Far from a damsel in distress, Claire is able to fend for herself. Claire proves her mettle by apprehending the Shadow Staff from Angor Rot and mastering shadow magic.
The Art of Trollhunters

Claire's Armor was designed and created by Merlin and worn by Claire Nuñez.


Claire's Armor is a purple suit of woman knight's armor, complete with a breastplate (the chest area), pauldrons (the shoulder areas), vambraces (the forearm areas), cuisses (the thigh areas), poleyns (the knee areas), greaves (the leg areas), and sabatons (the feet areas) with purple trimmings. Underneath the armor, there is dark purple inner layer. On her hands are purple claw finger ring tips, similar to Morgana's. There is also a purple helmet that covers her hair, but shows her face more.


  • Durability: The armor helps protect Claire from any real damage, like an actual armor.


  • Lack of Magical Properties: Unlike Jim's armor, Claire's does not have any special powers and cannot magical attach itself to her body.


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