Cindorites are a species of almost indestructible, violent race of mechanized beings native from planet Cindor.


Cindorites are known for their wanton disregard for life. They are prone to quips, ruthless cruelty, and trash talking.

Physical Description

Cindorites are hulking mechanized beings with an internal core composed of molten magma. Possessing a massive torso with a face embedded in the in the center, and a set of arms and legs that are much smaller in comparison. Their hands are a pair of clamps used only to hold.

Powers & Abilities

Cindorites are almost indestructible. Their mechanical bodies are composed of a metal alloy that makes them invulnerable to any damage on the melee level. Not even serrators and Toby's Warhammer left a scratch on Magmatron. They also possess an unbeatable physical strength and despite their large size, also proves to be very agile. They're limbs are attached with magnetic fields like blank bots, which gives them an advantage for spinning attacks.


The only known weakness of Cindorites is water. When wet, Cindorites suffer short circuit and lose their indestructibility, leaving them vulnerable long enough to take a lethal shot.

Known Cindorites


Appearances in the Trilogy


Part One

Part Two


  • The only known Cindorite to appear in the series was Magmatron, one of the many intergalactic bounty hunters deployed by General Morando to hunt down the royals.
  • Despite Magmatron being a formidable opponent, he is arguably the easiest bounty hunter to kill given the fact that he found the royals on a planet 70% covered in his species' number one weakness.
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