Being a Changeling of refined taste, Strickler invests in products of the highest quality, which is why his secret Changeling Key is concealed in his elegant fountain pen. This key will only work when beared by the hands of a fellow Changeling.
The Art of Trollhunters

A Changeling Key is an enchanted key used by Changelings to open secret changeling locks.


Throughout the first half of Part One, Strickler is often seen playing with his favorite fountain pen.

In "Recipe for Disaster", Toby discovers that Strickler's pen was actually a secret key disguised as a pen. When he finds the keyhole within a bookshelf, he tries to open it, but it refused to turn. Blinky reminds him that only a changeling can use the key and access a changeling lock. They use NotEnrique to open the lock, revealing Strickler's secret room, where they find the Book of Ga-Huel and a Fetch.

In "Blinky's Day Out", Strickler uses his key to open his secret office and show Otto his plans for controlling the world for his changeling brethren.

In the episode "In Good Hands", Merlin tasks Jim and his friends to find a few items for a spell. Strickler notices that one of the ingredients was an Antamonstrum shell, so he fixes his key so that Jim could enter his old office and retrieve it.


Strickler's key is concealed within his favorite fountain ink pen. As discovered by Toby, it has a removable cap which reveals the hidden changeling key inside.


Changeling Keys are able to unlock a changeling lock and uncover a changeling's secrets.

By only a hand of a Changeling will the key unlock. If used by someone else, it will refuse to turn, as Toby once attempted to do so, but couldn't due to his human physiology. However, in the episode "In Good Hands", Strickler fixed his key so that Jim and Toby could enter his secret office and retrieve an Antramonstrum shell for Merlin.


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