunters carry AAARRRGGHH!!!'s remains to Blinky's library. NotEnrique decides to leave and go home, but Claire stops him because they need to find a plan to rescue Jim and cover for him on Earth while he's away. NotEnrique refuses to help them, even when Claire continues to threaten him. Blinky tells Claire that only a Trollhunter can enter the portal to the Darklands, rendering her efforts pointless. Just then, NotEnrique receives some text messages from Draal, who is at the hospital guarding Jim's mother. The other Trollhunters decide to help Jim's mom if they can't help Jim himself. This motivates Blinky into coming out of his pity party and start trying to look for ways to help cover for Jim and get into the Darklands. 

They go to Jim's neighborhood to find Barbara (who has been erased of her memory of Jim's Trollhunting career) heading home. They rush up to her and she demands to know why they are not in school and why Jim is not with them. Claire quickly lies and claims that school is canceled and Toby claims that Jim is at cooking school, which Barbara easily believes. When Barbara is about to continue driving home, NotEnrique (in his human form) decides to start crying to distract Barbara, but that still doesn't stall Barbara enough. 

They arrive at Jim's house to see that the Lake Residence is surrounded by the police after the battle between Jim, Strickler, and Angor. When Toby and Claire try to cover up the mess again, Barbara starts to become suspicious and demands them to tell her the truth. Just then, Blinky shows up disguised as Jim and clears things up with the police. He gets Barbara to go inside and takes the others to the other side of the house and explains to them about his Glamour Mask, which can help him take on anyone's form. Blinky hands Toby the mask, but he accidentally breaks it, prompting the gang to try to find another plan. 

Plan K

Claire, Toby, Blinky, NotEnrique, and Draal head to the gyre and go to an undersea volcano to help them with their new backup plan. Blinky hands them some bundles of costumes designed by the Krubera tribe to help them withstand the darkness and crushing pressures of the deepest mines, called "Graven Garbs." Just then, the volcano erupts and sends the protagonists to the bottom of the ocean.

The Trollhunters arrive in a place called the "Mariana Trench", where they encounter a Deep-Sea Troll called the "Kelpestrum", which spends most of his time swallowing a whole bunch of rare Troll artifacts, one of which could be another Glamour Mask. Unfortunately, the Graven Garbs start to deteriorate, since apparently, they do not handle the oceans as good as they do with mines. When the creature opens its gills, the Trollhunters enter the respiratory system and slide right down the gullet. Just then, some Volcanic Trolls emerge from the innards and start to gain upon the Trollhunters. Claire tries to conjure up a portal, but one of the Volcanic Trolls snatches the staff out of her hand before she can do it. Toby, feeling that he has failed Jim, takes out his Warhammer and decides to fight the Volcanic Trolls with Draal, who easily takes out all of the Volcanic Trolls. Unfortunately, one of the trolls swallows the Shadow Staff. Claire and NotEnrique attack the troll, who hacks up the staff. Just then, the Graven Garbs start to fill up with water, and they are shot right out of the Kelpestrum's blowhole. The gang, the staff, and the masks start to sink into the ocean. Luckily, NotEnrique manages to save the staff, and Blinky saves one of the masks. Claire conjures up a portal and they are sent back to the gyre. 

Jim Lake Disease

The next couple of weeks, Toby starts impersonating Jim at home to make sure Barbara does not find out about the Darklands but begins to feel guilty for stealing Jim's identity. He also starts sending some candy bars to Jim in the Darklands.

At that same time, Claire covers for Jim at school by claiming that Jim has a contagious terminal illness called, "Jim Lake Disease" and is currently being quarantined in the hospital. She creates a fake webpage and hands Eli a coin collecting jar to "find the cure" for Jim.

The Troll is the Key to the Hunter

Claire and Toby go back to Trollmarket and try to help Blinky find a way to get the real Jim back, when all of a sudden, the Krubera tribe arrives to destroy the Killahead Bridge so Jim doesn't endanger Trollkind anymore. That night, the portal to the Darklands opens up and Jim is on his way with Enrique. Toby and Claire try to stop them from destroying the bridge so Jim can get out, but only the amulet and Enrique manage to escape, and the bridge is destroyed, trapping Jim in the Darklands. 

Blinky, Claire, and Toby go back to the library to ponder on what to do next. Just then, the amulet starts speaking to them and tells them, "the troll is the key to the hunter." They start to ponder this hint but do not understand it. However, Toby figures out that what they meant is that AAARRRGGHH!!! is the one who can help them get into the Darklands to rescue Jim. Blinky starts to look into a book about AAARRRGGHH!!!'s curse, so they can track down the creator of the poison, and therefore find a cure, only to find out that the people who created it were "The Janus Order", which is a group of Gunmar followers. 

Just then, Vendel arrives and puts the three on probation for their actions the other day. Vendel informs them that the Tribunal Order has sent the remains of the bridge to be thrown into the bottom of the ocean to prevent any more harm. Luckily, Claire has a little plan in store for her friends. 

Stealing the Bridge

Toby and Claire arrive at school, where people are still concerned about Jim's fake illness. However, Steve isn't buying it and believes that Jim is being a sore loser because he beat him for prom king.

That night, Toby, Claire, and NotEnrique go into the woods to retrieve the crates containing the bridge pieces. Claire conjures up a portal and finds herself in a ship with the crates. When she starts sending the crates back through the door, the captain announces that the crates will be dumped into the ocean in just a few minutes, so they throw the pieces out one-by-one. Suddenly, Claire starts getting tired and loses her confidence. To give her a motivation, NotEnrique starts provoking her, causing her to conjure up bigger portals and get the crates out just in time for Steve (who followed them to the woods) to be knocked out cold.

The Janus Order

The Trollhunters find Otto Scaarbach downtown to follow him to the Janus Order, but Toby's recklessness causes them to get caught and he runs away. They try to follow him, but they end up losing him in an alley.

The next day, Toby gets some new headgear from the dentist, which starts picking up some freaky signals from the radio. That night, Blinky and Claire listen closely to the signals, which turn out to be coordinated for the location of the Janus Order.

The coordinates lead to a travel agency. They manage to break into the building and find a secret passageway to a hidden room, where they discover an entrance to an underground lair. They realize that this must be the place where the Janus Order concocts magic hexes and evil plots for Gunmar. Claire and Toby managed to get past security by having Claire pass herself off as a Changeling from Mexico.

The two then arrive at the meeting, where they discover that the Changelings are planning more than just the return of Gunmar: they are also planning to resurrect their other leader whom the fellow changelings call their "Lady Creator". Before they can get more information on the cult, Toby's braces cause them to get caught and get chased by the whole Janus Order. 

Otto manages to capture Blinky, Claire, Toby, and NotEnrique and takes them to some sort of strange room. After Otto takes off Toby's headgear, Otto tells them to steal Vendel's staff in exchange for the antidote. Reluctantly, they steal Vendel's staff and give it to Otto. Blinky reads the list for the ingredients and it says that first, they need, "the tears of one who has never been kissed" (that one being Toby), some expired food, a rat, a skeleton of gnome, and a fragment of a Hearthstone.

Quest into The Darklands

They go back to Trollmarket and mix the ingredients together, causing a large cloud of blue smoke, which restores AAARRRGGHH!!! back to normal. After a rampage (he was still fighting when he got turned to stone), AAARRRGGHH!!! sees Toby and calms down, which makes everyone overjoyed to see him again. Just then, AAARRRGGHH!!! is summoned by the Fates and encounters the spirit of Kanjigar, who then goes into his body. 

Kanjigar informs the team that since AAARRRGGHH!!! has died and now come back to life, he can use AAARRRGGHH!!!'s body to open up the Darklands portal since only a Trollhunter can use it. They take the Gyre to the park and Kanjigar manages to open up the portal. He then goes back to the beyond to rejoin the other Trollhunters, and leaves Draal to guard the portal, should anyone escape. 

Claire, Toby, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!! enter the Darklands and find themselves in a pretty tight spot as they try to cross a narrow bridge. Blinky accidentally drops a flare that Kanjigar gave them, so he and AAARRRGGHH!!! go down the bridge to retrieve it, but end up getting captured by Blinky's evil twin brother, Dictatious. After searching for a brief time, Toby and Claire find Jim all locked up. Before they can get him out, Gunmar's minions arrive and take Jim to battle Gunmar. Toby and Claire track Jim down, only to find that Nomura has been assisting him in escaping. The group manages to reunite and engages in a battle with Gunmar and his minions. Just when hope is lost, Draal arrives and manages to save them all at the last minute, and make it out of the bridge just in time. When they make it back to Earth, AAARRRGGHH!!! and Draal destroy the bridge to prevent any more disasters from occurring. Claire is overjoyed to see Jim once again and kisses him. They then head home, not knowing that Gunmar, Dictatious and some Gumm-Gumms have made their way to Earth as well. 

Coming Home

Now that Jim is out of the Darklands and back on Earth, the gang becomes concerned with Jim's strange and joyful behavior. That joy doesn't last long, however, as Vendel and Troll Tribunal have come to confront the Trollhunters for their actions.

Later that night, the Trollhunters find out that Blood Goblins have invaded Earth. Blinky informs them that Blood Goblins will stop at nothing to destroy the person they are hounding. Jim believes they are hounding him since he was the last person in the Darklands.

They go back to Toby's house only to figure that Chompsky has been presumably killed by the goblins. It is here that Jim admits his mistakes and begins to feel pathetic and useless for putting his friends and the world in danger, but Blinky assures him that he has become more than the amulet or anyone has ever expected of him. Just then, AAARRRGGHH!!! picks up Chompsky's scent, confirming that he is still alive and well.

The gang follows Chompsky's sent back to the warehouse and finds out that the goblins are roasting him on an open fire. Using their skills and some fireworks that Toby found, they manage to rescue Chompsky, defeat the goblins, and witness Chompsky's "marriage."

Too Many Jims

Claire invites Jim to a party at her house so he can prove himself to Claire's folks after he and Toby wrecked their house. When Jim uses a strange gemstone on his amulet, it creates some clones of him, each with their own solitary, distinct persona. The clones each cause trouble at the party; Romantic Jim is flirting with all of the guests (including Claire's mother), Grumpy Jim is complaining, Spanish Jim is speaking a language no one can understand, Chef Jim is cooking up chorizo, Arrogant Jim is being a jerk, Wimpy Jim is whining, and Hunter Jim wants to steal Jim's job.  

Claire rounds up all the clones and takes them back to her room with the real Jim, only to find out that she's missing Hunter Jim. The real Jim manages to capture Hunter and sends him and the clones back into the amulet. Despite the parents hating Jim more, Claire kisses Jim and proclaims him as her boyfriend. 

The Flour Sack

One day in class, Coach Lawrence assigns the students to care for a flour sack as part of a parenting lesson. As fate would have it, Jim and Claire are paired up and are instantly proud parents to their sack.

After school, Jim and Claire meet up with Darci and Toby (who were also assigned together) at a malt shop to hang out. Toby promises Darci to take care of their "baby" while she is out at an event she is supposed to entertain.

As the Trollhunters walk home, Toby confesses that this is his favorite assignment since his parents were reported lost at sea when he was a baby. Just as they arrive home, a Gruesome attacks them and steals Toby's backpack with his rock collection. Blinky, Draal, and AAARRRGGHH!!! inform them that the Gruesome is probably on its way to the rock show at the museum. They give them a special rock, which will explode on impact when the Gruesome consumes it.

They arrive in the museum, only to find that Darci has arrived at the museum since the football game ended early. Toby tells Darci to take the sack home, but Darci decides to stay and watch the rock show. While Toby tries to keep Darci and the baby out of trouble, Jim and Claire search for the Gruesome. Jim accidentally runs into Steve (who is secretly on a mission with Eli to investigate the Trollhunters), and goes into the bathroom, not knowing that Steve has followed him.

Jim fights the Gruesome in the bathroom, but he cannot stop him. Jim accidentally destroys his sack and the flour starts to weaken the Gruesome. When the entire museum evacuates the building after Eli accidentally triggers an alert, Jim calls Toby and informs that he needs to sacrifice his "baby" in order to save the day. Toby reluctantly takes his flour sack and sacrifices it to the Gruesome (not knowing that it was really Steve and Eli's sack). Just before Toby can inform Darci of their predicament, Claire shows up with their flour sack.

In the end, Toby and Darci are the only students who passed the assignment, since all the other sacks got destroyed in some way. As the bell rings, Toby and Darci walk home hand-in-hand with Jim and Claire in tow and high hopes for their futures.

Saturday Detention

One night, the Trollhunters are chasing some gnomes who have stolen Señor Uhl's truck. With the help of AAARRRGGHH!!! and Toby, they manage to capture the gnomes. Before the kids can get the truck back, Uhl shows up with the police and gives them Saturday detention.

The very next day, they arrive at school, hoping to get a break from all the stress that has been going on lately, only to find that Steve, Eli, Mary, and Shannon will be sharing detention with them. The kids start to bicker while Uhl does some paperwork. When Uhl eats some of Toby's extra-spicy taco, he starts to get terribly gassy and heads to the bathroom. Knowing that he won't be back for a long time, the kids sneak out of the detention room and start to have some fun together, bonding along the way. In the gym, Shannon gives a heartfelt speech about being honest and spreading kindness, which everyone seems to start to ponder until Claire makes a snarky comment.  Just then, Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! arrive and warn Jim that Draal has been taken over by Gunmar's powers. To prevent everyone from finding out, Jim tells everyone that Uhl is heading back to class and tells them to go back to the room. However, Steve and Eli are not fooled, so Steve disguises himself as the school mascot to secretly find out what is really going on with Jim. 

When the kids arrive back in the detention room, Uhl notices the damage done by the fight Jim had with the possessed Draal. Uhl questions Eli on what could have possibly happened, to which the boy covers up by claiming it was the school rivals who caused the damage, to which Uhl easily buys.

Gunmar's Takeover

When the Trollhunters arrive at Trollmarket, they find the Troll Tribunal putting Jim on trial for his actions. When they find out that Jim is actually being prosecuted for allegedly releasing Gunmar, Claire and Blinky decide to find out who could be truly responsible for Gunmar's release. While Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! stall for time, Claire and Blinky decide to use the time to look over Trollmarket to find out who the true mastermind could be. Blinky and Claire go to RotGut's shop to interrogate them. While Claire's "bad cop" performance flops, Blinky does a more convincing job. They claim that a guy named "Krax" has been buying out their entire stock of Gaggletacks. Blinky and Claire realize that this person might be the mole who is helping the Changelings. They go to Krax's place and find the supply of Gaggletacks. When Krax arrives, Blinky tries to interrogate him, but he accidentally blows him up. They get back to the trial, but Ursuna (who has killed Vendel) instantly finds Jim guilty and sentences him to exile in the abyss. The gang chases after Jim, and he is thrown into the abyss, where he becomes face-to-face with some sort of person who looks like himself. Jim luckily survives and manages to escape, due to his human status. The Trollhunters then find out that Ursuna is actually behind all of this and had actually killed Vendel.

They then go back to the Janus Order, where Gunmar is planning his invasion, thinking that Jim is dead. When they start to attack, Gunmar destroys the entire Janus Order and he invades Trollmarket to absorb the Heartstone's power and do something else. The Trollhunters get back to Trollmarket and interrogate Dictatious into revealing what he knows. After spinning him around for some time, Dictatious reveals that since Gunmar's army of Gumm-Gumms is stuck in the Darklands, he is going to brainwash all of Trollmarket and make them his new army. With the help of the Creepslayerz, the Trollhunters manage to help the trolls escape to safety. When Gunmar and his minions start getting close to the gang and the rest of the trolls, Claire uses all the power in her staff to conjure up a portal big enough for the entire escapees to make it to Earth and the streak on Claire's hair turns white. Later that night, Claire begins sleepwalking as a result of the Shadow Staff's power and becomes under the control of Morgan le Fey, the evil witch.

Trollhunters (Part Three)

The Control of Morgana

While Jim and Blinky try to help the trolls find a new home, Claire starts to get sick and having some weird vibes in her sleep. Morgana's powers cause her to sleepwalk and deliver things to her without even knowing it. While she is sleeping, Morgana causes her to steal the signs and cause various Gumm-Gumms to attack the warehouse where the trolls were taking refuge.

The next day at school, Mary takes Claire to meet Douxie, a visiting student who is handing out flyers for the Battle of the Bands at the end of the school year. He starts flirting with Claire (much to Jim's jealousy) and advises her, Mary, and Darci to compete in the contest. The girls decide to enter as a cover band called, "Mama Skull", a variant of their favorite band, "Papa Skull."

Soon enough, Claire starts getting sicker and all worn out, so she decides to stay home for the day while Jim, Toby, Eli, and Steve have an adventure at school. At Morgana's Cave, she made Claire deliver the stone head of the late Angor Rot to Gunmar when he arrives for information on how to bring forth the Eternal Night.

The very next day, Claire wakes up feeling one hundred percent better. While she is getting ready for the day, Enrique informs her of her sleepwalking, but Claire brushes it off and doesn't listen. She arrives at school, where she meets up with Darci, who proposes that she and Darci go on a double date with the guys to celebrate. 

That night, Jim tries to seat Claire, but only ends up making her fall down instead. While Jim tries to talk to Claire, Toby keeps kicking Jim and ruining them. Just then, Douxie arrives as their waiter (much to Jim's anger) and proceeds to flirt with both Darci and Claire. When Claire begins to feel dizzy, she goes to the bathroom to clear her head. In the bathroom, Claire finds out that she has been taken over by Morgana, and she plots on using Claire to get the staff back and destroy Jim. Morgana emerges from the mirror in her flame form and starts to strengthen her control over the girl. Morgana flies into Claire's body and takes full control of her body and mind, trapping the real Claire in the Shadow Realm. 

When Jim and Claire go back to the Nunez residence, Claire starts to go crazy and try to attack Jim. Luckily, Enrique stops her and informs the Trollhunter of Morgana's control over Claire. 

Later that night, Jim, Toby, Blinky, and Strickler chain Morgana to a chair and try to think of a way to get the witch out of Claire. Strickler tells the boys that Claire's soul is trapped in the Shadow Realm and gives them an incantation to find it. If they recite an incantation in reverse after finding Claire, they'll escape. Jim and Toby enter the Shadow Realm, where they find Claire's spirit frantically trying to finish homework and tend to an invisible Enrique. Jim and Toby try to communicate with her, but she cannot hear nor see them. However, she does notice what they do to her stuff. The boys come up with the idea of writing down their presence on a piece of paper to warn her. They continue to do some things in her room until she finally sees them. Claire asks the boys what is going on and Toby explains everything, which Claire furious at Morgana. Holding onto Claire's stuffed bunny, they fly back to the portal, but the portal closes when Morgana throws the staff into it. The kids fly up to get it, but Morgana is getting too strong. Using all her strength, Claire manages to overpower Morgana and steal the staff back. Claire regains control of her body and even manages to pick up a few of Morgana's abilities. 

The Truth Comes Out Again

When Barbara's memory comes back, she invites Claire's folks and Toby's Nana over for a little confrontation with the kids. Barbara explains to the adults about the secret kingdom of trolls and the kids' solemn duties to protect them and fight evil, but naturally, they don't believe her and assume she is on drugs. Not wanting to be in more trouble than they already are, the kids try to pretend that Barbara's crazy and doesn't know what she is talking about. Barbara shows them the weapons, but they assume that Jim stole them from the museum, since he and Toby got arrested from there. Quickly thinking, Claire claims these weapons are for LARPing, which Toby goes along with.

Just then, Blinky arrives and takes Jim downstairs to the basement to warn them of AAARRRGGHH!!!'s predicament. Barbara gets fed up and confronts Jim on what he has done, in which Jim once again, admits the truth. Barbara explains to Jim how it's the parents' job to know when or if their kids are in danger, regardless of what happens. She also points out what he's going to tell Claire and Toby's folks if they die for real. Realizing that he was wrong, Jim apologizes and agrees to tell the truth. Jim then reintroduces Barbara to Blinky and Dictatious.

The Lakes go back upstairs in the middle of an argument. Knowing they cannot keep lying forever, Jim, Claire, and Toby reveal their Trollhunter identities. When the goblins arrive to attack the reformed Dictatious, the Trollhunters manage to defeat the goblins with help from their parents. After getting trapped in the Shadow Realm for a short amount of time, Claire manages to find a way to Merlin's tomb. They decide to go in hopes that they can get his help to defeat Morgana. 

Quest to Merlin's Tomb

While debating on the amulet, Claire describes her vision to her friends: that he saw Merlin creating the Amulet of Daylight and then placed a jewell inside, which held a map to his tomb within. When Jim wonders if it was really Merlin alone making the amulet, Blinky voices distain of destroying the sacred amulet. Claire insists that destroying the amulet will find Merlin's tomb and the Staff of Avalon, before Dictatious assists her by claiming that the amulet and the staff are both connected through Merlin's magic. Jim later decides that he probably doesn't have to destroy his amulet, since Gunmar has AAARRRGGHH!!! captive and could be used as an emotional anchor.

After packing up their things, the kids say goodbye to their parents and promise to contact them to let them know if they're okay. They go to Trollmarket and find out that AAARRRGGHH!!! has been trapped inside of a stasis trap with Dwarfstones. Jim then decides to have Toby drop his hammer in order to drop into the room below, although Blinky theorizes that the explosion will probably get them killed, but Toby is willing to take the risk. Toby smashes the hammer and they fall into the room below. They find an ancient gyre and realize that the blue stone inside of the amulet is the key to powering the gyre. Knowing the risk of destroying the amulet, Jim smashes it to smithereens and places the stone in it's proper place, which unlocks the map to Merlin's tomb.

The gyre takes them to the tomb, which is hidden behind a waterfall that is impervious to magic. They then realize that Gunmar and Draal are here and with Draal being free from his brainwashing, they can rescue him. They go inside and find Merlin's old workshop. Toby then presses on a stone, which lights up the enitre workshop and makes it look brand new. Jim theorizes that maybe the button somehow makes things look like the past. Claire finds a bag of seeds and decides to use the seed to grow a tree that will reach to the next part of the tomb.

As soon as the gang climbs up, they find a timeline depicting Merlin and the Staff of Avalon, his history with Morgana, and how he formed the Trollhunters. They also see that it also continues into the present, which beginds a battle with Angor Rot. They escape from Angor and into a cavern filled with giant crystals. Jim carries Draal's mechanical arm and finds Draal trapped between some crystals. Draal feels guilty about being hypnotized and believes that he had let everyone down. Jim assures him that this wasn't his fault and he is better than he thinks. Just then, Angor arrives into the cavern and begins chasing after both Jim and Draal. Despite trying to put up a good fight, Gunmar then manages to strike Draal with his staff and turn him to stone, throwing him to the ground (in the same manner that his father was killed), much to everyone's horror. As soon as the cave starts collapsing, Gunmar then leaves Angor behind (who is dangling from one of the crystals).

The gang then goes over to Merlin's tomb, where they find the ancient wizard sleeping and covered in spider webs. Jim uses the amulet to wake Merlin up, which then succeeds. Merlin stretches his joints and asks them where his staff might be. Jim explains that Gunmar took it and it fills Merlin with doubt. Merlin explains Jim that he foresaw their arrival because he can see the future and he went into comatose because of the Battle of Killahead Bridge. Merlin then shows them shadows of the Killahead Bridge battle. He takes them to where he fought Morgana and explains to them that she is the one who conjured up the Eternal Night and the only way to stop her was for Merlin to forsake all of his magic as possible. Thanks to Gunmar, she is probably going to escape from her prison and take vengence. When they get back, they find out that the cave is going to flood them and the only way is to use the amulet. Merlin manages to repair the amulet and they escape the cave with their lives.

Meeting Aja and Krel

Merlin tells the Trollhunters he is making some special projects, but in order to do that, he will need certain ingredients from different locations. 

Jim then shows up with two new students, Aja and Krel Tarron. Señor Uhl wants Jim to show them around the town if he wants to make up for his many absent days. Jim takes Aja and Krel to Claire and Toby, who reluctantly agree to include them in their Trollhunting mission for Merlin.

They take them to the wrecked Janus Order, which they pass off as a "teen hangout." While they search for Changeling remains, Krel goes into the control room and starts to use the system to play music and show off his dancing skills. When Jim turns the music off, some footage of AAARRRGGHH!!! and Jim fighting Gunmar starts playing on the monitors, which he instantly turns off. The Trollhunters claim it to be a movie and decide to take the siblings to see Claire's house, while Krel takes something he brought out of the control panel.

Jim and Toby go to the roof to collect some lightning in a jar, so Aja and Krel decide to use their vast intergalactic knowledge to help them do it. Krel makes a capacitor from some parts of the microwave to hold the lightning in, and Aja hacks into Arcadia's power grid to make lightning appear in fifteen minutes. Using Jim's sword, they manage to capture the lightning and put it in the jar. The siblings then bid their friends goodbye and go home.

The Trollhunters go back to Jim's house, where they see that Merlin has finished working on his new project: armor for Toby and Claire. Blinky asks Merlin what is going on, to which Merlin replies that it's time to go to war once he releases Morgana and wants to kill her before she has a chance to cause the Eternal Night. 

Searching for Jim

Merlin explains that Jim has the choice to stop Gunmar and Morgana. While Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! go to recruit as many people as they can, Jim is left to decide whether or not to start the war. Just then, Nomura arrives and informs the Trollhunters that Gunmar has Strickler and Barbara. Toby, Claire, and Nomura go to get Barbara and Strickler back, while Jim and Merlin stay behind. 

The Eternal Night War

The Eternal Night has struck and the Trollhunters must prepare for Morgana's attack on the human world. Merlin decides that he and AAARRRGGHH!!! will go down to Trollmarket and try to stop Morgana, while the rest will handle the Gumm-Gumms. Jim stays behind in his house so he won't burn out in the sun.

Claire and Toby go to the Battle of the Bands to warn everybody about impending doom, but nobody takes them seriously and believe it's part of a song. Just then, the Gumm-Gumms strike and start attacking the city. The Trollhunters and the Trolls unite and begin fighting back while getting the citizens of Arcadia to safety.

The Trollhunters begin battling the Gumm Gumms and Jim eventually manages to defeat Morgana with the newly reformed Angor Rot. Unfortunately, he ends up getting seriously hurt and the others rush to him. Claire tearfully recites part of their dialogue from the school play, declaring her true love for him. When Jim quietly finishes, everyone is overjoyed to find out he’s alive.

Leaving Arcadia

With Morgana gone and the war over, Trollmarket has been destroyed and now, the citizens of Trollmarket must find a new home in New Jersey. Claire decides to join Jim, Merlin, and the trolls while Toby and AAARRRGGHH!!! decide to stay behind to protect Arcadia. She bids her family a tearful goodbye and heads off into a new chapter in their lives.

3Below (Part One)

Mind Over Matter

Claire can be heard when Aja uses a mind reader to locate the alien imposter. She is heard thinking in exasperation that NotEnrique used her account to order socks again.

Beetle Invasion

Claire calls Mary during the Skelteg invasion.

The Time Loop

One day, a trickster troll named Porgon goes on the loose and the Trollhunters start to track him down. Porgon finds a part from Aja and Krel's ship and uses it to vanish. Blinky assumes that it's because he has somehow found a way to control time and space.

The next day, the kids go to the science fair to see if Porgon got there. Jim bumps into Aja and introduces himself. Just then, Porgon arrives and starts attacking the fair. Before Jim can activate his armor, Aja uses her shield to block Porgon's attacks, causing them to be protected when Porgon sends everybody back to earlier.

Aja goes back to the science fair and finds herself experiencing the same day. Jim then informs Aja about how Porgon is apparently using the Akridion stick and the troll magic to cause a time loop. Aja then reveals her true form to Jim when explaining the Akiridion stick. They are sent to back to Jim's house from earlier and the two inform each other of their ambitions. Aja wants to stop Porgon right away, but Jim stops her and calls the other Trollhunters for assistance.

Both teams meet in the woods, where both of their mentors begin to have a bit of a tiff. They go inside the museum to stop Porgon, but Aja's impulsiveness only causes them to fail again. They go back through the time loop and have a meeting at Aja and Krel's house to discuss how they are going to plan their attack on Porgon. The teams conclude that combining the Dekyon Charger and his Troll magic, he is able to control time and space itself, but if he combines it with the Daxial Array as well, time could be destroyed. Jim tries to formulate a plan, but being impatient, Aja goes off on her own. Naturally, she fails again and is sent back through the time loop.

When she goes back to the house, the others call Aja out on her recklessness. Aja snaps about how determined she is to become a warrior and to defeat the bounty hunters who are out to kill her. Varvatos explains to Aja that all the training in the world cannot prevent accidents or mistakes, there will be consequences no matter what, while Jim tells Aja that you need to be patient and all the help you can get when facing a life-or-death opponent. Aja ponders this and reluctantly agrees.

The gang decides to put magic stones on the students' volcanoes to distract Porgon while stealing the charger. When they cause the volcanoes to spew out real lava, they manage to defeat Porgon and retrieve the charger. Unfortunately, that also means that they have been exposed to the public. Krel decides to destroy the charger, but that also means the events and their memories will be erased. After some reluctance, Krel destroys the charger and everything is reversed.

"Uncle Marlin"

Darci mentions that Claire went with Jim and Toby to visit Toby's "Uncle Marlin". She is briefly seen in Merlin's Tomb when Jim uses his sword to redirect the rushing water.

The Eternal Night

Claire can be seen warning everyone about the Eternal Night, right before the Gumm-Gumm invasion begins. As the Eternal Night began, Claire fought against the Gumm-Gumm Army and helped evacuate the people the of Arcadia Oaks to somewhere safe.

Wizards (Part One)


Physical Appearance

Claire was very special for me, because I wanted a Latin girl that was strong, but she was also in love with poetry and theater, and was very artistic. I think that many times you have the tomboy girl that is heroic, or you have the girlish gal that is sort of a rescue token. And I wanted her to not be either of those.
Guillermo Del Toro[src]

Claire has been described as a very pretty and rather attractive young lady, even by Merlin himself.

She is medium height with a slim build. She is a Latin girl with darker white skin, with a gold tone, and light freckles across the tops of her cheeks and bridge of her nose (Fitzpatrick Scale Type 3).[3][4] She has dark brown eyes and black to very dark brunette hair (depending on the light) with a blue streak, which after being corrupted by the Shadow Staff changed to white.

She wears a light purple turtleneck shirt with a darker pink skull and the word "HAMLET" under a short dark purple jacket, a short blue skirt, gray leggings with black shoes and a lot of colorful barrettes in her hair.

When using an intense amount of power from the Shadow Staff, her eyes turn pitch black with only her irises and pupils shining in some dark purple color. However, when Morgana's power is controlling her, it glows dark yellow.

In the episode "In Good Hands", Merlin crafts her her own suit of armor, which fits her more slim physique. Claire's armor is a purple suit of woman knight's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with purple trimmings. Underneath the armor, there is dark purple inner layer. On her hands are purple claw finger ring tips, similar to Morgana's, and has a purple helmet that covers all of her hair, but it shows her face more than Morgana's. It also has a light purple diamond encrusted on her breastplate, similar to Merlin's.

The color of Claire's magic is violet purple.


It was so important for us to portray Claire as a smart, independent, and incredibly capable friend for Toby and Jim. I love how in the series she discovers herself, figures out how strong she is, and becomes a partner and protector of Toby and Jim. She is an essential part of winning the war between good and evil.
―Christina Steinberg, Executive Producer[src]

For the first few episodes, Claire was more of a flat character and just tolerated Jim at best, which wasn't helped by how flaky he appeared due to his new double life. Soon enough, Claire became suspicious and concerned about Jim's behavior, so she went to investigate what was going on.

When she found out about the trolls and Jim being their new protector, Claire started to prove to be a worthy ally and very insightful with weapons and troll culture. She is also shown to have a motherly side since she found about her brother being replaced by NotEnrique and was deeply scared for him.

Claire is also shown to be quite irritable and impatient with others when they get too annoying, especially NotEnrique and Toby. This also extended to Jim for a time, due to her being under pressure from her parents, the play and being unaware of him being the new Trollhunter and how much strain it puts on his life, which is something she was almost immediately re-pendent of for not trying to be more patient and understanding of him upon learning this, which she demonstrates towards him onwards and eventually falls in love with him.  

Deep down, Claire's biggest fear is letting people down and not living up to her parents' high expectations of her being perfect, making their relationship sort of strained. When they found out about her being a Trollhunter, her relationship with her folks became more loving and they became more understanding and friendlier towards her. 

Powers & Abilities


  • Above-Average Physiology: Claire is slightly stronger and faster than a girl her own age.
    • Strength: She can carry heavy armor and wield weapons with no problem. Jim even claims that she's quite strong since she has a good right and left punch.
    • Agility: She appears to be just as agile as Jim.
  • Magic: After being possessed by Morgana, Claire was able to retain some of her memories and knowledge, being able to use a small degree of magic and spells. Despite gaining limited magic, she was able to overpower Morgana (who is more ancient in the art of magic than other wizards) through sheer force of will. Presumably, her powers were diminished after the destruction of her Shadow Staff.
    • Spell Casting (limited): Claire is able to cast a small degree of magic spells after freeing herself from Morgana's control.
      • Shadow Staff Reclaiming Spell (presumed formerly): In "The Exorcism of Claire Nunez", Claire acquired the ability to control/reclaim the Shadow Staff if she ever loses it. However, she most likely no longer needs this spell as her staff was destroyed.
        • Incantation: Azazazuth-Kinekh-Thoon
    • Clairvoyance: Claire can receive visions, some of which were memories leftover from Morgana. She once saw/heard the newly resurrected Angor Rot telling her that he has returned to kill Jim.
      • Precognition: Claire can see glimpses of the future, but they're not always clear. She once predicted that Jim must destroy his amulet to retrieve the map inside of it so they can find Merlin's Tomb and the Staff of Avalon.
      • Retrocognition: Claire can see glimpses of the past, as she briefly saw/heard Merlin and Morgana battling each other, and saw Merlin and his unseen apprentice completing the Amulet of Daylight together.
    • Magic Detection (apparently): Briefly shown in "Roaming Fees May Apply", Claire was mysteriously able to sense the presence of Angor Rot's magic, which was way before she was possessed by Morgana or even came into possession of the Shadow Staff.
    • Semi-Immortality (presumably): As proclaimed by Morgana herself at the end of "In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King", after Claire became corrupted by the Pale Lady's spirit, they both became forever linked to each other and now share the same essence. This most likely means that Claire (even after she broke free from Morgana's control) also retained some of her immortality and can now live for centuries, but is still vulnerable to death and can fall in battle. However, it's currently unknown if this is true or not.


  • Willpower: Like Jim, Claire also has a strong sense of will in times of extreme danger. Her strong spirit was most notably shown in "The Exorcism of Claire Nunez" when she mentally/magically (and intensely) battles Morgana for control of the Shadow Staff and her own body through sheer force of will.
  • Staffsmanship: Claire is a proficient staffswoman when fighting with her Shadow Staff, mirroring Jim's swordsmanship. In "The Eternal Knight: Part 1", Mary claims that Claire knows how to twirl batons, which she uses to wield her staff.
  • Combatant: In spite of being the newest member of the Trollhunters, Claire is shown to be experienced with hand-to-hand combat (Jim even stated that Claire has a good right and left punch). Her combat skills were most notably shown when she fought par-on-par against Angor Rot on her own and participated in the Eternal Night War as she fought against countless Gumm-Gumms, directly or indirectly.
  • Exceptional Memory: Claire has exceptionally sharp memory, mainly demonstrated with her ability to memorize four hundred pages of Shakespeare, as well as perfectly remember the Triumbric Stones Prophecy after reading/hearing it only once.
  • Enigmatologist: Claire claims that she can be a riddle dork sometimes and enjoys solving riddles (though not so much if it was in a life or death situation, like with Gatto).
  • Actress: Claire is a fairly decent actress, being able to land the part of Juliet for the school play.
  • Trilingual: As a Hispanic, Claire is fluent in Spanish. Claire also mentions that NotEnrique has been teaching her how to speak and read Trollish just as fluently, which was enough to impress Vendel into accepting her.


  • Mortality (presumed formerly): As a human, Claire possessed a mortal soul, so was therefore highly vulnerable to any forms of injuries, sicknesses, and death. However, after becoming linked with Morgana, Claire most likely retained some of her immortality and can live for hundreds of years, but is still vulnerable to being killed.
  • Strain/Corruption (formerly): Despite the great power of her weapon, the staff itself also had its limits and downsides. Its portals can connect to very distant places, but the more portals are created, the greater the wear that Claire suffers. When Claire used excessive use of its power, she briefly became corrupted by its dark magic, thus she becomes possessed by Morgana. Fortunately, Claire was able to regain control of both her staff and body from the witch and can no longer be corrupted by the staff's dark magic.
  • Stubbornness: Although her intentions are naturally well-meaning, Claire's stubbornness and overachieving persona is one of her greatest quirks. Her overdetermination to finish a job is not so different from her own mother's workaholism. When Claire mysteriously came down with a cold, she was still determined to help while she brushed/shoved away her friends' suggestions of her taking a break, despite their concerns. Plus, when NotEnrique warns her of her abnormal activities while she slept, she brushes it aside, despite the clear evidence that something dark was happening to her (while she tried to convince herself that it was just sleepwalking). It would eventually lead to her being possessed by Morgana without even warning her friends that she has truly been corrupted.


  • Shadow Staff (formerly): The Shadow Staff was Claire's primary choice of weapon, which she obtained from Angor Rot in "The Shattered King". It was a magical staff of great power, capable of opening inter-dimensional shadow-like portals to other places through the Shadow Realm and utilizing negative emotions, and even create personal shadows (through Claire is never shown doing this). Claire could travel to a destination through an emotional link she possesses with her friends, who can be used as "emotional anchors" to travel to their current designated location. Unfortunately, the staff also had its limits and downsides. Its portals can connect to very distant places, but the more portals are created, the greater the wear that the user suffers. The portals are also not able to cross between dimensions, like the Darklands. Excessive use of the staff's power can cause the user to be corrupted by its dark magic, thus Claire becomes possessed by Morgana (the staff's original creator) after she successfully teleports all the trolls out of Trollmarket. Claire was later able to use her newfound use of magic to sever Morgana's connection with the Shadow Staff and gained the ability to control/reclaim her staff. However, in order to banish Morgana in the Shadow Realm forever, Toby (under Claire's orders) destroys her Shadow Staff with his Warhammer.
  • Armor: At the end of "In Good Hands", Merlin crafts Claire her own suit of armor, which protects her from mortal damage.
  • Horngazel (formerly): Claire used to bring her own horngazel to enter/exit Trollmarket. However, she loses it to Angor Rot in "A Night to Remember" so that he could use it to ambush Trollmarket.
  • Crank Key (briefly): Before entering the Darklands, Kanjigar entrusted Claire a crank key so that when the time comes, it will "aid her in a key moment". She once tried to use it to unlock Jim's cell, but it wouldn't fit. Instead, it was a crank for escaping Gunmar's throne room.
  • Bike: Like Jim and Toby, Claire also owns her own bike which she uses to ride to and from school.



Love Interests

Jim Lake Jr.

"You mean WE are gonna find him... together." -Claire to Jim in "The Battle of Two Bridges"

At first, Jim merely crushed on her from afar and she didn't know he existed until he attempted to woo her with quickly learned Spanish and she invited him to audition for the school play, Romeo and Juliet. Although he didn't actually want to act, he auditioned to get closer to Claire (along with keeping his new Trollhunter status on a low profile). However, due to his tardiness and absence from several rehearsals, their relationship begins to turn sour. After a last-minute attempt to win back her trust, he agrees to babysit her little brother, Enrique, who is actually NotEnrique. After causing a mess in her house, she says she never wants to talk to him again. Before he and Draal have their to-the-death rematch, he leaves her a letter, confessing all of his feelings and what has been going on with him. She forgives him, thinking it's metaphorical, but then grows suspicious and, after NotEnrique endangers her and she learns the truth about his new double life situation, the two grow closer as she joins in on the adventures, and prepare to go to the Spring Fling together. She also attempts to aid and comfort Jim when being Trollhunter, its grave responsibilities and cost start to become too much for him. They ultimately decide to skip the Fling, and instead dance near a cliff overlooking the city, almost kissing. Jim is more than determined to rescue Enrique and help Claire.  

During Part Two, Claire is determined to rescue Jim from the Darklands after he saved Enrique first. After everyone manages to get him back, Claire hugs him saying that she missed him before they both share a kiss (though she was clearly distraught that he went into the Darklands without them). After an unconventional barbecue at her parents' house, Claire finally calls Jim her boyfriend and says that she does not care that her parents disapprove of it, officially becoming a couple.

During Part Three, Jim and Claire's relationship starts to increase when Claire was possessed by Morgana's powers. When Jim and Toby went into the Shadow Realm to rescue her, they helped her fight the witch out of her body and restore her free will. After Jim became a half-troll, Claire became deeply concerned about him having to face the burdens of being a troll permanently, uncertain as to what kind of life they could possibly have together. Despite his new appearance (which she finds rather attractive), Claire still loves him. She even decides to stay with Jim and join him on his journey to a new Heartstone in New Jersey, proving her undying loyalty to him.


Claire seemed rather bashful when she meets him in person and admires his band. He also suggests that she and her friends should participate in the Battle of the Bands. She even giggles at his witty comments and blushes from his charming looks (much to Jim's jealousy).

However, Claire's heart truly belongs to Jim as she just tolerates Douxie as a good friend.



Ophelia and Javier Nuñez

It would appear that Claire’s relationship with her parents seems strained since her mother seems to care more about her image and career as a councilwoman than paying attention to her own family. Claire even claims that her mother can’t even remember her daughter’s own birthday without checking her schedule. It is also hinted that Claire may be pushed too far by them since Claire claims they'd freak out if she "got a B."

When Javier and Ophelia find out about Claire's secret life, they start to become more concerned for her safety. However, they start to trust Claire more and begin to realize that she doesn’t want to be molded into some perfect daughter, making their relationship start to grow. At first, they were reluctant to let Claire graduate early and live with Jim in New Jersey, but they agreed anyway (only if they came back soon).

Enrique Nuñez

Claire deeply loves her baby brother, acting more like a mother than a sister to him since their parents almost always work late. She becomes visibly distraught and dismayed when she learns that her real brother has been kidnapped and taken into the Darklands, replaced by a changeling nicknamed NotEnrique. As revealed in "Where Is My Mind?", her biggest fear is losing Enrique and failing to keep him safe.

After Jim saves Enrique from the Darklands, Claire is greatly relieved and happy to have her real brother back, unharmed. She later goes into the Darklands to rescue Jim to pay off her debt.


NotEnrique and Claire share a rocky relationship. Although shown to argue, they are rather close and he even showed Claire that her real brother is safe. They act much like real brothers and sisters. As the series progresses this bond is shown to grow stronger to the point when he begins referring to Claire as Sis, and should she be harmed he makes statements such as "Keep your hands off my sister!"

In Part Three, Enrique grows very concerned about Claire's odd behavior when she starts getting taken over by Morgana's power.



Mary Wang and Darci Scott

Mary Wang and Darci Scott are Claire's best friends and they are often seen hanging out together. They both are fully supportive of her and Jim getting together. As the series goes on, they become more observant of Claire acting suspicious and tries to figure out what she won't tell them. Mary assumes that Claire is dating a college guy, and uses that as a cover-up. 

It is unknown how they felt when Claire decided to travel with Jim and the other trolls to New Jersey, but they were most likely heartbroken.

Toby Domzalski

Originally, Claire was more distant and hostile towards Toby and often forgot his name, no matter how many times he told her. When Claire became a Trollhunter, Toby started to get more envious of Claire and started to compete with her for the role of Jim's sidekick. However, Claire assured him that she wouldn't come between Toby and Jim. Since then, they've started to get along better, though Claire still often got annoyed with Toby's harebrained schemes.

When Toby opened the cursed box from Bagdwella, the weight curse spread so he offended her, because sometimes her anger powers the Shadow Staff and opens up bigger portals. They both then become good friends and help Jim together.


Claire met the troll elder Vendel after she finally learned the truth about trolls and Jim, Toby, Blinky, and AAARRRGGHH!!! brought her to Trollmarket. At first, Vendel took umbrage of another human in Trollmarket until Claire spoke to him in perfect Troll, impressing him so much that he easily warmed up to her.

Claire was visibly saddened by Vendel's death.

Aja and Krel Tarron

Although Claire has little interactions with the royal children alone, it's clear that they are good friends.


Claire was excited to meet Mother in "D'aja Vu" and had so many questions (which Mother was ready to answer).




"I know her well. She's a real head case." -Claire about Morgana in "For the Glory of Merlin"

Claire was unaware of Morgana's existence until she becomes corrupted by the power of the Shadow Staff, a relic of Morgana herself. For the beginning of Part Three, Morgana uses Claire to tell Gunmar how to bring the Eternal Night and to kill the current Trollhunter, Jim, by possessing her and trapping her soul in the Shadow Realm. After Jim and Toby rescue Claire, she begins to fight Morgana for the control of the Shadow Staff while, in the process, retain memories and knowledge of Morgana. Claire is successful as she regains control of her body and severed Morgana's connection with the staff.

After her experiences with Morgana, Claire holds a strong grudge against the evil sorceress and desires to duel her during the Eternal Night War. Claire and Morgana could be considered as foils for each other, similar to Jim and Gunmar.


Although they have little-to-no interactions whatsoever, it is clear that Claire and Gunmar are foes (though not as much as Claire's animosity with Morgana).

Angor Rot

At first, Claire and Angor were initially enemies when Jim tells his friends about him. In "The Shattered King", Claire attempted to take back the Killstone from the assassin, but instead took his weapon, the Shadow Staff, and made it her own.

In "A Night to Remember", Angor distraughtly argued that no man can wield his weapon, but Claire acknowledges that she's no man. When he attempts to take back his weapon, she kicks him in the gronk-nuks.

In Part Three, however, when Angor reforms to try and stop Morgana, he tries to use the last of his moments to help Claire trap the evil witch in the Shadow Realm.


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  • In the book series, Claire had longer hair, her last name was "Fontaine", and was Scottish instead of Hispanic.
  • Her favorite food is guacamole and would bathe in it (which defeats the purpose of bathing).
  • She becomes the first human (and apparently the first female) to wield Angor Rot's former weapon, the Shadow Staff.
  • In "Recipe for Disaster", Claire is revealed to be allergic to dust.
  • In "So I'm Dating a Sorceress", Claire mentions having a Mexican grandmother.
  • Claire is the only main character from Trollhunters to not make any physical appearances in Part Two of 3Below, but has been mentioned in a couple episodes, such as "Mother's Day" and "A Glorious End, Part Two".


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