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Family isn't only who you have, it's also who you're with. Did you know, Archibald used to be the cutest little dragon you've ever seen? Archie always wanted to explore the world, even before he took his first form. And when he choose a cat, that broke my dragon heart. He became a familiar: a lower profession. But if a cat is what he wants, a cat is fine with me. I realized I had to let him go, so he could spread his wings and soar... and accepting that set me free. And right now, your people look to you; to stand up, to lead. I know you're still grieving, I know this is too much, but in order to save your family — to save the world... you must let him go.
―Charlie to Douxie, showing his visions of the latter's newfound family, consisting of Steve, Jim, Claire, and his late adoptive father, Merlin[src]

Charlemagne is a minor character of Wizards and the Trollhunters film, Rise of the Titans.

He is a legendary dragon, an old friend of Merlin, and the father of Archie.



Charlemagne proudly raised his son, Archibald, until he was of the age when he could choose his own form. Archie ultimately chose to be a cat and become a familiar, which greatly disappointed his father. However, Charlemagne came into terms with his son's choice and supported him throughout the rest of his life.

Although he loved his father, Archie was quite embarrassed by how he was a "walking pun factory", and made up stories to his wizard familiar, Douxie, of how Charlemagne was a vicious monster who baked his victims into "blood pies", believing that his stories seem better than the truth.


Archie took Douxie to Charlemagne's den in order to decipher the Ancient Draconic inscription within Merlin's grimoire he left behind after his death. Archie formally introduces his friend to his father, much to the former's disbelief (as he was told terrifying tales of Charlemagne, but came off as a friendly elderly dragon). While Charlemagne fixes some tea and his famous blood berry pies, Douxie and Archie inform him that the Arcane Order has returned and killed Merlin, much to Charlemagne's shock and horror. He then deduces that the duo are looking for a way to find the Genesis Seals the wizard hid from Bellroc and Skrael. Douxie hands him the grimoire to the dragon so he can translate the message inside, but without his reading glasses, Charlemagne can't see the words, so he walks off to find them.

While Douxie and Archie have a heart-to-heart, Charlemagne returns, having found his glasses which were on his head the whole time. He proceeds to translate Merlin's last message to Douxie, which reveals how he can find the Seals: by destroying his Staff of Avalon. Douxie is utterly horrified and reluctant, but Charlemagne demands the young wizard to heed his master's words as he's got a world to save. Douxie refuses to cooperate, which enrages Charlemagne. Luckily, Archie steps in between and reminds his wizard familiar that Merlin wasn't the only family he had. Calming down, Charlemagne supports his son's claim and shows Douxie images of his friends, Steve Palchuk, Jim Lake Jr., and Claire Nuñez, who have supported and looked up to him as one of their leaders, and in order to save them and the world, Douxie must come into terms with his master's death.

Moved by his wisdom, Douxie allows Charlemagne to destroy Merlin's staff, allowing the wizard to teleport into Merlin's workshop and retrieve the Genesis Seals. Douxie returns with the Seals and the dragons congratulate his accomplishment.

Rise of the Titans[]


Physical Description[]

Charlemagne is a massive, elderly dragon with large brown horns and brown eyes. His face is framed by a shaggy white mane and his countenance is slightly leonine, yet friendly. He has bushy black eyebrows and a large brown nose. However, his eyesight is weak and therefore he requires reading glasses.


Contrary to his name "the Devourer", Charlemagne is a very friendly and hospitable dragon, enjoying company, making new friends, as well as engaging in puns and wordplay.

He is something of an embarrassment to his son, Archie (who is the one who made up all the scary legends and tales of his father) and likewise Charlemagne was disappointed in Archie for choosing a cat as his alternate form and becoming a familiar, a profession he regarded as beneath a dragon. However, he came to accept and respect his son's choices and still loves him deeply, even though he can be a bit of the embarrassing parent stereotype.

While he is a kind and friendly being at heart, Charlemagne is still a dragon and naturally has his pride, taking offense to anyone who challenges or disrespects him. Aside from that, he is also understanding, sympathetic and wise, as he gave the young wizard, Douxie, some kind words of advise he needed to hear that helped him embrace the family he still has and let go of the only father he ever knew.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Dragon Physiology: Charlemagne is one of the most important beings in existence, as well as a very powerful creature capable of great magic.
    • Fire-Breathing: Being a dragon, Charlemagne can breathe fire, and his fire is powerful enough to destroy Merlin's Staff of Avalon.
    • Flight: Charlemange has wings that allow him to fly at great speeds.
    • Longevity: Being a dragon, Charlemagne has lived for hundreds of years, like his son.
  • Draconic Magic: It is presumed that Charlemagne is able to perform a few feats of his species' magic as he's an ancient being of great power.
    • Typhomancy: Charlemagne is seemingly able to magically manipulate his own smoke, as showed when he turns his breath into images of people Douxie looks up to as his newfound family, consisting of Steve, Jim, Claire, and Merlin.


  • Multilingual: As a dragon, Charlemagne is able to speak and read his natural language, ancient Draconic.
  • Wisdom: Charlemagne is a very wise dragon and devoted father, as he helped Douxie accept his newfound family and let go of his late master, the only father he ever knew.


  • Bad Eyesight: Like his son, Charlemagne cannot read well without his reading glasses.
  • Weak Memory: Due to his great age, Charlemagne's memory is a little shaky.


  • Glasses: Charlemagne possesses reading glasses to help him see the words on a book more clearly.




Archie is Charlemagne's son, whom he loves dearly, yet his son is constantly embarrassed by him and made up fake legends about his father. Charlemagne was disappointed that Archie chose to be a familiar (a lower profession), yet with time, he came to accept his son's choice and allowed him to follow his own path.



Charlemagne was a good friend and a staunch ally of Merlin, supporting him and aiding him whenever the situation called for it. He was shocked and saddened to hear of Merlin's death and volubly expressed his grief.

Douxie Casperan[]

Charlemagne greeted Douxie warmly and expressed his joy at finally meeting Archie's wizard familiar. He indulged in some casual banter with them before helping Douxie decipher Merlin's last message. He then saw that Douxie was heartbroken by the loss of the only parent-figure he knew, and gently, yet firmly, helped him to cope with the loss and tell him that he still has a family other than Merlin, and they need his help. After Douxie recovered, Charlemagne swore his allegiance to him and promised to help him no matter what.


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